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Schecter Diamond Series Solo II Special review
... Junior, which found its way into the hands of Johnny Thunders, Mick Ralphs, Bob Marley, John Lennon and Leslie West to name a few.
Forever and always a Ramone
... who later formed the Heartbreakers with Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders — before the Dolls imploded under the management of a pre-Sex ...
Escritor espanhol recupera o icónico detetive Pepe Carvalho de ...
... "Yo fui Johnny Thunders" ou "Marley estaba muerto". O novo detetive Pepe Carvalho, trazido à vida por Carlos Zanón, vai continuar a morar ...
'Pasapalabra': Carlos Adán recibe el primer bote de 2017 el martes ...
... desafío que completará tras responder "Zanón" a la última pregunta de la prueba: "Apellido del autor de la obra "Yo fui Johnny Thunders".
SMRT SI ŘÍKÁ ROCK'N'ROLL: Jiří Smetana - šedá eminence české i ...
Nechyběli mezi nimi například The Police, Annie Lennox, Oasis, Blur, Motörhead, Manu Chao, The Pretenders, Johnny Thunders nebo Fleshtones. Julianu ...
Nel 2018 uscirà un nuovo libro su Pepe Carvalho
... famoso per Tarde, mal y nunca, pubblicato in Italia da e/o con il titolo Fuori tempo massimo, Yo fui Johnny Thunders e Marley estaba muerto.
Análisis: por qué una reunión de Guns N' Roses es altamente ...
Vuelvo a recordar aquí otro asunto, y es que Izzy fue elegido originalmente para cubrir el puesto de Johnny Thunders en la reunión de The ...
Zanón ressuscitarà Carvalho
Zanón, autor de títols com ara Yo fui Johnny Thunders i No llames a casa, s'enfrontarà per primer cop a una trama d'investigació. Tot un repte.
El escritor Carlos Zanón resucita a Pepe Carvalho
En 2015 fue galardonado con el Premio Hammet en el marco de la Semana negra de Gijón, por su novela Yo fui Johnny Thunders.
The DVD Wrapup: Deepwater Horizon, My King, Hickey, Fritz Bauer ...
... very good rockumentaries, The Rise and Fall of the Clash and Looking for Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Thunders. The story of the untimely ...
"L'Italia non è un paese per zombie". Quattro chiacchiere con l'artista ...
Basta però l'arrivo dello zombie di Luigi Tenco e di Lucio Dalla (cui si aggiungeranno quelli di Kurt Cobain, Johnny Thunders e Sid Vicious) ...
Sid y Nancy, sin careta
Lo cierto es que a García, que en 2012 y 2014 estrenó documentales sobre The Clash y Johnny Thunders, le interesaba más centrarse en los ...
'Lonely Boy' Steve Jones on His New Book, Life with the Sex Pistols ...
There's another songs that no one really talks about that I played on. It was on Johnny Thunders' solo album. The song is 「Daddy Rolling Stone ...
Metheny has new band, new music for Egg
... own driving new Mott the Hoople-like 「Beauty of Your Smile,」 New York Doll Johnny Thunders in the gritty, indomitable new 「Johnny Volume」 ...
Some Thoughts on Chaos in Tejas
... Milk Music confused (and, honeslt,y mildly offended) a whole lot of fans with a song that sounded exactly like Johnny Thunders' classic 「You ...
Gipsy Rufina live al Pazza Idea
... i "The Bloodmakers",band garage rock & roll che affianca in un tour italiano "Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters" (The last Johnny Thunders band).
Gipsy Rufina - Live a Le Mura
... e Giappone, ed i "The Bloodmakers", band garage rock&roll che affianca in un tour italiano "Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters" (The last Johnny Thunders band).
Monográfico sobre los 40 años de Sex Pistols y sus conexiones
... y sus conexiones, con canciones de Les Sex Bidochons, MCD, PIL, Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, The Professionals, Siouxssie.
Wah!, l'espoir n'a pas sauvé Wylie
Sur la même face du maxi Hope, on trouve une version dénudée et touchante d'un morceau de Johnny Thunders, You can't put your arms ...
