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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Marc Cohn( 馬克科恩 )
Marc Cohn( 馬克科恩 )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 125 首歌 】
Marc Craig Cohn(/koʊn/; 出生於1959年7月5日)是一位格萊美獲獎美國民謠搖滾歌手兼詞曲作者兼音樂家,他的歌曲“Walking in Memphis”以1991年同名專輯而聞名。
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Marc Cohn 英文
1.29 Ways
2.Dig Down Deep
3.Ghost Train
4.Miles Away
5.Perfect Love
6.Saving The Best For Last
7.Silver Thunderbird
8.Strangers In A Car
9.True Companion
10.Walking In Memphis
11.Walk On Water
The Very Best Of Marc Cohn 英文
1.Things We've Handed Down
2.Walking In Memphis (Remastered Version)
3.Walking In Memphis - Remastered
4.Walking in Memphis
The Very Best Of Marc Cohn [Digital Version] 英文
1.True Companion - Remastered
2.Healing Hands - Remastered
3.Fallen Angels - Remastered
4.Turn On Your Radio - Remastered
5.Olana - Remastered
6.Saints Preserve Us - Remastered
7.Lost You In The Canyon - Remastered
8.Paper Walls - Remastered
9.Rest For The Weary - Remastered
10.The Rainy Season - Remastered
11.Walk Through The World - Remastered
12.Dig Down Deep - Remastered
13.Perfect Love - Remastered
14.Ghost Train - Remastered
15.Silver Thunderbird - Remastered
16.Walking In Memphis - Remastered
Listening Booth: 1970 英文
1.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
2.The Letter
3.The Only Living Boy In New York
4.After Midnight
5.The Tears Of A Clown
6.No Matter What
7.New Speedway Boogie
8.Into The Mystic
9.Long As I Can See The Light
10.Wild World
11.Look At Me
12.Maybe I'm Amazed
13.Make It With You
Join the Parade 英文
1.Listening To Levon
2.Dance Back From The Grave
3.If I Were an Angel
4.Let Me Be Your Witness
5.Live Out the String
6.Giving Up the Ghost
7.Join The Parade
8.My Sanctuary
9.Life Goes On
10.The Calling
Join the Parade (Live) 英文
1.Live Out the String (Live)
2.Giving Up the Ghost (Live)
3.My Sanctuary (Live)
In New York (Live 1992) 英文
1.Ghost Train (Live 1992)
2.Isn't That So (Live 1992)
3.The Things We've Handed Down (Live 1992)
4.Silver Thunderbird (Live 1992)
5.Dig Down Deep (Live 1992)
6.Perfect Love (Live 1992)
7.29 Ways (Live 1992)
8.Fever (Live 1992)
9.Strangers in a Car (Live 1992)
10.Blow on Chilly Wind (Live 1992)
11.Walking in Memphis (Live 1992)
12.Nowhere Fast (Live 1992)
13.Rest for the Weary (Live 1992)
14.Saving the Best for Last (Live 1992)
Burning The Daze 英文
暫存 英文
1.Walking In Memphis
2.I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You
3.29 Ways
4.Already Home
6.Baby King
7.Bits and Pieces
8.Blow On Chilly Wind
9.The Days
10.Man Of The World
11.Don't Talk To Her At Night
12.Ellis Island
13.Far Away, Nearby
15.From the Station
16.Ghost Train
17.Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow
18.Healing Hands
19.Isn't That So
20.Lost You In The Canyon
21.Mama's In The Moon
22.Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages)
23.Medicine Man
24.Miles Away
25.My Great Escape
26.Nowhere Fast
27.Old Soldier
28.One Thing Of Beauty
29.Paper Walls
30.Perfect Love
32.The Rainy Season
33.Rest for the Weary
34.Saints Preserve Us
35.Saving the Best for Last
36.She's Becoming Gold
37.Silver Thunderbird
38.Strangers in a Car
39.Street Of Windows
40.Take Me To Hamburg
41.The Things We've Handed Down
42.Turn On Your Radio
43.Turn To Me
44.Valley Of The Kings
45.Walk on Water
46.Walk Through the World
47.Fallen Angels
48.The Coldest Corner in the World
49.Hold on for Me
50.Walking in Memphis (Early Piano/Vocal Demo with Meditation Intro)
51.Walking In Memphis (45 Version)
52.Dig Down Deep (45 Version)
53.Already Home (collector's version)

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