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Kane( 凱恩 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 134 首歌 】
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Come Together 英文
1.Under Atomic Skies (提供)
2.Come Together
3.Something Good (提供)
4.I Love This City
5.First Crash Overthrow
6.What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger (提供)
7.This Is Not the End of the World (提供)
8.Don't Wake Up Dead (提供)
9.Tracks of Empire (提供)
Fearless 英文
2.Something To Say
3.Don't let it pass you by
5.All i can do
6.Master of the game
7.Way Down Inside
9.Believe It
10.Solitary Madness
11.Senang (提供)
12.Love for the sake of life
With or Without You 英文
2.With or Without You
3.Love Is Blindness
Sony Sessions 英文
1.The House Rules
2.All I Did Was Love Her
3.Something's Gotta Give
4.Still Coming Down
5.Permanent 99
6.Drinkin' to Drink
So Glad You Made It 英文
2.Crazy Warnings
3.Let It Be
4.Dead End
6.Rain Down On Me
7.Waiting Waiting (live at HMH)
8.Taurus (live at HMH)
9.So Glad You Made It (live at HMH)
10.Our Hearts Will Beat as One
11.Hold On to the World
13.So Glad You Made It
14.Rain Down On Me (Live at HMH)
15.What If
Singles Only 英文
1.Where Do I Go Now?
2.Rain Down On Me
3.Can You Handle Me?
4.Fearless (Live @ Paradiso)
5.Rain Down On Me (Live @ Carre)
6.Let It Be (Live @ Muziekgebouw)
7.Something to Say (Live @ Muziekgebouw)
8.Where Do I Go Now (Live @ Paradiso)
9.No Surrender (live @ Carre)
10.Love Over Healing (live @ Java-eiland)
11.Damn Those Eyes
Rain Down On Me 英文
1.Rain Down on Me (album version)
3.Rain Down on Me
4.Rain Down On Me (Live at Heineken Music Hall)
5.Waiting Waiting (Live at Heineken Music Hall)
6.Taurus (Live at Heineken Music Hall)
7.So Glad You Made It (Live at Heineken Music Hall)
No Surrender 英文
2.A Little Something
3.Point Blank
4.Devil in Me
5.Dogma 2.0
7.Here Comes the End
Everything You Want 英文
1.It's London Calling
3.Yeah Yeah Yeah
4.Shot of a Gun
5.Wanna Make It Happen
6.Catwalk Criminal
7.Are You Feeling It?
9.Everything You Want
10.I Belong to You
Believe It 英文
1.Something to Say (Live in Ahoy 2005)
2.Fearless (Live in Almere 2005)
3.Dreamer (Live in Almere 2005)
4.Believe It (Live In Ahoy 2005)
5.Rain Down On Me (Live In Ahoy 2005)
As Long As You Want This 英文
1.I Will Keep My Head Down2.My Heart's Desire
暫存 英文
1.Until Nothing Else Matters
2.As Long As You Want This
3.Can You Handle Me
4.Where Do I Go Now (radio mix)
6.Where Do I Go Now
7.Not Here
8.Waiting Waiting
9.Rescue Me
10.Just Go
11.Taurus (Hanging On)
12.My Heart's Desire (acoustic version)
13.All I Can Do (Autumn 2005)
14.Head Down
16.Come Together (acoustic version)
17.No Surrender
18.Hold On To The World
19.In Over My Head
20.Our Hearts Will Beat As One
21.Something To Say (Original Mix)
22.It Won't Be the Same Without You But Maybe Next Year It Will Be
23.It Just Won't Be The Same Without You
24.Moment Of Truth
25.My Best Wasn't Good Enough
26.Just Go (live)
27.My Hearts Desire (live)
28.Taurus (hanging On) (live)
29.America High
30.Oklahoma State Of Mind
31.Spirit Boy
32.Don't Come Home
33.Rattlesnake Smile
34.Crazy In Love
35.The Chase
36.One More Shot
37.Sweet Carolina Rain
38.High Places - Radio Edit
39.High Places
40.Rain Down on Me - Tiësto Remix
41.Before You Let Me Go (feat. Ilse Delange)
42.Damn Those eyes - De Kuip live 2008
43.Shot of a Gun (Acoustic Version)
44.In the Darkness
45.More Than I Deserve
46.Mary Can You Come Outside

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