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Trace Adkins( 特拉斯·艾堅斯 )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 201 首歌 】
Tracy Darrell Adkins(生於1962年1月13日)是美國鄉村歌手和演員。 1998年,Adkins出現在PBS音樂節目Austin City Limits(第23季)。 1996年,阿德金斯在美國國會大廈唱片公司納什維爾發行了專輯“Dreamin'Out Loud”。此後,Adkins又發行了10張錄音室專輯和兩張Greatest Hits雜誌。此外,他還在Billboard鄉村音樂排行榜上製作了20多首單曲,其中包括名列第一的單曲“(This Is not)No Thinkin'Thing”,“Ladies Love Country Boys”,以及“你會想念這個“,分別在1997年,2007年和2008年達到頂峰。

“我在家裡發生的事情”在加拿大國家排行榜上排名第一。除了他的一張錄音室專輯外,其他所有專輯都已在美國獲得黃金或白金認證;迄今為止他的最高銷量是2005年的Songs About Me,該唱片已獲得2×Multi-Platinum 2百萬份的認證。阿德金斯因其獨特的低音 - 男中音歌聲而廣為人知。


此外,阿德金斯還撰寫了一部自傳,題為“個人立場:自由思考的Roughneck觀察和意見”,該劇於2007年底發布。他出現在眾多電影中,其中包括林肯LawyerandMoms'Night Out和“I Can Only Imagine “(這首歌作家的真實故事)。
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Love Will... 英文
1.When I Stop Loving You
2.So What If I Do
3.Come See Me
4.Right Now
5.Every One Of You
6.The Altar Of Your Love
7.Kiss You All Over
8.If The Sun Comes Up
9.Say No To A Woman
10.Watch The World End
11.Love Will
The King's Gift 英文
1.Away in a Manger
2.O' Come Emmanuel
4.The Wexford Carol
5.Wexford Carol
6.I Saw Three Ships
7.Silent Night
8.We Three Kings
9.Carol of the Drum
10.Oh Holy Night
11.What Child Is This?
King's Gift 英文
1.Carl of the Drum (提供)
2.Oh Holy Night
3.What Child Is This?
4.Away In a Manger
5.I Saw Three Ships
6.Silent Night
7.We Three Kings
8.Wexford Carol
10.O' Come Emmanuel
Tough People Do (Single) 英文
1.Tough People Do
Proud To Be Here 英文
Show Dog Universal Music
1.Proud To Be Here
2.Million Dollar View
3.Days Like This
4.That's What You Get
5.Just Fishin'
6.If I Was A Woman (With Blake Shelton)
7.Love Buzz
8.It's Who You Know
9.Poor Folks
10.Always Gonna Be This Way
Cowboy's Back In Town 英文
1.Hold My Beer
2.Hell, I Can Do That
3.Between The Rainbows And The Rain
4.Hillbilly Bone
5.Every Light In The House Is On
7.This Ain't No Love Song
8.Whoop A Man's Ass
9.Brown Chicken Brown Cow
10.A Little Bit Of Missing You
11.Break Her Fall
12.Still Love You
13.Cowboy's Back In Town
14.Don't Mind If I Don't
15.Pictures On Mantles
Songs About Me 英文
1.Songs About Me
3.Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
4.Find Me a Preacher
5.My Heaven
6.I Wish It Was You
8.Bring It On
9.My Way Back
10.I Learned How to Love from You
11.Baby I'm Home
X 英文
2.Happy To Be Here
3.All I Ask For Anymore
4.Let's Do That Again
5.Hauling One Thing
6.Better Than I Thought It'd Be
7.Marry For Money
8.I Can't Outrun You
9.Hillbilly Rich
10.Sometimes A Man Takes A Drink
11.Muddy Water
12.'Til The Last Shot's Fired
13.In Color (提供)
Dangerous Man 英文
2.Ladies Love Country Boys
3.I Wanna Feel Something
4.Dangerous Man
5.Southern Hallelujah
6.The Stubborn One
7.Words Get In The Way
9.Ain't No Woman Like You
10.I Came Here To Live
12.Fightin' Words
Comin' On Strong 英文
1.Hot Mama
2.Rough & Ready
3.Comin' On Strong
4.Missing You
5.One of Those Nights
7.Then I Wake Up
8.Baby's Gone
9.I'd Sure Hate To Break Down Here
10.One Nightstand
11.Then Came the Night
Chrome 英文
2.Help Me Understand
3.Once Upon A Fool Ago
4.I'm Tryin'
5.Thankful Man
6.I'm Payin' For It Now
7.And There Was You
8.Come Home
10.I'm Goin' Back
11.Give Me You
12.Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
More. 英文
2.I'm Gonna Love You Anyway
3.She's Still There
5.Can I Want Your Love
6.Don't Lie
7.Working Man's Wage
8.The Night He Can't Remember
9.I Can Dig It
10.Everything Takes Me Back
11.All Hat, No Cattle
12.Every Other Friday At Five
Big Time 英文
1.Big Time
2.Took Her To The Moon
3.The Rest Of Mine
4.Snowball In El Paso
5.See Jane Run
6.Twenty-Four Seven
7.Hold You Now
8.Nothin' But Taillights
9.Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
10.Out Of My Dreams
11.Wayfaring Stranger
Dreamin' Out Loud 英文
1.There's A Girl In Texas
2.I Left Something Turned On At Home
3.Every Light In The House Is On
4.This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing
5.Dreamin' Out Loud
6.If I Fall(You're Goin' With Me)
7.It Was You
8.I Can Only Love You Like A Man
10.A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye
Just Fishin' (Single) 英文
1.Just Fishin' (Single)2.You're Gonna Miss This
Big Bang Concert Series: Trace Adkins (Live) 英文
1.Big Time (Live)
2.There's a Girl in Texas (Live)
3.I Can Only Love You Like a Man (Live)
4.See Jane Run (Live)
5.Took Her to the Moon (Live)
6.Every Light in the House (Live)
7.Snowball in El Paso (Live)
8.Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone (Live)
9.634-5789 (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Always Gonna Be That Way
2.Semper Fi
3.If I Was A Woman
4.Damn You Bubba
5.More Of Us
6.It's A Woman Thing
7.'All Hat, No Cattle'
8.For the rest of mine
9.I'm Trying
10.Honesty (提供)
12.Timing Is Everything
13.Every Light In the House
14.And Then There Was You
15.I Got My Game On [Single]
16.Welcome To Hell
17.634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)
18.American Man
19.No Thinkin' Thing
20.Then They Do
21.One Hot Mama
22.Happy Man
23.You Ask Me To
24.Victory In Jesus
25.I'm Tryin Tryin__**
26.I Left Something Turned On
27.634-5789 5789__**
29.Jesus and Jones
30.Rough And Ready
31.I'm Tryin' (Radio Edit)
32.Then They Do (With String Intro)
33.Them Lips (On Mine)
34.It's a Woman Thang
35.Across the Storm Divide (From 'Defiance')
36.I Never Go Around Mirrors
37.Watered Down
38.You Asked Me To
39.The Christmas Song
40.I Got My Game On

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