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Neal Morse【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 203 首歌 】
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Morsefest 2014 英文
1.The Land of Beginning Again
2.Overture No. 1 (提供)
3.California Nights
4.Colder in the Sun
5.Sleeping Jesus
6.Interlude (提供)
7.The Prince of the Power of the Air
8.The Promise
9.Wasted Life
10.Overture No. 2 (提供)
11.Break of Day
12.Power in the Air
13.Somber Days
14.Long Story
15.It's All I Can Do
16.Tranformation (提供)
17.Ready to Try
18.Mike Speaks (提供)
19.Moving in my Heart
20.I Am Willing
21.In the Middle
22.The Storm Before the Calm
23.Oh, to Feel Him
24.God's Theme (提供)
25.Overture No. 3 (提供)
27.Oh Lord My God
28.God's Theme 2 (提供)
29.Jayda's Story (提供)
30.Time Hase Come
31.The Creation
32.The Man's Gone
33.Nothing To Believe (提供)
34.The Separated Man
35.Cradle to the Grave
36.Help Me , Spirit and the Flesh
37.Father Of Forgiveness
39.It's For You
40.Wind At My Back
41.The Light (featuring Alan Morse) (提供)
42.Stranger In Your Soul (提供)
Songs From November 英文
1.Whatever Days (提供)
2.Heaven Smiled (提供)
3.Flowers In A Vase (提供)
4.Love Shot An Arrow (提供)
5.Song For The Free (提供)
6.Tell Me Annabelle (提供)
7.My Time Of Dying (提供)
8.When Things Slow Down (提供)
9.Daddy's Daughter (提供)
10.Wear The Chains (提供)
11.The Way Of Love (提供)
Live Momentum 英文
1.The Distance To The Sun (提供)
2.Testimony Suite (Sleeping Jesus, Prince of the Power of the Air, The Promise, Wasted Life) (提供)
3.Thoughts Part 5
4.The Conflict
5.Question Mark Suite (The Temple of the Living God, Another World, Entrance, Inside His Presence) (提供)
6.World Without End
7.Crazy Horses
8.Sing It High
9.King Jesus
11.Author Of Confusion
12.Weathering Sky
A Proggy Christmas The Prog World Orchestra 英文
1.Joy to the World (提供)
2.The Little Drummer Boy (提供)
3.O Holy Night (提供)
4.Frankincense (提供)
5.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (提供)
6.The Christmas Song – Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire (提供)
7.Carol of the Bells (提供)
8.Home for the Holidays (提供)
9.Shred Ride – Sleigh Ride Winter Wonderland (提供)
10.Silent Night We All Need Some Light (提供)
Testimony 2 英文
1.Mercy Street
2.Overture No. 4 (提供)
3.Time Changer
5.Nighttime Collectors
6.Time Has Come Today
7.Jesus' Blood
8.The Truth Will Set You Free
9.Chance Of A Lifetime
10.Jesus Bring Me Home
11.Road Dog Blues
12.It's For You
13.Crossing Over / Mercy Street (Reprise)
14.Absolute Beginner
16.Seeds Of Gold
Lifeline 英文
2.The Way Home
4.God's Love
5.Children Of The Chosen
6.So Many Roads
7.Star For A Day
8.The Humdrum Life
9.All The Way To The Grave
10.The Eyes Of The Saviour
11.Fly High
12.So Many Roads [Reprise]
Testimony 英文
1.Pt. 1: The Land of Beginning Again
2.Pt. 2: Somber Days
3.Pt. 3: Sing It High
4.Sing It High
5.Part 1: The Prince of the Power of the Air
6.Part 4: The Storm Before the Calm
7.I Am Willing
Sola Scriptura 英文
1.The Door
2.Heaven In My Heart
3.The Conclusion
4.The Conflict
So Many Roads (Live in Europe) 英文
1.At the End of the Day
2.Walking on the Wind
4.Help Me
5.Question Mark Medley
7.Author of Confusion / I'm the Guy
8.The Way Home
10.Stranger in Your Soul / Bridge Across Forever
One 英文
1.Author of Confusion
2.I'm Free / Sparks
3.Day After Day
4.Where the Streets Have No Name
5.What Is Life? (提供)
6.King Jesus
7.Help Me / The Spirit and the Flesh
8.Cradle to the Grave
9.The Separated Man
10.Father of Forgiveness
Neal Morse 英文
1.Living Out Loud
2.A Whole Nother Trip: d) It's Alright
3.A Whole Nother Trip: c) The Man Who Would Be King
4.A Whole Nother Trip: b) Mr. Upside Down
5.A Whole Nother Trip: a) Bomb That Can't Explode
7.Nowhere Fast
8.Everything is Wrong
9.That Which Doesn't Kill Me
11.Lost Cause
Momentum 英文
1.Thoughts, Part 5
2.World Without End: Introduction / Never Pass Away / Losing Your Soul / The Mystery / Some Kind of Yesterday / Never Pass Away (reprise)
4.Smoke and Mirrors
5.Weathering Sky
7.World Without End
Mighty To Save 英文
1.How He Loves Us
2.Heiliger Geist (提供)
3.Mighty To Save
4.Only What You Do For Christ
5.Revelation Song
6.O Herr, Giebe Strome (提供)
7.Fall On Me (提供)
8.Who Am I? (提供)
9.Let Us Worship (提供)
10.The Center (提供)
11.I Won't Turn Back (提供)
12.Spoken For (提供)
13.Hosanna (提供)
It's Not Too Late 英文
1.It's Not Too Late
2.I Am Your Father
3.Ain't Seen Nothin' Like Me
4.Oh Angie
5.Broken Homes
6.The Change
7.So Long Goodbye Blues
8.The Angels Will Remember
10.All the Young Girls Cry
11.Something Blue
? Live 英文
1.The Temple of the Living God
2.The Man's Gone
3.The Creation
4.Inside His Presence
7.Outside Looking In
8.The Glory of the Lord
9.Solid as the Sun
10.In the Fire
11.Sweet Elation
12.The Outsider
13.Another World
The Grand Experiment 英文
1.The Call
2.The Grand Experiment
5.Alive Again
暫存 英文
1.The Wind And The Rain
2.To God Be the Glory
3.Crossing Over / Mercy Street Revisited
4.We All Need Some Light
5.That Crutch
6.Cradle to the Grave (live at GMA 4/12/05)
7.Sing It High (live at GMA 4/12/05)
8.New Jerusalem (Freedom Is Coming)

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