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Burt Bacharach( 伯特·巴卡拉克 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 182 首歌 】
Burt Bacharach(伯特·巴哈拉赫)全名為Burt Freeman Bacharach(伯特·弗里曼·巴哈拉赫)(/bækəræk/ BAK-ə-RAK)。他是一個生於1928年5月12日的美國歌手。他同時也是一個詞曲作者、作曲家、唱片製作人及鋼琴家。他一生共獲得過六次葛萊美獎與三次奧斯卡獎。他的音樂流派是流行樂,在20世紀50年代末到20世紀80年代他因流行樂而廣為人知。他所在的樂隊的大多數作品的歌詞都是由巴哈拉赫和大衛兩人所寫(樂隊人員見圖表)。

樂隊大多數的熱門單曲都是由迪翁沃里克所編寫,但樂隊早期在這方面的工作都是由吉·麥克代尼爾斯與吉·皮特尼完成。隨著樂隊的初步成功,巴哈拉赫接著給木匠樂隊、史普林菲爾德、博比金特里、傑克·狄香農、湯姆·瓊斯、 赫布·阿爾帕特、BJ·托馬斯等。

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Anyone Who Had A Heart - The Art Of The Songwriter / Best Of [blank] 英文
1.I Say A Little Prayer (提供)
2.Walk On By
3.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
4.What's New Pussycat?
5.Baby It's You
6.Trains And Boats And Planes Album Version
7.Any Day Now(My Beautiful Bird) (提供)
8.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
9.Windows Of The World
10.Let The Music Play Album Version (提供)
11.They Long To Be Close To You
12.Please Stay
13.Need A Little Faith Album Version (提供)
14.Waiting For Charlie(To Come Home) Single Version (提供)
15.Keep Me In Mind Single Version (提供)
16.Wives And Lovers Album Version
17.Wishin' And Hopin' Stereo Version
19.You'll Never Get To Heaven(If You Break My Heart)
20.Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
21.Do You Know The Way To San José
22.Alfie 2003 Digital Remaster (提供)
23.Message To Martha (提供)
24.Magic Moments Album Version (提供)
25.There's Always Something There To Remind Me
26.What The World Needs Now Is Love 2005 Remaster (提供)
27.The Look Of Love Version Used In Casino Royale Ost**Not To Appear On Artwork**
28.A House Is Not A Home
29.Another Tear Falls (提供)
30.Don't Go Breaking My Heart Album Version (提供)
31.Anyone Who Had A Heart
32.Make It Easy On Yourself(Live BBC Electric Proms) (提供)
33.The Story Of My Life
34.Arthur's Theme(Best You Can Do) (提供)
35.Heartlight (提供)
36.The Look Of Love
37.I'll Never Fall In Love Again Album Version
38.God Give Me Strength
39.The Things I Will Not Miss (提供)
40.This Girl's In Love With You
Always Something There - A Burt Bacharach Collectors Anthology 英文
1.The Last Time I Saw My Heart
The Look of Love - The Burt Bacharach Collection 英文
1.Close To You
2.Reach Out for Me
3.the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
4.What the World Needs Now Is Love
5.You'll Never Get To Heaven (if You Break My Heart)
Make It Easy On Yourself 英文
1.Any Day Now(My Wild Beautiful Bird)
2.Do You Know The Way To San Jose
3.I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4.Knowing When To Leave
5.Make It Easy On Yourself
6.Pacific Coast Highway (提供)
7.Promises, Promises
8.She's Gone Away (提供)
9.This Guy's In Love With You
10.Wanting Things
11.Whoever You Are I Love You (提供)
Plays The Burt Bacharach Hits 英文
1.Trains and Boats and Planes
What the World Needs Now (The Music of Burt Bacharach) 英文
1.Wives and Lovers (arr. R. Balcombe for vocals and orchestra)
2.Promises, Promises: Promises, Promises (arr. R. Balcombe for vocals and orchestra)
3.Twenty-Four Hours from Tulsa (arr. R. Balcombe for vocals and orchestra)
4.Make It Easy on Yourself (arr. R. Balcombe for vocals and orchestra)
Live In Japan 英文
1.Walk On By (Live In Japan/1971)
2.What the World Needs Now Is Love (Live In Japan/1971)
3.Alfie (Live In Japan/1971)
4.A House Is Not a Home (Live In Japan/1971)
5.They Long To Be Close To You (Live In Japan/1971)
6.I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Live In Japan/1971)
7.This Guy's In Love With You (Live In Japan/1971)
8.The Look of Love (Live In Japan/1971)
9.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Live In Japan/1971)
10.Promises, Promises (Live In Japan/1971)
