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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Hot Boys
Hot Boys【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 73 首歌 】
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Get It How U Live 英文
1.50 Shots
3.Block Burner
4.Blood Thicker
5.Dirty World
6.Get It How U Live!!
7.I'm A Hot Boy
8.I'm Com'n
9.Infrared Dot
10.Intro 'big Tymers'
11.Neighborhood Superstar
12.On Tha Porch(Part 1) (提供)
13.On Tha Porch(Part 2) (提供)
14.Spittin' Game
15.Take It Off Your Shoulder(Juvenile) (提供)
16.We On Fire
Guerrilla Warfare 英文
1.Bout Whatever
2.Boys At War
3.Clear Da Set
4.Get Out Tha Way
6.Intro(Guerilla Warfare) (提供)
7.I Feel
8.I Need A Hot Girl
9.Off Tha Porch (提供)
10.Respect My Mind
12.Shoot First
13.Sick Uncle (提供)
14.Too Hot
15.Tuesday And Thursday
16.We On Fire
17.You Dig
Get It How You Live!! 英文
1.50 Shots Sets it Off
2.Big Tymers
3.Block Burner
4.Blood Thicker (featuring Big Tymers)
5.Dirty World
6.Get it How U Live!!
7.I'm a Hot Boy
8.I'm Com'n
9.I'm Com'n (featuring Bun B of UGK)
10.Infrared Dot
11.Neighborhood Superstar
12.Spittin' Game
13.We On Fire
Let 'Em Burn 英文
1.My Section2.Introduction
暫存 英文
1.Take It Off Your Shoulder
2.Shoot 1st
3.These Hoes
4.Bling Bling
5.Rock Ice
6.Tha Hood (It's All Good)
7.Down Here
8.Do Whatcha Do
9.Fired Up (We on Fire)
11.Spit 'n Game
12.Stick & Move (feat. Big Tymers)
13.Spin Tha Bend
14.Let 'Em Burn
15.Gangsta Nigga (feat. TQ)
16.3 Strikes
17.Jack Who, Take What
18.Young Riders
19.Off Wit Ya Head
20.Up In Tha Hood
21.Intro (提供)
22.Spin Tha Bend - Album Version (Edited)
23.These Hoes - Album Version (Edited)
24.3 Strikes - Album Version (Edited)
25.Up In Tha Hood - Album Version (Edited)

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