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Talisman【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 171 首歌 】
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Vaults 英文
1.Time After Time (Single Version) (提供)
2.U Done Me Wrong
3.Give Me a Sign
4.Comin' Home
5.Wasting R Time (Humanimal Sessions) (提供)
6.Todo Y Todo (Humanimal Session) (提供)
7.To Know Someone Deeply Is to Know Someone Softly (Humanimal Session) (提供)
8.Angel (提供)
9.Time After Time
10.Fighting for Your Life (提供)
12.Rainbows End (提供)
13.NJBBWD (提供)
14.Master Of Patience (提供)
15.Riding On The Wind (提供)
16.Live For Our Dreams (提供)
17.Girl Of Mine (提供)
18.Day By Day
20.If You Need Somebody (提供)
21.Under Fire (提供)
22.Lightning Strikes
23.Break Your Chains
24.Open Your Eyes (提供)
25.Oceans (提供)
I Surrection 英文
1.Greetings And Salutations
2.Help Yourself
3.Hey Yout
4.Season For Freeman
5.Things Ah Get Tough
6.Praise Jah
7.Greetings Dubutations (提供)
8.Dub Yourself (提供)
9.Hey Yout (Melodica Version) (提供)
10.Season For Dub (提供)
11.Things Ah Dub (提供)
12.Praise Dub (提供)
Cats And Dogs 英文
1.Skin On Skin
2.Break It Down Again
3.In Make Believe
4.Love Will Come Again
5.Outta My Way
6.Friends to Strangers
10.Wherever Whenever Whatever
11.Lost in the Wasteland
12.Hell in Paradise
13.Time (提供)
Dole Age 英文
1.Dole Age 7' Mix (提供)
2.Free Speech 7' Mix (提供)
3.Run Come Girl 7' Mix (提供)
4.Wicked Den 7' Mix (提供)
5.Stride On (提供)
6.Calamity (提供)
7.Ah Wah U Seh (提供)
8.Nothing Change (提供)
9.Shine On (提供)
10.Words Of Wisdom (提供)
11.Slow Poison (提供)
Truth 英文
1.Your Man
3.Let Me Entertain You
4.In the End
5.Here 2day, Gone 2day
6.Darling Nikki
7.I'll B There 4 U
8.The Man I'll Never Be
9.Bellabecca (提供)
10.Heaven's Got Another Hero
12.Until the Morning Comes
14.Pavilion of Oblivion
Life 英文
Humanimal 英文
1.Tainted Pages
2.3233 Colour my XTC
3.Fabricated War
4.TV Reality
6.All + All
7.D.O.A.P.S (提供)
8.Blissful Garden
9.Lonely World
10.Delusions of Grandeur
11.Since You've Gone
13.Doin' Time Wit' My Baby
Talisman 英文
1.Just Between Us (live)
2.Break Your Chains
3.Women, Whiskey and Songs
5.System of Power
6.Just Between Us
7.I'll Be Waiting
8.Standin' on Fire
9.Standin' On Fire (Live) [Bonus Track]
10.Women, Whiskey & Songs
11.Lightning Strikes
Live In Stockholm 英文
1.Break Your Chains (Live)
2.Standin' On Fire (Live)
3.Outta My Way (Live)
4.I'll Be Waiting (Live)
5.Break It Down Again (Live)
6.In Make Believe (Live)
7.Crazy (Live)
8.Tears In the Sky (Live)
9.Skin On Skin (Live)
10.Mysterious (This Time It's Serious) (Live)
11.Fabricated War (Live)
12.Colour My XTC (Live)
13.Break It Down Again
Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2001 & 2003 英文
1.Colour My XTC (Live 2001)
2.Tears In the Sky (Live 2003)
3.Crazy (Live 2003)
4.Break It Down Again (Live 2003)
5.Mysterious (This Time It's Serious) [Live 2003]
6.Standin' On Fire (Live 2003)
7.In Make Believe (Live 2003)
8.I'll Be Waiting (Live 2003)
9.Fabricated War (Live 2003)
10.Tainted Pages (Live 2001)
11.Here 2Day, Gone 2Day (Live 2001)
12.Break Your Chains (Live 2001)
13.All Or Nothing (Live 2001)
Life & 5 Out of 5 英文
1.Love Blind
2.How Was I to Know
3.Sympathy (demo)
Humanimal, Part 1 英文
1.Fabricated War
2.Doin' Time Wit' My Baby
4.Since You've Gone
5.Delusions of Grandeur
6.Lonely World
7.D. O. A. P. S.
8.All + All
10.TV Reality
11.Tainted Pages
Genesis 英文
1.Mysterious (This Time Its Serious)
2.If U Would Only Be My Friend
3.All or Nothing
4.All I Want
5.I'll Set Your House on Fire
6.Long Way 2 Go
Five Men Live 英文
1.Color My XTC
3.Skin on Skin
4.In Make Believe
5.If You Could Only Be My Friend
暫存 英文
1.Shed A Tear Goodbye
2.Back 2 The Feeling
3.Rhyme Or Reason
4.The 1 I'm Living 4
5.End Of The Line
6.Troubled Water
7.Succumb 2 My Desire
9.On My Way
10.Nowhere Fast
11.Sweetest Girl
12.Succumb to My Desire
13.Give Me a Sign (demo) (feat. Jason Bieler)
14.Colour My XTC
15.Walking In Memphis
16.Long Way to Go
17.Run With the Pack
18.Break Your Chains [Demo]
19.Dear God

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