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Mobb Deep( モブ・ディープ )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 323 首歌 】
Mobb Deep是來自美國紐約市皇后區的一個嘻哈雙人組合,成員為Havoc和Prodigy。這對組合是「廣受好評的硬蕊東海岸嘻哈組合之一」。該組合以其音樂中黑暗、硬蕊的內容知名,如單曲《Shook Ones Pt. II》就很好的表現了這一點。Mobb Deep是嘻哈界最為成功的說唱組合之一,唱片共售出超過3百萬張。他們的大部分專輯都得到人們交口稱讚,特別是《The Infamous》,被認為是經典之作。他們被視作是90年代中期東海岸說唱樂復甦的標誌之一。

《Juvenile Hell》 (1993)
《The Infamous》 (1995)
《Hell on Earth》 (1996)
《Murda Muzik》 (1999)
《Infamy》 (2001)
《Amerikaz Nightmare》 (2004)
《Blood Money》 (2006)
《The Safe Is Cracked》 (2009)
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Unreleased 英文
1.Horizons (提供)
2.Hold It Down (提供)
3.Tha World (提供)
4.How Thugs Play (提供)
5.Respect My Gangster (提供)
6.Fuck That Bitch (提供)
7.Kells (提供)
8.Snitch (提供)
9.Duns & Kikos (J-Love) (提供)
10.Gun Love
11.Taste Of Revenge (提供)
12.Hold Down Hip-Hop (提供)
13.Suspect Niggaz (提供)
14.Reach (提供)
15.Perfect Plot
16.Shook Ones Pt3 (提供)
17.True Lies (提供)
18.Take It In Blood
20.Naaaah (提供)
21.Saga Ruff (提供)
22.Killaz Theme Pt2 (提供)
23.Let Nothin Die (提供)
24.Crime Connection
25.Rock Them To Sleep (提供)
26.Shiesty (提供)
27.Locked Up Shit (提供)
28.Flippin (提供)
29.Give Up Da Goods
30.Wher Do We Go (提供)
31.Queens (提供)
Survival Of The Fittest 英文
1.Hide Away
2.Survival Of The Fittest 2 (Espn Remix)
3.Whats Going On (提供)
4.Life Is What You Make It
5.All About It (提供)
The Infamous Mobb Deep 英文
1.Say Something
2.Eye For An Eye
4.Get It In Blood
5.Gimme The Goods
6.If It's Alright
7.Skit Mobb 1995 (提供)
8.Temperature's Rising
9.The Bridge (提供)
10.The Money (提供)
11.The Money (Version 2) (提供)
12.Henny (提供)
13.My Block
14.Get Down (提供)
17.All A Dream
18.Low (提供)
20.Check The Credits
21.Gimme All That
24.We About To Get Hectic (提供)
Taking You off Here (Single) 英文
1.Taking You off Here
The Gorilla Deep 英文
1.Keepin It Real
2.QU Hectic
3.Paddyshop (提供)
4.Give Up The Goods
Black Cocaine (EP) 英文
1.Black Cocaine
3.Get It Forever
4.Last Days
5.Dead Man's Shoes
The Safe Is Cracked 英文
1.Mobb Deep (提供)
2.Heat (提供)
3.Watch Ya Self (提供)
4.M.O.B. (提供)
5.Can't Win 4 Losin' (提供)
6.Yea, Yea, Yea (提供)
7.That Crack (提供)
8.The Infamous
9.What Goes On
10.Position (提供)
11.Get Out Our Way (提供)
12.You Wanna See Me Fall (提供)
13.Don't Play (提供)
14.Mobb Deep II (提供)
Blood Money 英文
1.Smoke It - Album Version (Edited)
2.Put 'Em In Their Place - Album Version (Edited)
3.Speaking So Freely - Album Version (Edited)
4.Backstage Pass - Album Version (Edited)
5.Capital P Capital H - Album Version (Edited)
6.Daydreamin' - Album Version (Edited)
7.In Love With The Moulah - Album Version (Edited)
Infamy 英文
5.Get at Me
6.Get Away
8.Hey Luv (Anything)
9.I Won't Fall
10.Kill That Nigga
11.Live Foul
12.Nothing Like Home
13.Pray For Me
14.So Long
15.There I Go Again
16.Hurt Niggas (Feat. Noyd)
The Infamous 英文
1.Cradle to the Grave
2.Just Step (Prelude)
4.Survival Of The Fittest
5.Temperature's Rising
6.The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)
7.Trife Life
8.Up North Trip
9.Drink away the Pain (Situations)
10.Give Up the Goods (Just Step)
11.Party Over
12.Right Back at You
13.Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines) (With NaS & Raekwon)
14.Shook Ones Part II
15.The Infamous Prelude
16.The Grave Prelude (提供)
The Infamous... Instrumentals 英文
1.Shook Ones, Part 1
2.Still Shining
3.G.O.D., Part 3
4.Survival of the Fittest
The Infamous Archives 英文
2.Gangstas Roll
3.My Prorites
4.Never Talk
5.We Dont Love Them Hoes
6.Baby Baby
The Infamous Archives (disc 1) 英文
1.In The Long Run (feat Ty Nitty)
2.Block Life (feat. ACD)
3.Shit Hits The Fan (feat Gotti)
4.Perfect Plot (feat. Big Noyd)
Something Like a Horror Flick 英文
2.Keep It Real Hoe
3.Put Them in They Place
Murda Mixtape 英文
1.Double Shots
2.Rare Species
3.Live Foul
4.Survival of the Fittest
5.Spread Love
6.Give Up the Goods
7.Drop a Gem On 'Em
8.Shook Ones, Pt. 2
9.Clap Those Thangs
10.Can't Get Enough of It
Mobb Misses, Part 4 英文
1.Outta Control (J-Love remix)
3.Look Out
Blood Money 2 英文
