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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Exploring Jezebel
Exploring Jezebel【 共收藏 18 首歌 】
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  歌名 作詞 作曲 日期
1 0He Might Be Able To Earn A Meal Of Slop If He Does Dangerous Work (For Instance Crash Test Dummy). Thunders(提供)     2015
2 Credits(提供)     2015
3 Drugs. Alan, I Don't Believe It But Somebody Saw Her Shooting Up In The Restroom.(提供)     2015
4 Duck Shall Not Have The Audacity To Request Release Himself. Duck Shall Not Gripe Or Complain About The Dur(提供)     2015
5 I Am Made To Greet Each Guest With A Limp-Wristed Handshake(提供)     2015
6 Jack The Damned(提供)     2015
7 Luckily I Was Allowed To Get Dressed When I Left The House.(提供)     2015
8 My Breasts Were Pierced, So Red Ball Ornaments Were Placed Through Each Nipple. Additionally, Each Ear Was(提供)     2015
9 Only Carla(提供)     2015
10 Only Tease(提供)     2015
11 She Is Pretty Strange, The Way She Dresses, That Punky Hair. God Knows What She Gets Up To.(提供)     2015
12 Since I Am On A Strict 500 Calorie A Day Diet With Extensive Exercise And No Alcohol, I Have The Shape Of A(提供)     2015
13 Tennis Has Always Been My Life Since I Was A Small Boy In Mexico City. My Father Was The Head Gardener At A(提供)     2015
14 The Grad Student Turned Her Eyes Toward The Closet Where She Had Made Him Hide. Thunderskins(提供)     2015
15 Thunderskins London Dungeon X 5(提供)     2015
16 To Compensate, While The Average Lifespan Of A Male Will Be About 70 Years, Medical Advancements Will Make(提供)     2015
17 When Thanksgiving Approaches, I'm Usually In My Third Week Without Release.(提供)     2015
18 Wild Spectrum(提供)     2015