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The Whispers( Whispers )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 156 首歌 】
The Whispers是加利福尼亞州洛杉磯的美國小組,自20世紀60年代末以來,他們獲得了記錄。 The Whispers於2003年進入聲樂團名人堂,並於2008年獲得節奏與藍調基金會先鋒獎獲得者。通過民意調查,該團體於2012年12月在SoulMusic入圍“靈魂音樂名人堂” 和2014年的官方R&B音樂名人堂。

Wallace Scott
Walter Scott
Leaveil Degree

Marcus Hutson(已故)
Gordy Harmon
Nicholas Caldwell(已故)
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Christmas With the Whispers 英文
1.This Time of the Year (提供)
2.Santa Claus is Coming to Town
3.This Christmas
4.The Christmas Song
5.Mrs. Christmas (提供)
6.It's Almost Christmas (提供)
7.Happy Holidays
8.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (提供)
9.Merry Christmas Darling (提供)
10.Xmas Medley: Let it Snow (提供)
11.My Favorite Things
12.Merry Christmas Baby (提供)
Thankful 英文
1.Walk With Me
2.Did You Know (提供)
3.Praise His Holy Name
4.One More Chance
5.For Thou Art With Me
6.Who Could It Be
7.We Need You (提供)
8.This Is How I Feel (提供)
9.In The Name Of Jesus (提供)
10.Living Without You (提供)
Songs of Babyface 英文
1.My, My, My
2.Seven Whole Days
3.For the Cool In You
4.All In Good time (提供)
5.Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
Best Slow Jams - Volume One 英文
1.Do They Turn You On
2.Are You Going My Way
3.Give It To Me
4.Welcome Into My Dreams
5.Chocolate Girl
6.Love's Calling (提供)
For Your Ears Only 英文
1.Don't Say No (提供)
2.Get It On (提供)
3.Butta (提供)
4.Love Won't Let Me Wait
5.Love Strokin' (提供)
6.Hold On
7.Livin' It Up (提供)
8.Love (提供)
9.Can I Get Next to You (提供)
10.Diamonds (提供)
11.It's You (提供)
12.For Your Ears Only (提供)
13.I Sing This Song For You (提供)
14.The Whispers Love You Too (提供)
Greatest Slow Jams Vol 2 英文
1.I Love You
The Mellow Side 英文
1.Don't Be Late For Love (提供)
2.Love Story (Can't Help But Love You) (提供)
3.Only You (For Me)
5.Girl I Need You (提供)
6.Had It Not Been for You (提供)
7.As I Sit Here
8.Great Day (提供)
9.Pissed Off (Baby Come Back) (提供)
10.Say You (Would Love For Me Too)
Songbook 1: Songs of Babyface 英文
1.My, My, My
2.Seven Whole Days
3.For the Cool In You
4.All In Good time (提供)
5.Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
The Whispers and The Four Tops Live in Concert: 30 Great Performances 英文
1.Are You Going My Way (Live)
2.Say Yes (Live)
3.Just Gets Better With Time (Live)
4.I'm Gonna Make You My Wife (Live)
5.Keep On Lovin' Me (Live)
6.In the Mood (Live)
7.My Heart Your Heart (Live)
8.I Only Meant to Wet My Feet (Live)
9.In the Raw (Live)
10.Let's Go All the Way (Live)
11.A Song For Donny (Live)
The Very Best of the Whispers Live! 英文
1.Olivia Lost and Turned Out (Live)
2.Welcome into My Dreams (Live)
3.Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong (Live)
4.Just Gets Better with Time (Live)
5.Keep on Lovin' Me (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Digital Dreams
2.And The Beat Goes On
3.I'm Gonna Make You My Wife
4.It's a Love Thing
5.In the Mood
7.Happy Holidays to You
8.Try It Again
9.More of the Night
10.You Never Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry)
11.Love Is Where You Find It
12.Say Yes
13.You Are Number One
14.I Fell in Love Last Night (At the Disco)
15.Rock Steady
16.I Love You Babe
18.Living Together In Sin
19.Make It with You
20.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
22.This Time
23.Keep On Lovin' Me
24.My Heart Your Heart
26.You're Making Me High
27.Mother For My Children
28.White Christmas
29.Olivia Lost and Turned Out
30.Just Gets Better With Time
32.My Funny Valentine
33.Two Occasions
34.Can We Talk?
35.Whip Appeal
36.Soon As I Get Home
37.A Song for Donny
38.In the Raw
39.This Kind of Lovin'
40.One For The Money
41.Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
42.Love At Its Best
43.And The Beat Goes On - Single Version
44.My Girl
45.Can't Help But Love You
47.And the Beat Goes On - Radio Version
48.Say You (Would You Love Me Too)
49.It Just Gets Better With Time
50.I Want to Know Your Name
51.Rock Steady (Live)
52.There's a Love for Everyone
53.God Gave Me Everything
54.Olivia Lost & Turned Out
55.Rock Steady (12' Mix)
56.I Want You
57.Girl Don't Make Me Wait
58.Innocent (Heat of the Heat edit)
59.Your Love Is So Doggone Good
61.So Good
62.One for the Money (Part 1)
63.Somebody Loves You
64.You're Love Is So Doggone Good
65.Can You Do the Boogie
66.Welcome Into My Dream
67.Some Kinda Lover
68.O Little Town of Bethlehem
70.Only You
71.Lay It On Me
72.And the Beats Goes On
73.Planets of Life
74.If You Feel Like Coming Home
76.World of a Thousand Dreams
77.As I Sit Here (Remastered)

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