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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 120 首歌 】
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The Masterpiece 英文
1.Don't Let Me Die
2.Doesn't Anybody Know (提供)
3.Get Out The Way
4.Damaged (提供)
5.Can't Give Up (提供)
6.Set Me Free (提供)
7.Starmaker (提供)
8.Exit Wounds
9.All Is Fair
10.Man I Want To Be (提供)
Forever 英文
1.It's Still My Thang2.Been Around the World
Bobby 英文
1.Good Enough
2.Humpin' Around
3.Get Away
4.Something In Common
5.I'm Your Friend
6.Storm Away
7.Two Can Play That Game
8.Pretty Little Girl
9.Lovin' You Down
10.That's the Way Love Is
11.'Til the End of Time
12.One More Night
13.College Girl
14.Humpin' Around (Prelude) (提供)
Don't Be Cruel 英文
1.My Prerogative
2.Don't Be Cruel
3.Every Little Step
4.Rock Wit'cha
6.I'll Be Good to You
7.Cruel Prelude
8.Take It Slow
9.All Day All Night
10.I Really Love You Girl
11.Cruel Reprise
Two Can Play That Game 英文
1.Get Away
2.Every Little Step
3.Get Away (M.K. extended mix)
4.That's the Way Love Is (Vincent Herbert remix)
5.Humpin' Around (K-Klassik radio mix)
6.One More Night (Chris 'Tricky' Stewart And Sean 'Sep' Hall Remix)
7.Every Little Step (CJ Mackintosh 7' Mix)
8.Good Enough
9.On Our Own
10.My Prerogative
The Definitive Collection 英文
1.Girl Next Door - Single Version
2.Good Enough
3.Rock Wit'cha
4.Every Little Step
6.Get Away (Single Edit Without Rap)
7.Something In Common
8.Good Enough - Single Edit
9.Humpin' Around - Video Edit
10.On Our Own - With Rap
The 1993 World Tour (The Singles) 英文
1.Don't Be Cruel (Rapacious Edit)
2.My Prerogative (7' Version)
3.Every Little Step (7' Version)
4.Get Away (7' Version)
Remixes In The Key Of B 英文
1.One More Night
2.Good Enough
3.That's the Way Love Is (Vincent Herbert Remix)
4.Good Enough (Chris 'Tricky' Stewart and Sean 'Sep' Hall Remix)
5.Humpin' Around (Remix)
6.Storm Away (Dennis Austin 'live' version)
7.One More Night ('Tricky' Stewart & 'Sep' Hall remix)
8.Humpin' Around
Masterpiece 英文
1.Don't Let Me Die
2.Exit Wounds
3.Get Out the Way
4.All Is Fair
5.The Man I Want to Be
Gold 英文
1.Get Away (single version)
2.That's the Way Love Is (single version)
3.Girl Next Door
4.Every Little Step
5.Mr. Telephone Man
6.All Day All Night
7.My Prerogative
8.Humpin' Around
9.On Our Own
暫存 英文
1.My Perrogative
2.Baby, I Wanna Tell You Something
3.Feelin' Inside
4.Heart And Soul
5.Humpin' Around (Single Mix)
6.She's My Lady
7.Every Little Step I Take
8.I Want You, I Need You
9.Rock Wit'cha (Quiet Storm Mix)
10.On Our Own - Ghostbusters II
11.My Prerogative (Remastered)
12.Good Enough (Chris Tricky Stewart and Sean Sep Hall Remix)
13.She Ain't Worth It
14.Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha
15.Happy Days
16.Intro (Nobody Does It Better)
17.Don't Be Cruel (Single Mix)
18.Rock With Ya
19.We're Back
20.Something In Common (Featuring Whitney Houston)
21.Sunday Afternoon
22.My Prerogative - Single Version
23.Two Can Play That Game - Club Mix Remastered
24.Don't Be Cruel - Radio Edit
25.My Prerogative (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
26.Every Little Step - Extended Version
27.On Our Own (From 'Ghostbusters II')
28.On Our Own (extended version)
29.My Prerogative (12' extended)
30.Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic radio mix)
31.Two Can Play That Game - K Klassik Radio Mix
33.Humpin' Around (album version)
34.Humpin' Around (non-rap version)
35.Roni (Pebbarone mix)
36.Rock Wit'cha (extended version)

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