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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手BZN( Band Zonder Naam )
BZN( Band Zonder Naam )【 共收藏 34 張專輯, 295 首歌 】
發跡地: 1966 年,荷蘭福倫丹
專輯: A Symphonic Night, Crystal Gazer, Out in the Blue, 更多
類型: 流行搖滾, 流行, 香頌, 施拉格音樂

結合高生產力和紀律嚴明的職業道德以及對觀眾喜歡的特別好的感覺(Band Zonder Naam;荷蘭語為“Band Without Name”)是一個成功的荷蘭流行樂團,從1966年到2007年有一連串的熱門歌曲 該樂隊在荷蘭取得了長達30年的音樂排行榜,與英國的Cliff Richard相當,並為他們的專輯獲得了創紀錄的鉑金認證。

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It Happened 50 Years Ago 英文
2.Don't Say Goodbye
3.Mon Amour (提供)
4.The Clown
5.Lady McCorey
6.Oh Me Oh My
7.Marching On
8.Pearlydumm (提供)
9.Rockin The Trolls (提供)
10.Chanson D' Amour (提供)
11.The Old Calahan
12.Blue Eyes
14.Just An Illusion
15.Le Legionnaire (提供)
16.If I Say The Words
17.La Saison Francaise (提供)
18.The Summertime
19.Run Away Home
20.Waltzing Maria
21.La France (提供)
23.La Primavera (提供)
24.Wheels On Fire
25.El Codobes (提供)
26.If I Had Only A Chance
27.Help Me
28.Yeppa (提供)
29.It Happened 50 Years Ago (提供)
30.Che Sara
31.My Number One
32.Desanya (提供)
33.The Banjo Man (提供)
34.Santo Domingo
35.Mamma (提供)
36.Wedding Bells
38.Baby Voulez Vous (提供)
39.Down The Drain
40.I'm A Lucky Son (提供)
41.My World Is Empty (提供)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 英文
1.Jingle Bells
2.Sleep My Little Angel
3.Little Drummer Boy
4.Mary's Boy Child
5.White Christmas
Visions 英文
1.Livin' in a World of Love
3.Blue Blue Day
4.This Is My Life
5.Subject of My Rhyme
6.For Your Eyes Only
7.You're My Shelter
8.The Horizon
The Singles Collection 1965-2005 英文
1.Don't Say Goodbye
2.El Cordobes
3.If I Had Only a Chance
4.Help Me
5.Over the Hills (提供)
6.It Happened 25 Years Ago
7.Che Sarà
8.My Number One
9.Love Me Like a Lion
10.Goodbye Sue
12.Waltzing Maria (live)
13.Run Away Home
14.The Clown
16.Oh Me Oh My
17.Marching On
18.Chanson d'amour
19.Blue Eyes
21.If I Say the Words
22.The Summertime
23.Rockin' the Trolls
The Best Of Bzn 英文
1.Singing in the Rain
2.Red Balloon
3.The Sailorman Song
4.Mr. Dan
Tequila Sunset 英文
1.In the Year 1519
2.Santa Maria Bay
3.Walking in Heaven
4.Golden Sun of Jimenez
5.Dance in the Moonlight
6.This Summernight
7.Why Oh Why
8.Keep Your Head Up
9.Only Time Will Tell
Summer Fantasy 英文
1.Drink The Wine
3.Crying Time
5.Hey Joe
6.Falling In Love
Serenade 英文
1.Viva El Amor
4.In Memory of Billy Joe
5.You and Me (提供)
6.Dream Dream
7.Never Let Me Down
8.Countless Days
Rhythm Of My Heart 英文
1.Gimme Gimme Happiness
2.Hilee Hilay
4.Time Machine
5.That Old Song
6.The One For You
7.Game Of Love
8.Don't Forget Me
9.Rhythm Of My Heart
Reflections 英文
1.Yo Te Amo Carolina
2.Write Me A Letter
4.Hit It Up!
5.Should I Cry
Pictures Of Moments 英文
1.Life Ain't Easy
2.I Can't Stand These Nights
3.I Won't Change My Life
Pearls 英文
1.Wedding Bells
2.Besame Mucho
3.I Can't Live Without You
4.The Gypsy Music
5.The Pearl of Surabaya
6.Let's Sail Away
7.Yo Te Amo
Out in the Blue 英文
1.Keep Smiling
2.Those Good Old Days
3.On the Wings of Love
4.Come on and Dance
6.Why Did You Run Away
7.Oh I Miss You
8.Flying High
9.In Spite of Everything
10.Where the Church-Bells Still Ring
11.Drowning in the Rain
More Gold 英文
1.Quiereme Mucho
2.The Banjo Man (live)
3.Santo Domingo (live)
4.Sing of Love and Faith (live)
5.Isles of Atlantis
6.And Then the Tango Played
7.Good Old Volendam
Maid Of The Mist 英文
1.My Memories Of You
2.Let's Go Rock 'n' Roll
4.Once I Had Dreams
5.Is This Love?
6.There's No Need For Denying
Live, 20 jaar 英文
1.Rain Rain
3.Waltzing Maria
4.The old calahan
Heartbreaker 英文
1.Let's Go Surfing
3.Breaking My Heart
4.Just Another Rainbow
5.But I Need You
Green Valleys 英文
1.Yellow Rose
2.Across The U.S.A.
4.Monday Tuesday
Good For Gold 英文
1.Only to You
2.My Illusion
4.A Bar-Room in the Night
5.Reggae Reggae
