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Trick Daddy( 特里克·達迪 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 204 首歌 】
莫里斯·楊(Maurice Young,1974年9月27日出生),以他的舞台劇名叫特里克·達迪(Trick Daddy Dollars)而聞名,是一位來自邁阿密自由城的美國饒舌歌手和製作人。
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Back By Thug Demand 英文
1.Trick Daddy2.Booty Do
Finally Famous: Born A Thug Still A Thug 英文
1.Intro Skit: Only 1 Mayor
2.This Tha Shit That I Live
3.Da Realist (提供)
4.Gangsta Music (提供)
5.Skit: The Collection Call (提供)
6.Everyday Struggle (提供)
7.What Dey Do (提供)
8.Count My Money (提供)
9.Bitch Azz Niggaz
10.Skit: Macking Jean (提供)
11.I Can Tell (提供)
13.Why They Jock
14.Skit: The Mayor's Office (提供)
15.That How We Do It (提供)
16.Homie Song (提供)
17.Strong Woman
18.Skit: The Pick Up (提供)
19.Ghetto Supa Star (提供)
20.Tears Of A Grown Man
21.You Ain't A Goon (提供)
22.Smoke Song (提供)
Thug Matrimony 英文
1.U Neva Know2.Skit
Thug Holiday 英文
1.Ain't No Santa
2.Bout Mine
3.Dro In Da Wind (Ride Out Mix)
5.In da Wind
6.Play No Games
7.Rags To Riches
8.Rain It Pours
9.Thug Holiday
10.Who's Selling (Skit)
11.All I Need
12.Let Me Ride
13.God's Been Good
14.She's Fiendin' (Skit)
15.Rock & Roll Nigga (提供)
16.SNS / Roland (skit)
17.Get That Feeling (提供)
18.Money & Drugs (提供)
19.Ain't No Santa (Bonus Mix) 英文
1.Back in the Days
2.Change My Life
3.For The Thugs
4.Hold On
5.I'll Be Your Player (Remix)
6.Living in a World
7.Nann Nigga
8.Run Nigga
9.Suckin Fuckin You
Thugs Are Us 英文
1.I'm A Thug
2.Where You From?
4.Take It To Da House
5.Can't Fuck With The South
6.Survivin The Drought
7.Pull The Remix (提供)
8.Have My Cheese
9.Bricks And Marijuana
10.For All My Ladies
11.The Hotness (提供)
12.Somebody Shoulda Told Ya (提供)
Based On A True Story 英文
1.Ho but You Can't Help It
2.I'll Be Your Player
5.They Don't Live Long
Book Of Thugs-Chapter Ak Verse 47 英文
3.Sittin On D's (提供)
4.Get On Up
6.Shut Up
7.Thug For Life
8.Hoe Skit
9.Walkin' Like A Hoe
10.Tryin' To Stop Smokin'
11.Bout My Money
12.Could It Be
13.Thug Life Again
14.K*Ll Your A**
15.Gotta Let You Have It
16.Ho But You Can't Help It
17.Outro (提供)
Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47 英文
2.Bout My Money
4.Could It Be
5.Get On Up
6.Gotta Let You Have It
7.Kill Your Ass
8.Shut Up
9.Thug for Life
10.Thug Life Again
11.Tryin To Stop Smokin
12.Walkin' Like A Hoe
13.K*ll Your A**
Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets 英文
1.Let's Go
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1.99 Problems
2.Bricks & Marijuana
3.Thump In The Trunk
4.Where U From
5.N Word
6.Intro (Thugs Are Us album)
7.Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)
8.Thug Money
9.Dro In The Wind
10.Ho But You Can't Help It'(feat. Buddy Roe
11.Kill-a-Head'(feat. Buddy Roe
12.Pimp'(feat. Buddy Roe, J.T. Money
13.They Don't Live Long'(feat. Ayo Ware
14.Thug Life Again'(feat. Money Mark of Tre+6
15.America'(feat. Society
16.Boy'(feat. The Lost Tribe, JV
17.Could it Be'(feat. Twista
18.Thug for Life'(feat. Kase, Mystic
19.Gotta Let You Have It'(feat. Buddy Roe
20.Shut Up'(feat. Co, Deuce Poppito, Trina
21.Tryin' to Stop Smokin''(feat. Mystikal
22.Living in a World'(feat. Society
23.Nann Nigga'(feat. Trina
24.Where U From'(feat. Trina, Deuce Poppito
25.Noodle'(feat. Tre+6
26.Take It To Da House'(feat. Slip-N-Slide Express
27.Can't Fuck With The South'(feat. JV
28.Have My Cheese'(feat. J.V., Money Mark
29.Bricks & Marijuana'(feat. Kase of Lost Tribe
30.Gangsta'(feat. Baby, Scarface
31.Thug Holiday'(feat. LaTocha Scott
32.'Dro In The Wind'(feat. Big Boi, Cee-Lo
33.Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)'(feat. Trina
34.'Dro In The Wind
35.Fuckin' Around
36.Let's Go (2004)
37.Sugar(on my tongue)
38.Sugar (Gimme Some)
39.We Got
41.I Luv
42.I'll Be Your Other Man
43.Suckin' Fuckin'
44.Hoe But Cant Help It
45.Lights Off
46.In Da Wind (Ride Out Mix)
47.Pull Over
48.Ain't a Thug
50.Bet That [Feat. Chamillionaire And Goldrush]
51.Down wit da South
52.J.O.D.D. Ft.Khia Tampa Tony
53.Ain't A Thug - (featuring Trey Songz)
54.Thugs About - (featuring Dirt Bag)
55.I Cry - (featuring Ron Isley)
56.J.O.D.D. - (featuring Khia/Tampa Tony)
57.Gangsta (feat. Baby from Cash Money & Scarface)
58.Who's Selling?
59.All I Need (feat. Infa Red Of Unda Presha)
60.God's Been Good (feat. Betty Wright's Children's Choir)
61.Wanna Sang
62.Baby Cuz I'm A Thug
63.Thug Niggas Don't Live That Long
64.Nann Nigga (Featuring Trena)
65.Straight Up [Feat. Youngbuck]
66.Tonight [Feat. Jaheim And Trina]
67.The Children's Song
68.I Wanna Sang
69.Breaka Breaka
70.Booty Doo
71.Born A Thug
72.Rags To Riches (feat. Tre+6)
73.Bout Mine (feat. Money Mark Of Tre+6)
75.Bet That [Explicit]
76.4 Eva - (featuring Jazze Pha)
77.'Based on a True Story, Pt. 1'
78.Gotta Let You Have It - Featuring Buddy Roe
79.Hoe But Can't Help It - Featuring Buddy Roe
81.Gangsta Livin'
83.I Cry
84.Thugs About
85.Hold On - Featuring J. Shin
86.Bet That [Clean]
87.God's Been Good - Featuring Betty Wright's Children's Choir
88.Tuck Ya Ice
90.Bet That - feat. Chamillionaire and GoldRush Explicit
91.Lights Off - feat. International Jones Explicit
92.Ruby Red (Radio Edit)
93.That's How We Do It
94.Fake Friends
95.U Already Know
97.Boy (New Final clean)
98.Chris Brown
99.I Pop (Bonus Version)
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