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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手China Crisis
China Crisis【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 93 首歌 】
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Autumn In The Neighbourhood 英文
1.Smile (What Kind Of Love Is This) (提供)
2.Down Here On Earth (提供)
3.Autumn In The Neighbourhood (提供)
4.Because My Heart (提供)
5.Bernard (提供)
6.Joy And The Spark (提供)
7.Being In Love (提供)
8.Fool (提供)
9.My Sweet Delight (提供)
10.Tell Tale Signs (提供)
11.Wonderful New World (提供)
Warped By Success 英文
1.Hands On The Wheel
3.Everyday The Same
4.Without The Love
5.Thank You
6.Hard To Be Around
7.Wishing Time
8.Good Again
9.Real Tears
10.Does It Pay
11.The Way We Are Made
12.Tell Me What It Is
Diary Of A Hollow Horse 英文
1.Saint Saviour Square
2.Stranger By Nature
3.Sweet Charity In Adoration
4.Day After Day
5.Diary Of A Hollow Horse
6.Red Letter Day
7.In Northern Skies
8.Singing The Praises Of Finer Things
9.All My Prayers
10.Age Old Need
11.Back Home
What Price Paradise 英文
1.It's Everything
2.Arizona Sky
3.Safe As Houses
4.Worlds Apart
5.Hampton Beach
6.The Understudy
7.Best Kept Secret
8.We Do The Same
9.June Bride
10.A Day's Work For The Dayo's Done
11.Trading In Gold
Flaunt The Imperfection 英文
1.The Highest High
2.Strength Of Character
3.You Did Cut Me
4.Black Man Ray
5.Wall Of God
6.Gift Of Freedom
7.King In A Catholic Style(Wake Up)
8.Bigger The Punch I'm Feeling
9.The World Spins I'm Part Of It
10.Blue Sea
12.It's Never Too Late
Working With Fire[And Steel Possible Pop Songs Vol.2] 英文
1.Working With Fire And Steel
2.When The Piper Calls
3.Hanna Hanna
4.Animals In Jungles
5.Here Come A Raincloud
6.Wishful Thinking
7.Tragedy And Mystery
9.The Gates Of Door To Door
10.The Soul Awakening
11.A Golden Handshake For Every Daughter
12.This Occupation
13.Extended Mix
No Name 英文
1.Seven Sports For All
2.No More Blue Horizons(Fool Fool Fool)
3.Feel To Be Driven Away
4.Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives
6.African And White
7.Are We A Worker
8.Red Sails
9.You Never See It
10.Temptation's Big Blue Eyes
11.Be Suspicious
12.Scream Down At Me
13.Cucumber Garden (提供)
14.No Ordinary Lover
15.Greenacre Bay
暫存 英文
1.One Wish Too Many (提供)
2.Highest High
3.No More Blue Horizons
4.Sunrise On The Mersy
5.Some People I Know Lead Fantastic Lives
6.Christian (extended mix)
7.Here Comes A Raincloud
8.Wishful Thinking (Live)

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