Gold 英文
2.Aloha He
3.Wheels on Fire
4.Help Me
5.If I Had Only a Chance
Friends 英文
1.The Old Calahan (Live Version)
2.You're My Inspiration
3.So I Cry in the Falling Rain
4.Like Flying
5.What Have You Done
6.Called You Once, Called You Twice
7.In Your Eyes
8.The Sailerman Song
9.Remember September
Desire 英文
1.Lonely Nights
2.They Say It's Love
3.You're Here Again
4.Dance Dance
5.Harbour Light
6.Silvery Moon
7.Break the Wall
Crystal Gazer 英文
1.Aloha Hé
3.Crystal Gazer
4.If I Had Only a Change
5.She's a Queen
6.Sailor's Delight
7.Life Is Not a Bed of Roses
8.My Everlasting Love
9.If I Had Only A Chance
Christmas With BZN 英文
1.Winter Wonderland
2.This Is Christmas Night
3.The First Nowell
Celebration 英文
1.Wheels of Fire
2.A Matter of a Wonder
3.Just an Illusion
Bells of Christmas 英文
1.Joy to the World
2.Bells Ring
3.Oh, my darling
5.What a Funny Christmas
6.I Will Lend You a Hand
BZN Top 100 英文
1.My sweet dream
2.Time to say goodbye
3.Wheels On Fire
4.Where the nightingales sing (提供)
5.Che Sara
6.El Condor Pasa
7.If I Had Only A Chance
BZN Live - 20 Jaar 英文
1.Rain Rain - Live In Friesland Hal, Leeuwarden / 1987
2.Twilight (Live 1987 / Frieslandhal)
3.Just An Illusion (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
4.Rockin The Trolls (Live 1987 / Bloemenveiling)
5.Blue Eyes (Live 1987 / Bloemenveiling)
6.If I Say The Words (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
7.Desperado (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
8.Waltzing Maria (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
9.Pearlydumm (Live 1987 / Martinihal)
10.The Summertime (Live 1987 / Martinihal)
11.The Old Calahan (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
12.Run Away Home (Live 1987 / Ahoy)
13.If I Say The Words - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 1987
14.La France - Live In Martini Hal, Groningen / 1987
15.Chanson d'amour (Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 1987)
Adieu BZN - The Last Concert 英文
1.Love's Like A River (The Last Concert) - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 2007
2.My Number One (The Last Concert) - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 2007
3.It Happened 42 Years Ago (The Last Concert) - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 2007
4.The Banjo Man (The Last Concert) - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 2007
5.Goodbye (The Last Concert) - Live In Ahoy, Rotterdam / 2007
A Symphonic Night 英文
1.Lilly Marlene - Live In Chasse Theater, Breda / 1996
2.Amazing Grace - Live In Chasse Theater, Breda / 1996
3.My Friend The Wind (Live Version)
4.El Condor Pasa
28 Golden Hits 英文
1.Marching On - Live 1983 / Carré
2.Chanson d'amour (live)
3.Cry to Me (live)
4.The Old Calahan (live)
5.Don't Give It Up
6.We All Will Dance
7.The Valley
8.It's All Right
9.Put on Your Make-Up
10.Just Say I'm Home
11.Rockin' the Trolls (live)
12.Pearlydumm (live)
13.Lady McCorey
15.Don Luigi
17.Hang on to a Dream
18.May We Always Be Together
100X BZN 英文
1.My Friend The Wind - Live In Chasse Theater, Breda / 1996
2.El Condor Pasa - Live In Chasse Theater, Breda / 1996
3.Time To Say Goodbye (Live)
4.Wheels On Fire
5.If I Had Only a Chance
'Round The Fire 英文
1.I Love You So
2.I Can Still Remember
3.Teardrops Are Falling
暫存 英文
1.I Recall
3.Cambodian Girl
5.Goodbye My Love, Adieu My Friend
6.Mother Can You See Me
7.This Is What I Feel
8.The End
10.I'll Go Out Into the World
11.Key to My Heart
12.Will There Be a Time
13.Bad Bad Woman
14.Once Upon a Christmas
15.A Summernight With You
16.Waiting for You
17.Sweet Silver Anny
18.Every Day I Have to Cry
19.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
20.The Man In The Wood
21.Call Me

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