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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Eric Bibb( 埃里克·比布 )
Eric Bibb( 埃里克·比布 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 152 首歌 】
Eric Charles Bibb(1951年8月16日出生)是一位美國出生的原聲布魯斯歌手兼創作歌手。 他於1970年移居歐洲,目前居住在瑞典。
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The Happiest Man In The World 英文
1.Toolin' Down The Road (提供)
2.The Happiest Man In The World (提供)
3.I'll Farm For You (提供)
4.Tossin' An' Turnin' (提供)
5.Creole Cafe (提供)
6.Born To Be Your Man (提供)
7.Prison Of Time (提供)
8.King Size Bed (提供)
9.On The Porch (提供)
10.1912 Skiing Disaster (提供)
11.Tell Ol' Bill
12.Wish I Could Hold You Now (提供)
13.Blueberry Boy (提供)
14.You Really Got Me (提供)
15.King Size Bed (Instrumental) (提供)
Me To You 英文
1.I Need A Vacation (提供)
2.I'll Be Your Car (提供)
3.Me To You (提供)
4.Strong Love (提供)
5.Looking Through The Window (提供)
6.Gonna Walk This Road
7.A Better Man (提供)
8.Between A Woman An'a Man (提供)
9.Talk To Me (提供)
10.You're The One (提供)
11.Something Much Greater (提供)
12.Keep My Cool (提供)
13.Catch Up To Your Heart
Blues People 英文
1.Silver Spoon (提供)
2.Driftin' Door To Door (提供)
3.God's Mojo (提供)
4.Turner Station (提供)
5.Pink Dream Cadillac (提供)
6.Chocolate Man (提供)
7.Rosewood (提供)
8.I Heard The Angels Singin'
9.Dream Catchers (提供)
10.Chain Reaction (提供)
11.Out Walkin' (提供)
12.Remember The Ones (提供)
13.Home (提供)
14.Where Do We Go (提供)
Jericho Road 英文
1.Drinkin' Gourd (提供)
2.Freedom Train (提供)
3.Let The Mothers Step Up (提供)
4.Have A Heart (提供)
5.The Right Thing (提供)
6.Death Row Blues
7.Can't Please Everybody
8.The Lord's Work (提供)
9.They Know (提供)
10.She Got Mine
11.Good Like You (提供)
12.One Day At A Time (提供)
13.Now (提供)
14.Nanibali (提供)
15.Currency Of Love (Bonus Track) (提供)
Deeper In The Well 英文
1.Money In Your Pocket (提供)
2.Boll Weevil (提供)
3.Bayou Belle
4.Dig a Little Deeper In the Well (提供)
5.Could Be You, Could Be Me (提供)
6.Sinner Man (提供)
7.In My Time (提供)
8.Music (提供)
9.Movin' Up (提供)
10.No Further (提供)
11.Every Wind In the River (提供)
12.Sittin' In A Hotel Room (提供)
13.Times They Are a Changin' (提供)
14.Hewlitt (提供)
Brothers in Bamako 英文
1.Khafolé (提供)
2.Foro Bana (提供)
3.Mami Wata (提供)
4.Blowin' In The Wind (提供)
5.Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (提供)
6.L.A. (提供)
7.Tombouctou (提供)
8.Send Us Brighter Days (提供)
9.Nani Le (提供)
10.On My Way To Bamako
11.Touma Ni Kelen/Needed Time (提供)
12.We Don't Care (提供)
Booker's Guitar 英文
1.Booker's Guitar
2.With My Maker I Am One
3.Flood Water
4.Walkin' Blues Again
5.Sunrise Blues
6.Wayfaring Stranger
7.Train From Aberdeen (提供)
8.New Home
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine
10.One Soul To Save
11.Rocking Chair
12.Turning Pages
13.A Good Woman
14.Tell Riley
15.A - Z Blues
Troubadour Live 英文
1.The Cape
2.Put Your Love First
3.Shavin' Talk
4.Thanks for the Joy
Sisters & Brothers 英文
1.Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
2.Give a Little More
3.Maggie Campbell
4.Little Rain
5.Travelin' Woman Blues
6.Gotta Serve Somebody
7.Rolling Log
8.Good Stuff
9.Bessie's Advice
10.Lean on Me
11.Get Up Get Ready
12.My Sisters and Brothers
Natural Light 英文
1.Circles2.Gratefully Blue
Eric Bibb In 50 Songs 英文
1.Heading Home (Remastered)
2.Wayfaring Stranger - Remastered
3.Come Back Baby - Remastered
4.Drinkin' Gourd - Remastered
5.Needed Time (Remastered)
6.Diamond Days (Remastered)
7.Shine On (Remastered)
8.Connected (Remastered)
9.With My Maker I Am One (Remastered)
10.A Ship Called Love (Remastered)
11.Tell Riley (Remastered)
12.Kokomo (Remastered)
13.Right On Time (Remastered)
14.Destiny Blues (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Come Back, Baby
3.Singin' In My Heart
4.Hope In A Hopeless World
5.In My Father's House
6.She's Still With Me
7.Livin', Lovin' An' Doin'
8.The Light Was Worth The Candle
9.For You
10.Every Time It Rains
12.Sing Your Song
13.Dance Me To The End Of Love
14.Needed Time
15.Delia's Gone
16.A–Z Blues
17.Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (Live)
18.Dancing Queen
19.Single By Shingle
20.Saucer 'n' Cup
21.Buckets of Rain
22.Diamond Days

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