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Tony Joe White【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 156 首歌 】
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The Complete Warner Brothers Recordings 英文
1.They Caught The Devil And Put Him In Jail In Eudora, Arkansas (提供)
2.The Change
3.My Kind Of Woman
4.The Daddy
5.Black Panther Swamps (提供)
6.Five Summers For Jimmy (提供)
7.A Night In The Life Of A Swamp Fox (提供)
8.Traveling Bone (提供)
9.I Just Walked Away
10.Copper Kettle
11.Voodoo Village (提供)
12.Lustful Earl And The Married Woman
13.Delta Love (提供)
14.That On The Road Look (提供)
15.I've Got A Thing About You Baby
16.Beoul River Road (提供)
17.The Train I'm On (提供)
18.Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll (提供)
19.Take Time To Love
20.300 Pounds Of Hongry
21.The Migrant
22.Sidewalk Hobo
23.The Gospel Singer (提供)
24.Saturday Night In Oak Grove Louisiana
25.I Want Love ('tween You And Me) (提供)
26.Ol' Mother Earth
28.California On My Mind
29.Backwoods Preacher Pan (提供)
30.Talkin' The Midnight Train (提供)
31.No News Is Good News
32.Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You
33.Sign Of The Lion (提供)
34.Don't Let The Door (Hit You In The Butt) (提供)
35.Wishful Thinking (提供)
Swamp Fox The Definitive Collection 1968-1973 英文
1.Wichita Lineman (提供)
2.Who's Making Love (提供)
3.Roosevelt And Ira Lee (Night Of The Mossacin) (提供)
4.Old Man Willis (提供)
5.For Le Ann (提供)
6.Woman With Soul (提供)
7.I Want You (提供)
8.I Thought I Knew You Well (提供)
9.Stud-Spider (提供)
10.High Sheriff Of Calhoun Parrish (提供)
11.Save Your Sugar For Me (提供)
12.Conjure Woman (提供)
13.Groupy Girl (提供)
14.What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) (提供)
15.Boom Boom (提供)
16.Travelling Bone (提供)
17.300 Pounds Of Hungry (提供)
18.Takin' The Midnight Train (提供)
19.Backwoods Preacher Man (提供)
Hoodoo 英文
1.Gift (提供)
2.Holed Up
3.Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now?
4.9 Foot Sack (提供)
5.Alligator, Mississippi (提供)
6.Flood (提供)
7.Storm Comin' (提供)
8.Gypsy Epilogue (提供)
9.Sweet Tooth
Shine 英文
1.Season Man
2.Ain't Doing Nobody No Good (提供)
3.Paintings On The Mountain (提供)
4.Tell Me Why
5.All (提供)
6.Long Way From The River (提供)
7.Strange Night (提供)
8.Something To Soften The Blow (提供)
9.Roll Train Roll (提供)
10.A Place To Watch The Sun Go Down (提供)
Deep Cuts 英文
1.As the Crow Flies
2.Aspen Colorado
3.High Sheriffo (提供)
4.Homemade Ice Cream
5.Roosevelt And Ira Lee
6.Run With The Bulls (提供)
7.Set The Hook (提供)
8.Soul Francisco
9.Swamp Water (提供)
10.Willie and Laura Mae Jones
Swamp Music: The Complete Monument Recordings 英文
1.Willie And Laura Mae Jones - Remastered Version
2.Boom Boom - Remastered Version
3.Groupy Girl - Remastered Version
4.Baby Please Don't Go
5.Little Green Apples
6.Roosevelt And Ira Lee - Night Of The Mossacin Live @ ISLE of WIGHT-Remastered
7.I Want You - Live @ ISLE of WIGHT-Remastered
8.Stud Spider - Live @ ISLE of WIGHT-Remastered
9.Polk Salad Annie - Live @ ISLE of WIGHT-Remastered
10.Save Your Sugar For Me - Live @ ISLE of WIGHT-Remastered
11.My Friend - Remastered Version
12.Hard To Handle - Remastered Version
13.Soul Francisco - Remastered Version
14.The Look Of Love - Remastered Version
15.Rainy Night In Georgia - Remastered Version
16.Woman With Soul - Remastered Version
17.The Migrant - Remastered Version
18.High Sheriff Of Calhoun Parrish - Remastered Version
19.Conjure Woman - Remastered Version
20.Wichita Lineman (提供)
One Hot July 英文
1.Crack The Window Baby
2.Cold Fingers
3.I Believe I've Lost My Way
4.The Delta Singer
5.Across from Midnight
6.Goin' Down Rockin'
Live in Amsterdam 英文
1.As the Crow Flies (Live)
2.Crack the Window Baby (Live)
3.You're Gonna Look Good in Blues (Live)
4.The Guitar Don't Lie (Live) (提供)
5.Rainy Night in Georgia (Live)
6.Steamy Windows (Live)
7.Polk Salad Annie
Closer To The Truth 英文
1.Ain't Going Down This Time
2.Bare Necessities
3.Bi-Yo Rhythm
4.Closer To The Truth
5.Cool Town Woman
6.Love M.d.
7.Main Squeeze
8.Steamy Windows
9.The Other Side
10.Tunica Motel
11.Undercover Agent For The Blues
12.You're Gonna Look Good In Blues
暫存 英文
1.I Get Off On It (Live)
2.300 Pounds of Hongry (Live)
3.For Ol' Times Sake
4.Rainy Night in Georgia (Boozoo Bajou's Georgia dub)
5.Across From Midnight
6.High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish
7.Swamp Rap
8.Not One Bad Thought
9.Did Somebody Make A Fool Out of You (w/ Eric Clapton)
10.Run For Cover
11.Taking The Midnight Train
12.The Family
13.Rainy Night In Georgia
14.You Just Get Better All the Time
16.Roosevelt & Ira Lee (Night Of The Moccasin)
17.If I Ever Saw A Good Thing
18.Hard To Handle
20.Louisiana Rain
21.Watching the Trains Go By (Bonus Track)
22.Polk Salad Anie
23.Bayou Woman
24.Even Trolls Love Rock & Roll
25.On the Return to Muscle Shoals
26.The Path of a Decent Groove
27.Wild Wolf Calling Me

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