1.Bitches Are Good (提供)
Amerikaz Nightmare 英文
1.Real Gangstaz2.Got It Twisted
暫存1 英文
1.The Realest
2.Mobb Muzik
3.Dog Shit
4.Quiet Storm (White Lines)
7.Apostle's Warning
8.Back At You
9.Bitch Ass Nigga
11.Drop A Gem On 'Em
12.Flavor for the Non Believes
13.G.O.D Pt. III
14.G.O.D. Pt. III (Remix)
15.Get Dealt With
16.Hell On Earth (Front Lines)
17.Hit It from the Back
18.Hold Down the Fort
19.I'm Going Out
20.Let A Ho Be A Ho
21.Locked In Spofford
22.Me And My Crew
23.More Trife Life
24.Nessun Dorma
25.Nobody Likes Me
26.Peer Pressure
27.Project Hallways
28.Rare Species (Modus Operandi)
29.Shook Ones Pt. 1
30.Still Shinin'
31.Stomp Em Out
32.Thug Muzik
33.Where Your Heart At
34.Sweet Home Alabama
35.Pray For Me'(feat. Lil' Mo
36.Love Ya'll More
37.Nothing Like Home'(feat. Littles
38.There I Go Again'(feat. Ronald Isley
39.Never Goin' Back
40.Sole Sunday
41.Quiet Storm
42.The Learning (Burn)
43.Get Me featuring Littles & Noyd
44.Pray For Me (Feat.Lil' Mo)
45.Can't Fuck Wit
46.U.S.A. (Aiight Then)
47.Got It Twisted (ft. Twista) (Remix)
48.On the Run
49.Flood the Block
50.Real Gangstaz Feat.Lil Jon
51.Streets Raised Me
52.Shorty Wop
53.Real Niggaz
54.What's Ya Poison
55.It's Mine
56.Real Gangstaz (Prod. Lil Jon)
57.Man Down
58.Smoke It
59.Throw Your Hands (In the Air)
60.Burn Something
61.Survival of the Fittest 2003
63.Give It Up Fast
64.Animal Instinct
65.G.O.D. Part III
66.I'm Going Out (Featuring Lil' Cease)
67.Where Ya From (Featuring B-Ball)
68.Can't Fuck Wit (Featuring Raekwon)
69.Got It Twisted Remix
70.Nothing Like Home (Feat. Littles)
71.Pearly Gates
72.Put 'Em In Their Place
73.Neva Change
74.Click Click
75.It's Alright
76.Hell On Earth
77.Get Me
78.Can't Get Enough Of It
79.Nighttime Vultures
80.Right Back At You (With Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Big Noyd)
81.The Realest (Featuring Kool G Rap)
82.Streets Raised Me (Featuring Big Noyd & Chinky)
83.What's Ya' Poison (Featuring Cormega)
84.Me & My Crew
85.Have A Party
86.Amerika's Nightmare
87.Real Gangstaz (ft. Lil' Jon)
89.Backstage Pass
91.Speakin' So Freely
92.Keep It Thoro
93.Clap Those Thangs Ft.50 Cent
94.When U Hear The
95.When You Hear The
96.Stole Something
97.Amerikaz Nightmare
98.My Gats Spitting (Feat. The Infamous Mobb)
暫存 英文
1.One of Ours Part II
2.We Up
3.Where Ya Heart At
4.Where Ya From
5.Win or Lose
6.Capital P Capital H
7.Speaking So Freely
8.Shook Ones Part I - Original Version
9.You A Shooter
11.Murda Muzik
12.Thug Muzik (Featuring Infamous Mobb & Chinky)
14.Feel My Gat Blow
15.It Could Happen to You
16.In The Long Run
17.Street Life
18.The Illest
19.Wanna Be Thugs
20.Thrill Me
21.Rare Species/Modus Operandi
22.Young Luv
23.Street Lights
24.Hey Luv
25.How You Want It? (Deer Park)
26.Quiet Storm (Remix)
27.Eye For An Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)
28.Hey Love
29.Shook Ones Pt. II
30.Shook Ones, Pt. II - Remastered - LP Version
31.Shook Ones, Pt. II (Remastered)
32.Shook Ones - Freestyle
33.Shook Ones
34.One Of Ours - Album Version (Edited)
35.There That Go
36.We Make the Hits
37.Quiet Storm, Part 3 (alternate mix)
38.Blood Money
39.Cop Hell
40.Give It to Me (Explicit Version)
41.Click Click (Explicit Version)
42.Pearly Gates (Explicit Version)
43.Capital P Capital H (Explicit Version)
44.It's Alright (Explicit Version)
45.Creep (Explicit Version)
46.Stole Something (Explicit Version)
47.Have a Party (feat. 50 Cent & Nate Dogg)
48.Survival of the Fittest - Remastered
49.Dead Man Shoes
50.Shook Ones, Part II (LP version)
52.Stuck On You
53.Put 'Em In Their Place (Explicit)
54.The Infamous (Explicit)
56.Shook Ones II
57.Outro / Outta Control (Remix)
58.Give Up the Goods (Just Step) [Funkmaster Flex Version]
59.Outta Control
60.Bump That
61.Get Shot the Fuck Up
62.Outta Control (remix)
63.Dog S#!T
64.Dog Sh*t
65.It's Over
66.Gangsta Roll
67.Outta Control (Remix Explicit))
68.Outta Control - Remix- Album Version (Explicit)

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