Recensione: Greg Stackhouse Prevost - Universal Vagrant (2016)
Del resto la storia artistica di Greg non può ignorare personaggi come Arthur Lee, David Johansen, Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, e altri ...
La literatura ensanchada
... las bandas o músicos (The Stooges con Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground con Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Television con Johnny Thunders, etc.) ...
Where's Izzy: Searching for the GNR Reunion's Missing Person
That was Izzy, circa 1983, in the parking lot of the Rainbow Bar & Grill, with his sleeves rolled up, part Johnny Thunders, part gypsy, ...
N.J. Halloween events: Our monster list for 2016
has bands masquerading as other bands, like The Vansaders as the New York Dolls & Johnny Thunders and Karmic Juggernaut as Yes.
Talking Style With Ronnie Spector, the Quintessential '60s Girl ...
... legends to-be who grew up girl-group-worshipping adolescents, from the Ramones and the Misfits to the New York Dolls's Johnny Thunders.
How The Damned Changed the Face of Punk With Their First Song ...
... Leeds Polytechnic on the first date of the 'Anarchy Tour' in December 1976 with the Sex Pistols and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers.
Sid and Nancy documentary 'Sad Vacation' gets extended screening ...
... includes 2012 film The Rise and Fall of The Clash and Looking for Johnny, a 2014 in-depth look at the career of Johnny Thunders. According ...
Les rendez-vous d'Interpolart 2016, in and out
Yo fui Johnny Thunders (2014), son dernier roman, a de nouveau enthousiasmé la critique littéraire espagnole, qui a salué la capacité qu'a ...
Lost In Time: Why The Old Grey Whistle Test Rocked
... on British TV had, giving a favourable knock on effect that helped kick start punk rock. And as for Johnny Thunders inimitable hair.
Sid Vicious
... Rat Scabie dari The Damned, Arthur Kane dari New York Dolls, Jerry Nolan, dan Johnny Thunders. Penampilan Sid kebanyakan dilakukan di Max, di Kansas ...
Entrevista a Star Mafia Boy. 「Después del show me gusta estar un ...
1- L.A.M.F. de Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. 2- Dressed To Kill de KISS. 3- Madrid de Burning. 4- Two Steps From the Move de Hanoi ...
Punkklassieker du jour: Ramones – Rockaway Beach
... zijn drugsverslaving en zijn relatie met andere groten uit de New Yorkse punkscene als Johnny Thunders. Indrukwekkend ook omdat Dee ...
ARTmania Bucharest Blast 2016
Dacă ar fi să rezum în cîteva cuvinte experienţa SINOPTIK, aş spune doar atît: într-o dimineaţă ploioasă de noiembrie, Johnny Thunders (New ...
STAR MAFIA BOY -Adicto a la pelea
por lo que no le duelen prendas en reconocerse fan absoluto de este tipo, que recita sus oraciones con la mente en Johnny Thunders y Marc ...
Inside Guns N' Roses' History-Making 'Use Your Illusion' Albums
... in the Ring," the frustration anthem "Dead Horse," McKagan's tribute to deceased New York Doll Johnny Thunders "So Fine" and the doomy, ...
MECA's 2016 BFA visiting artist lecture series
In the 1970's Johansen with Johnny Thunders started the celebrated New York Dolls, disbanding after a few years of 「too much, too soon」.
Los bastidores del punk
Durante años, vestidos de mujer, Johnny Thunders y los New York Dolls tocaron canciones cortas frente a miles de fans cubiertos de escarcha. Más tarde, los ...
Bienvenidos al club del exceso de Bunbury
... New York Dolls pero con el aire peligroso de Johnny Thunders) y el ex Jarabe de Palo Jordi Mena, que no dio puntada sin hilo en sus solos, ...
REVIEW: Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival, Day 2
With one of the great gurning lead guitarists at her side Nikki let her stunning vocals shine through – a real highlight was a cover of Johnny Thunders' You Can't ...
Santiago Álvarez: ´Para que funcione la psicología debe existir la ...
Hay muchos que me encanta leer, como Samuel Sparta de Ramiro Pinilla, Johnny Thunders de Carlos Zanón o Camille Verhoeven de Pierre ...
