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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Matthew Good
Matthew Good【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 206 首歌 】
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I Miss New Wave Beautiful Midnight Revisited EP 英文
1.I Miss New Wave
2.Born to Kill
3.Let's Get It On
4.Load Me Up
Chaotic Neutral 英文
1.All You Sons And Daughters
2.Army Of Lions
3.Cold Water
5.Girls In Black
6.Tiger By The Tail
8.No Liars
9.Kid Down The Well
11.Los Alamos
Old Fighters 英文
2.In A World Called Catastrophe
4.21st Century Living
5.While We Were Hunting Rabbits
6.Strange Days
7.Apparitions (Live)
8.Load Me Up (Live)
9.The Future Is X-Rated
Arrows of Desire 英文
1.Arrows of Desire (提供)
2.Via Dolorosa
3.Had It Coming
4.We're Long Gone
5.So Close
6.Garden of Knives
8.Hey Hell Heaven
9.Guns of Carolina
10.Letters In Wartime
Lights Of Endangered Species 英文
1.Extraordinary Fades
2.How It Goes
3.Shallow's Low
4.What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred?
5.Zero Orchestra
6.Non Populus
7.In A Place Of Lesser Men
8.Set Me On Fire
9.Lights Of Endangered Species
Vancouver 英文
1.A Silent Army In The Trees
2.Fought To Fight It
3.Empty's Theme Park
4.Life In Spite Of Itself
5.Last Parade
6.The Vancouver National Anthem
7.The Boy Who Could Explode
8.Us Remains Impossible
9.On Nights Like Tonight
Vancouver (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.A Silent Army In the Trees (Live Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
2.Last Parade
3.Empty's Theme Park
4.The Vancouver National Anthem
5.Fought to Fight It
7.On Nights Like Tonight
8.Us Remains Impossible
9.The Boy Who Could Explode
10.Black Helicopter (Live Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
11.Great Whales of the Sea
Matthew Good: Live At Massey Hall 英文
1.Apparitions (Live)
2.True Love Will Find You In the End (Live)
3.Strange Days (Live)
4.Everything Is Automatic (Live)
5.She's In It for the Money (Live)
6.Avalanche (Live)
7.Giant (Live)
8.99% Of Us Is Failure (Live)
9.I'm a Window (Live)
10.Black Helicopter (Live)
11.Blue Skies Over Bad Lands (Live)
12.Put Out Your Lights (Live)
13.Born Losers (Live)
14.The Devil's In Your Details (Live)
15.Weapon (Live)
16.Odette (Live)
17.A Single Explosion (Live)
18.Champions of Nothing (Live)
19.Load Me Up (Live)
Live Road 英文
1.So Close (live, 2013-10-14: Belleville, NB, Canada)
2.Via Dolorosa (live, 2013-11-02: Montreal, QC, Canada)
3.Hey Hell Heaven (live, 2013-11-04: Parry Sound, ON, Canada)
4.Apparitions (live, 2013-11-07: Winnipeg, MN, Canada)
5.Non Populus (live, 2013-11-14: Edmonton, AB, Canada)
6.Champions of Nothing (live, 2013-11-18: Banff, AB, Canada)
7.Everything Is Automatic (live, 2013-11-19: Lethbridge, AB, Canada)
8.Giant (live, 2013-11-22: Penticton, BC, Canada)
9.Arrows of Desire (live, 2013-11-25: Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
10.Last Parade (live, 2013-11-01: Toronto, ON, Canada)
11.Born Losers (live, 2013-10-28: Barrie, ON, Canada)
12.Mutineering (live, 2013-10-26: Sarnia, ON, Canada)
13.Letters in Wartime (live, 2013-10-16: Moncton, NB, Canada)
14.Garden of Knives (live, 2013-10-17: Saint John, NB, Canada)
15.Alert Status Red (live, 2013-10-18: Halifax, NS, Canada)
16.Had It Coming (live, 2013-10-19: Fredericton, NB, Canada)
17.Weapon (live, 2013-10-21: Peterborough, ON, Canada)
18.We're Long Gone (live, 2013-10-21: Brockville, ON, Canada)
19.Guns of Carolina (live, 2013-10-24: Kingston, ON, Canada)
20.While We Were Hunting Rabbits (live, 2013-10-25: Hamilton, ON, Canada)
In a Coma: 1995-2005 英文
1.Haven't Slept In Years
2.Pony Boy
3.My Life As a Circus Clown
4.The Fine Art of Falling Apart
5.Born to Kill
In A Coma 英文
2.Truffle Pigs
4.Generation X-Wing
5.Advertising on Police Cars
6.Strange Days
7.Prime Time Deliverance
Hospital Music 英文
1.Champions Of Nothing
2.Single Explosion
3.Metal Airplanes
4.99% Of Us Is A Failure
5.Born Losers
7.Black Helicopter
8.Boy Come Home
9.Devil’S In Your Details
10.Moon Over Marin
11.Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird (提供)
12.I Am Not Safer Than A Bank
History Teacher 英文
1.Whispering in the Dark
2.Go Fly Blind
3.Waiting for the Great Destruction
4.Casual Walks
5.Break in the Rhythm
7.South of Summer
9.Requiem for Rosemary
11.Folk Singer
12.Saturday the 12th
13.The Last Poem's Poet
14.You Are Here
15.Coming Out in Purple
16.If Birds Don't Fly Straight
18.As Long As You're Mine
Euphony 英文
3.Heather's Like Sunday
4.Dancing Invisible
5.Mercy Misses You
6.Joe's In Trouble
2003-04-19: The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada 英文
1.Pledge of Allegiance
2.Near Fantastica
3.Hello Timebomb
5.Lullaby for a New World Order
6.The Future Is X-Rated
7.The Bright End of Nowhere
8.21st Century Living
暫存 英文
1.Pledge Of Allegiance
2.Lullaby For The New World Order
3.Bright End Of Nowhere
4.The Rat Who Would Be King
5.Song For The Girl
6.Double Life
7.Long Way Down
8.House Of Smoke & Mirrors
9.In Love With A Bad Idea
10.I'm A Window
11.She's In It For The Money
12.Buffalo Seven
13.It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man
14.Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra
15.Little Terror
16.A Long Way Down
17.Poor Man's Grey
18.Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
20.Symbolistic White Walls
21.Empty Road
22.Put Out Your Lights
23.The Boy Come Home
25.A Single Explosion
26.The Devil's In Your Details
27.99% Of Us Is Failure
28.True Love Will Find You In The End
30.Big City Life
31.North American For Life
32.Everything is Automatic
33.Haven't Slept in Years
34.Oh Be Joyful
35.Alert Status Red
36.We're So Heavy
37.House of Smoke and Mirrors
39.Bad Guys Win
40.Blown Wide Open
41.Days Come Down

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