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The Donnas【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 143 首歌 】
Donnas是來自加利福尼亞州帕洛阿爾託的美國搖滾樂隊。 他們由Brett Anderson(主唱),Allison Robertson(吉他伴唱),Maya Ford(低音吉他,伴唱)和Amy Cesari(鼓,打擊樂,伴唱)組成。 Cesari取代了Torry Castellano,他因2009年因肌腱炎離開了樂隊。 他們從Ramones,The Runaways,AC / DC,Bachman-Turner Overdrive和Kiss中汲取靈感 “滾石”曾表示:“多納斯對青少年的疏離提供了一種無情的承擔,他們交易的是踢腿,而不是宣洩,樂趣而不是憤怒。” MTV表示,樂隊提供“一個很好的老式搖滾派對”。 自從1997年首次亮相以來,該樂隊在朋克音樂中收錄了一段崇拜,隨後他們的音樂混合了朋克,金屬和經典搖滾音樂,在21世紀初和之後取得了重大的商業成功。
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Greatest Hits, Vol. 16 英文
1.Get Off
2.Perfect Stranger
3.We Own The Night (Unreleased Bitchin' B-Side)
4.She's Out Of Control (Unreleased Bitchin' B-side)
5.Take It Off [Live]
6.Fall Behind Me (Live)
7.Get You Alone
8.Play My Game (Remix)
9.You Make Me Hot
10.Get Rid Of That Girl
11.Hey I'm Gonna Be Your Girl (Alternate Version)
12.I Wanna Be With A Girl Like You (Alternate Version)
13.I Don't Want To Go To School
14.Teenage Rules
15.Don't Wanna Break Your Head
16.High School Yum Yum
Bitchin 英文
1.Smoke You Out
2.Girl Talk
4.Save Me
Spend The Night 英文
1.It's On The Rocks
2.Take It Off
3.Who Invited You?
4.All Messed Up
5.Dirty Denim
6.You Wanna Get Me High
7.I Don't Care(So There)
8.Too Bad About Your Girl
9.Not The One
10.Please Don't Tease
11.Take Me To The Backseat
12.Five O'Clock In The Morning
13.Big Rig
Gold Medal 英文
1.I Don't Want To Know
2.Friends Like Mine
3.Don't Break Me Down
4.Fall Behind Me
5.Is That All You've Got For Me
6.It's So Hard
7.The Gold Medal
8.Out Of My Hands
9.It Takes One To Know One
11.Have You No Pride
Who Invited You 英文
1.Who Invited You?2.Play My Game
Turn 21 英文
1.Are You Gonna Move It For Me?
2.Do You Wanna Hit It?
3.40 Boys In 40 Nights
4.Play My Game
5.Midnite Snack
6.Drivin' Thru My Heart
7.You've Got A Crush On Me
8.Little Boy
9.Don't Get Me Busted
10.Police Blitz
11.Hot Pants
12.Gimme A Ride
13.Living After Midnight
14.Nothing To Do
Get Skintight 英文
1.Doin' Donuts
2.Get Outta My Room
3.Hook It Up
4.Hot Boxin'
6.I Didn't Like You Anyway
7.Party Action
8.Searching The Streets
10.Too Fast For Love
11.Well Done
12.You Don't Want To Call
Donnas 英文
1.Boy Like You
2.Da Doo Ron Ron
3.Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
4.Drive In
5.Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
6.Friday Fun
7.Get Rid Of That Girl
8.Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
9.High School Yum Yum
10.Huff All Night
11.I'm Gonna Make Him Mine(Tonight)
12.I Don't Wanna Go
13.I Don't Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
14.I Don't Want To Go To School
15.I Wanna Be A Unabomber
16.Lana & Stevie
17.Last Chance Dance
18.Let's Go Mano!
19.Let's Rab
20.Rock 'n' Roll Boy
21.Teenage Runaway
22.We Don't Go
American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine 英文
1.Checkin' It Out
2.Gimmie My Radio
3.Leather On Leather
4.Looking For Blood
5.Outta My Mind
6.Rock 'n' Roll Machine
7.Shake In The Action
8.Speed Demon
9.Wanna Get Some Stuff
10.You Make Me Hot
Soundtrack Exclusives & Rarities 英文
1.School's Out2.Wig-wam Bam
暫存 英文
1.Who Invited You
2.Mama's Boy
3.Dancing With Myself
4.Don't Wait Up For Me
5.Give Me What I Want
6.Tonight's Alright
7.I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me)
8.Everyone Is Wrong
9.When The Show Is Over
10.Here For The Party
11.Better Off Dancing
12.Love You Till It Hurts
13.Like An Animal
14.5 O'clock in the Morning
15.Keep On Loving You
17.What Do I Have To Do?
18.Roll On Down The Highway
20.Pass It Around
22.Done With You (Alternate Acoustic Mix)
23.I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me) [Alternate Acoustic Mix]
24.Too Bad About Your Girl (Radio Mix)
25.Speeding Back To My Baby
26.Get You Alone (2009 Version)
27.Speedin' Back To My Baby
28.You Don't Wanna Call
29.Dancing With Myself (Single Version)
30.Take It Off (Live At XFM)
31.Are You Gonna Move for Me?
32.Fall Behind Me (Alternate Acoustic Mix)
33.Friends Like Mine (Alternate Acoustic Mix)
34.Speedin' Back to My Baby - the Donnas
35.Kids in America
36.Drive My Car

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