Notekillers: The Best Art Rock Band You've Never Heard Of
This was where all the touring bands played—the Cramps, B-52s, Elvis Costello, Dead Kennedys, Dead Boys, Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, ...
Legendary Canadian Horror Punks Forbidden Dimension Are ...
Phibes is the mad scientist who mixes such influences as EC comics, Roky Erickson, spook shows, and Johnny Thunders, into a fuzzed out, ...
Brut, sale, punk...le Rock Garage !
The Chantays (repris par Johnny Thunders des New York Dolls 15 ans plus tard), ou encore l'imparable Louie Louie aux nombreux interprètes ...
35 Years Ago: The Replacements Arrive With 'Sorry Ma, Forgot to ...
Then there was 「Johnny's Gonna Die,」 a song about the New York Dolls' drug-addled guitarist Johnny Thunders and the closest the album ...
Quand Londres apprenait à danser le pogo
Le leader du groupe et ex-New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, jouit d'une aura de héros auprès de la jeune scène anglaise. Un héros junkie ...
All 80 Guns N' Roses Songs, Ranked
Best moment: Duff, who has no sleeves, wears his heart on his bass, dedicating this one to the late punk avatar Johnny Thunders. 67. 「Get in the Ring」 (Use ...
Cult Heroes: Amerikan Story
They played with the Ramones, Joan Jett, Destroy All Monsters, Oingo Boingo, the Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders. They put out two 7 inch ...
This Awesome 'Stranger Things' Mixtape Will Take You Back To The ...
... in Garden State (「You gotta hear this one song, it'll change your life, I swear」) if she was talking about Johnny Thunders, not The Shins.
Craving the 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack? Try This Mixtape
... Airplane's 「White Rabbit」 and Johnny Thunders' 「Can't Seem to Make You Mine.」 It's more than enough to tide us over until the OST arrives.
Welcome to The History Of Rock: 1978
... Bob Marley, the Pistols, the Stones, Magazine, The Clash, The Jam, XTC, Devo, Tom Waits, Johnny Thunders and Dire Straits (not together).
Efemérides: La actriz francesa Eva Green festeja 36 años
Toca en otros reconocidos grupos como Black Sabbath y Johnny Thunders por periodos cortos de tiempo hasta que comienza a ejercer de ...
Guns N' Roses: Not In This Lifetime Concert Review
The into for both songs was a heartfelt and meaningful tribute to legendary New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders with "You Can't Put Your ...
Guns N' Roses satisfies an appetite for reconstruction at Soldier Field
Duff even took lead vocals on covers of "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" by Johnny Thunders and the Damned's "New Rose," ...
Michael Fracasso Delivers Dreamy, Fantastical Quality to 'Here ...
... Monday), Fracasso stretches his range to include songs from Johnny Thunders (of the New York Dolls) and Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys).
In Defense of 'Dad Rock'
Before they mistakenly jacked the name of Johnny Thunders' celebrated first-wave NYC punk band, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were ...
Espectáculos In Corp Sanctis y los Tónicos le hacen honor a la
... Blues en su inicio, por lo gordo del groove que impulsa la base, aunque el solo recuerda más a Johnny Thunders de los New York Dolls.
The PrimaDonna Reeds Announce the Release of New Album "Red
... Night / Boardwalk Empire) Luigi 'Babe' Scorcia who toured the world with the late New York Dolls member Johnny Thunders in the early 80s.
Review: The night Ronnie Spector made everyone in Cardiff want to
You might not, as rocker Johnny Thunders once sang, be able to put your arms around a memory, but Ronnie Spector's Festival of Voice show ...
LAST DITCHES (The) - Spilt milk
C'est tout un esprit reconstitué à partir des suaires des New York Dolls, de Johnny Thunders, des Dictators et même du Sensational Alex ...
The So So Glos Showed More Personality Than Perfection at the
... So So Glos on stage, rocking side to side, arm in arm, singing and playing "Chinese Rocks" by proto punk legend/guitarist Johnny Thunders.
Vuelvo al barrio
Aunque Stuka tiene su propia banda, Stuka & The Studs, el nuevo proyecto (con el que toca temas de Johnny Thunders, Ratones, Sex Pistols, ...