Live At The Sydney Opera House 英文
1.Trains And Boats And Planes - 2008/Live In Sydney
2.Do You Know The Way To San Jose - 2008/Live In Sydney
3.Make It Easy On Yourself - 2008/Live In Sydney
4.Make It Easy On Yourself
5.This Guy's In Love With You - 2008/Live In Sydney
Burt Bacharach: Live At the Sydney Opera House 英文
1.What the World Needs Now Is Love (Live in Sydney)
2.What's New Pussycat? (Live in Sydney)
3.The World Is a Circle (Live in Sydney)
4.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Live in Sydney)
5.Wives and Lovers (Live in Sydney)
6.Alfie (Live in Sydney)
7.A House Is Not a Home (Live in Sydney)
8.That's What Friends Are For (Live in Sydney)
9.Any Day Now (Live in Sydney)
10.Trains and Boats and Planes (Live in Sydney)
11.The Look of Love (Live in Sydney)
12.Close to You (Live in Sydney)
13.Don't Make Me Over (Live in Sydney)
14.Walk On By (Live in Sydney)
15.This Guy's In Love With You (Live in Sydney)
16.I Say a Little Prayer (Live in Sydney)
17.Wishin' and Hopin' (Live in Sydney)
18.Always Something There to Remind Me (Live in Sydney)
19.One Less Bell to Answer (Live in Sydney)
20.I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Live in Sydney)
21.Anyone Who Had a Heart (Live in Sydney)
22.God Give Me Strength (Live in Sydney)
23.Magic Moments (Live in Sydney)
24.On My Own (Live in Sydney)
25.Make It Easy On Yourself (Live in Sydney)
Burt Bacharach - Greatest hits of the 20th Century 英文
1.Alfie (Live)
2.I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Live)
3.The Look of Love (Live)
4.That's What Friends Are For (Live)
5.What the World Needs Now Is Love (Live)
6.I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself (Live)
7.Don't Make Me Over (Live)
8.Anyone Who Had a Heart (Live)
9.One Less Bell to Answer (Live)
At This Time 英文
1.Go Ask Shakespeare
3.Is Love Enough?
4.Where Did It Go?
5.Who Are These People?
暫存 英文
1.Hasbrook Heights
2.Don't Make Me Over
3.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
4.That's What Friends Are For
5.What The World Needs Now Is Love
6.After The Fox
7.Arthur's Theme (best That You Can Do)
8.Blue on Blue
9.Casino Royale
10.Everybody's Out Of Town
11.I Say A Little Prayer For You
12.I Still Have That Other Girl
13.Kentucky Bluebird (send A Message To Martha)
14.Living Together, Growing Together
15.Made In Paris
16.Magic Moments
17.My Little Red Book
18.My Thief
20.One Less Bell to Answer
21.Only Love Can Break A Heart
22.On My Own
23.Painted From Memory
24.Painted From Memory ( Different )
25.The Bell That Couldn't Jingle
26.Something Big
27.Such Unlikely Lovers
28.Tears At The Birthday Party
29.The Blob (提供)
30.The Long Division
31.This Guy's In Love
32.There's Always Something There to Remind Me
33.The Sweetest Punch
34.The Windows Of The World
35.They Long to Be Close to You
36.This House Is Empty Now
38.Tower Of Strength
39.The Last One to Be Loved
40.True Love Never Runs Smooth
41.What's Her Name Today?
42.Wishin' And Hopin'
43.Wives and Lovers
44.Any Day Now
45.Don't Go Breaking My Heart
46.Kentucky Bluebird
47.Please Explain
49.Let the Music Play
50.Casino Royale Theme (Main Title)
51.Fade Away (提供)
52.24 Hours From Tulsa
53.Can't Give Up
54.Walk On By (Live)
55.The Sundance Kid
56.Are You There (With Another Girl)
57.There's Always Something There to Remind You
58.I'm a Better Man for Having Loved You
59.Love Theme (The Falling In Love)
60.Only Love Can Break a Heart (Live in Sydney)
61.The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Live in Sydney)
62.Dusty Springfield -The Look Of Love (B.Bacharach)
63.Dancing With Your Shadow
64.Lost Horizon (single version)
65.I Come to You
66.Lost Horizon

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