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Nomy【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 90 首歌 】
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Be Your Own God 英文
1.My Nightmare
2.Be Your Own God (feat. Alexander Tidebrink)
3.Freakshow Part 4 (提供)
4.Dont Fall Apart
5.Last Forever
6.Before You Go (提供)
7.Dead Man Walking (Remastered)
The Full Story Of Diane 英文
2.I love you Diane
3.I hate you Diane
4.Goodbye Diane
5.Dead man walking (提供)
6.Into the silence (提供)
Welcome to My Freakshow 英文
1.Freakshow, Part 1
2.Life Is a Bitch
3.Freakshow, Part 2
Verity, Denial & Remorse 英文
1.Finally Without You
2.The Piano
3.Close to Lose It All
4.You Call At Night
6.Take What You Can
7.Every Time You Fall
8.A Dream for the Weaker
The Full Story of Diane (A Capella) 英文
1.Demons (A Capella)
2.I Love You Diane (A Capella)
3.I Hate You Diane (A Capella)
4.Goodbye Diane (A Capella)
5.Dead Man Walking (A Capella)
Psychopath 英文
2.Your Heart In My Hands
4.Long Way Down
5.The Way You Fly
6.Breathe Out
7.I Killed You a Thousand Times
8.Looking Back
My Darkest Hour 英文
1.Beyond all fear
2.God said no
3.I died by you
4.I hate
5.Something different
6.This is who I am
Free fall 英文
1.Freakshow Part 3
3.Lights Are Going Out
4.Put Him Out
6.Breathe With Me
7.This Is Not a Love Song
8.Freakshow, Pt. 1 (Acoustic)
9.Free Fall
10.Never Alone
11.Freakshow Part 1 (Acoustic)
12.The Killers (Bonus Track)
Disconnected 英文
1.I Died By You (Country)
2.Wait One Day
3.30K Children
4.When I'm Gone (Acoustic)
5.World In Fire
6.Cocaine (Acoustic)
7.Heart of Ice (Acoustic)
8.Bring Your Guns
9.Chasing Ghosts (Acoustic)
10.Nomy Medley
By The Edge Of God 英文
1.Die Maggots Die
2.By The Edge Of God
3.Level 1
4.You And Me
5.Radio Trash
6.Radio Clean
7.Gold Digger
8.Straight Ahead
9.Been Trying For You
10.One Last Song
11.I Can Take It Slow
暫存 英文
1.I have a problem
2.Merry Fucking Christmas
3.Crusified by love (2006)
4.Little by Little
5.Follow You
6.Brothers By Their Love
7.Cocaine (Original)
8.Cola Light
9.Spank my ass
11.You better die young
12.Get a Name

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