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Tim Finn( 蒂姆菲恩 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 118 首歌 】
Brian Timothy“Tim”Finn(生於1952年6月25日)是新西蘭的一位歌手和音樂家。 他的音樂生涯包括組建七十年代和八十年代的新西蘭搖滾樂隊Split Enz,一些個人專輯,他的兄弟Neil樂隊Crowded House的臨時會員以及與Neil Finn共同努力成為Finn Brothers。
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View Is Worth The Climb 英文
1.The Everyday (提供)
2.The View Is Worth The Climb
3.Going Going Gone
4.All This And More (提供)
5.Wild Sweet Children (提供)
6.Everybody's Wrong
7.Can't Be Found (提供)
8.Opposite Sign (提供)
9.People Like Us (提供)
10.Certain Way
11.Keep Talking
12.Questions And Answers (提供)
The Conversation 英文
1.Straw To Gold (提供)
2.Out Of This World
3.Saw And The Tree (提供)
4.Slow Mystery (提供)
5.Rearview Mirror
6.Only A Dream
7.Fall From Grace
8.Invisible (提供)
10.Great Return
11.Imaginary Kingdom
12.Forever Thursday
13.More Fool Me (提供)
Before & After 英文
1.Funny Way
Not Even Close 英文
1.Not Even Close
Escapade 英文
1.Up Here In My Lonely Room Holding On Forever And A Day I Guess It Was Serious Under Heavy Weather Holding A Lover You Can't Help Feeling Life Is A Bottle Of Vintage Wine All Of A Sudden You Came Along And Made My Day,you Made My Day,came Along And Ma (提供)
Persuasion 英文
1.Persuasion (LP Version) (提供)
3.Secret Heart (提供)
4.Persuasion (Acoustic) (提供)
Imaginary Kingdom 英文
1.So Precious
3.Midnight Coma
4.Dead Flowers
5.Resting (Your Hand Lightly)
6.Show Yourself
Feeding the Gods 英文
1.I'll Never Know
2.Party Was You
3.Incognito in California
2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 英文
1.Straw to Gold (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
2.Couldn't Be Done (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
3.Slow Mystery (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
4.Invisible (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
5.Weather With You (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
6.Out of this World (live 2008-11-05: The Espy, St Kilda, Melbourne)
暫存 英文
1.Hit The Ground Running
2.Through The Years
3.Fraction Too Much Friction
5.I Found It
6.Not For Nothing
7.So Deep
8.Always Never Now
9.Are We One Or Are We Two
10.Big Canoe
11.Winter Light
12.Suicide On Downing St.
13.Underwater Mountain
14.No Thunder No Fire No Rain
15.Can't Do Both
16.Young Mountain
18.Angels Heap
19.Tears Inside
20.Salt To The Sea
21.Staring At The Embers
23.Astounding Moon
24.Couldn't Be Done
25.Wait And See
26.How'm I Gonna Sleep
27.Spiritual Hunger
28.Strangeness & Charm
29.Grand Adventure
30.What You've Done
31.Walk You Home
32.Good Together
34.Protected (live, Plymouth Pavilion, England, 1992-07-15)
35.Carve You In Marble
36.Growing Pains
37.Hole In My Heart
38.Searching The Streets
39.Still The Song
40.In A Minor Key
42.Show a Little Mercy
43.Big Wave Rider
44.Don't Bury My Heart
45.Disembodied Voices
46.Made My Day
47.In Your Sway
48.Weather With You
49.We're All Men
50.I Decided To Fly
51.The Refugee Tree
52.When The Winter Comes
54.Birds Swim Fish Fly
56.Many's The Time
57.I Only Want To Know
58.Strangeness And Charm
60.Been There, Done That
62.Penelope Tree
63.In Love With It All
64.How Will You Go (From the BJB Sessions)
65.Winter Light (New Mix)
67.Death of a Popular Song
68.Water into Wine
69.Walk You Home (live 1993)
70.Hit the Ground Running (live 1993)

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