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Victor Wooten【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 118 首歌 】
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A Show Of Hands 15 英文
1.Yo Victa (提供)
2.U Can't Hold No Groove...
3.More Love
4.Lotta Stuffis?
5.The Vision (提供)
6.Live For Peace (提供)
7.A Show Of Hands (提供)
8.Not Like The Other (提供)
10.Medley (提供)
11.Radio W-OO-10
12.Classical Thump (提供)
13.Keep Chargin'
14.Me & My Bass Guitar
15.Words Of Wisdom (提供)
16.Flip Flop (提供)
17.Live Solo #2 (提供)
What Did He Say? (Remastered) 英文
1.Heaven Is Where The Heart Is
2.What Did He Say?
3.What You Won't Do For Love
4.Cherokee (提供)
5.Don't Wanna Cry (提供)
6.The Loneliest Monk
7.A Chance (提供)
8.Norwegian Wood
9.Bro. John (提供)
10.Naima (提供)
11.Sometimes I Laugh (提供)
12.My Life
13.The Sojourn Of Arjuna
14.Buzz Ntro (提供)
15.A Little Buzz (提供)
16.Kids Didn't Change... (提供)
The Music Lesson Soundtrack 英文
1.Intro Lesson (提供)
2.The Hawk (提供)
3.The Lesson (Full Version) (提供)
4.Clyde's Boogie (提供)
5.The Man Under The Bridge (提供)
6.Numbers (提供)
7.A Spiritual Lesson (提供)
8.Shhhhh (提供)
9.A Fresh Scent (提供)
10.The Honorable Instrument (提供)
11.Who R U? (提供)
12.A Wise Lesson (提供)
13.A Final Lesson (提供)
14.Prelude Ending (提供)
15.Regulation (提供)
16.Release (提供)
17.A Healing Song (提供)
18.All's Well (提供)
19.Or Not (提供)
20.Rules (提供)
21.Cartwheels (提供)
22.Feel The Pulse (提供)
23.Bailey's Lesson (提供)
24.Still Smokin' (提供)
25.Victor Wooten (提供)
26.I Am Music (提供)
27.Curtis (提供)
28.Chromatic (提供)
29.Intriguing (提供)
30.Tuvan Nature (提供)
31.Lesson Prelude (提供)
Sword And Stone / Words And Tones 英文
1.I Can't Make You Love Me (提供)
2.Be What You Are (I Love U More) (提供)
3.When U Grow Up (提供)
5.Heaven (提供)
6.It's All Right (提供)
7.Say Word (提供)
8.Be What You Are (提供)
9.H.O.P.E. (提供)
10.Love to Hear U Laugh (提供)
11.Brooklyn (提供)
12.Still Your Baby (提供)
13.Merlin (提供)
14.Keep it Low (提供)
15.Listen And Be Silent (提供)
16.Sword And Stone (提供)
17.Love Is My Favorite Word (提供)
18.Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (提供)
19.Get It Right (提供)
20.A Woman's Strength (提供)
Palmystery 英文
1.2 Timers (提供)
2.Cambo (提供)
3.I Saw God
4.The Lesson (提供)
5.Left, Right, & Center (提供)
6.Sifu (提供)
7.Miss U (提供)
8.Flex (提供)
9.The Gospel (提供)
10.Song For My Father (提供)
11.Happy Song (提供)
12.Us 2 (提供)
Soul Circus 英文
Yin-Yang 英文
2.What Crime Is It?
3.Go Girl Go
4.Singing My Song
5.Think About That
Live in America 英文
1.What Did He Say?
2.If You Want Me to Stay / Thank You (Fallentin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)
3.Pretty Little Lady
4.Me and My Bass Guitar
5.U Can't Hold No Groove...
6.My Life
7.Yinin' and Yangin' / Hey Girl
9.Hormones in the Headphones
10.I Can't Hold No Groove...
暫存 英文
1.Cell Phone
2.Bass Tribute
4.Me And My Bass Guitar
5.What Did He Say? (live)

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