John Berry: Beastie Boys founder was much more than a punk rock
... of the likes of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers into the boundless youthful energy of hardcore, Berry was a vital part of the transition.
Das Fotoarchiv von Chris Stein
... mit den Heartbreakers mit Johnny Thunders und Jerry Nolan von den New York Dolls. Das Bild enstand im Max's Kansas City (New York).
The Curse of the Ramones
Then Johnny saw the New York Dolls, featuring singer David Johansen and guitarist Johnny Thunders. The Dolls had taken the license that ...
14 Classic Albums That Flopped When They Were Released
David Johansen howled and pouted and purred like the child of Mick Jagger and Shangri-La; Johnny Thunders' guitar ran Chuck Berry riffs ...
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Fracasso Debuts His Cover of 「You Can't Put
Today, Elmore is premiering Fracasso's cover of New York Doll and seminal punk rocker Johnny Thunders' song 「You Can't Put Your Arms ...
Nick 13 Discusses His Solo Country Career and Tiger Army's V •••–
... guitarist Nick 13 points out, their latest work is more influenced by acts like Roy Orbison, Del Shannon, the Ramones, and Johnny Thunders.
LOS PEPES: gira española en mayo
... en el 77, en el de bandas como Testors, Johnny Thunders, Zeros o The Boys, pero con otro pie en el powerpop, resultando un sonido fuerte, ...
Adieu Raketencafé - ein persönlicher Abschied vom langjährigen
von den Jakob Sisters und schließlich „You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory「 von Johnny Thunders. Nur für den Schluss hatten wir uns ...
La explosión punk: 40 años del primer disco de los Ramones
Porque sí, ahí estaban los Stooges de Iggy Pop y los MC5 de Wayne Kramer y los New York Dolls de Johnny Thunders, pero entonces ...
Sant Jordi - Otras historias de Barcelona tras los pasos del Pijoaparte
Lo hizo con maestría en «Yo fui Johnny Thunders», novelón de fracasos inevitables y aparatosos tropiezos en una Barcelona agreste y ...
Balandžio 23-oji Lietuvoje ir pasaulyje
1991 — perdozavęs narkotikų mirė 38 metų roko muzikantas Johnny Thunders (Džonis Tanderis). Gairės: balandžio 23, įsimintinos datos, ...
Today in Entertainment History
In 1991, guitarist Johnny Thunders of The New York Dolls died of a drug overdose in New Orleans. He was 40. In 1996, actress Margot Kidder ...
Today in Music History - April 23
In 1991, punk rock guitarist and singer Johnny Thunders died of an overdose of methadone and alcohol in a New Orleans hotel room.
Music Matters: Pairing music with arts tour, beer festival
You know, music by the likes of The New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders? Yeah, I thought so. Well, Hattrix is the place to be Saturday night for ...
Crónica del Metallic´ko Leather Jacket, Murcia, Sala Sala Garage
... excelentes canciones en las que rememoraba con brillantez las influencias de Johnny Thunders, The Clash, Siniestro Total o The Ramones, ...
'The Grand Tour': A critical look at why George Jones was country
... once again」— one finds so often in the cults of pop music mythology (Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, Lou Reed, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, ...
Ex-bassist Gorki Erik Van Biesen is nu Biezen: "Mijn grootste troost
Ik vind de drive van Chris Spedding een voorbeeld voor elke gitarist, de mentaliteit van Johnny Thunders van The New York Dolls vind ik ...
What 'Vinyl' Got Wrong This Week: The New Testament of Rock 'n Roll
... find some kid who wanted to be Johnny Thunders, Mick Ronson, Pete Townshend, James Williamson, Ron Asheton, Lou Reed, Mick Ralphs, ...
Shoreworld: Rock And Roll Meltdown – The Circus Nightclub Story
From Cyndi Lauper, Johnny Thunders, David Johannsen, Steve Forbert and Twisted Sister to The Ramones, Steppenwolf and New Riders Of ...
Iggy Pop Albums From Worst To Best
... Away,」 a sad but clear-eyed tribute to former New York Dolls guitarist and legendary junkie Johnny Thunders, and his former girlfriend, LA groupie Sable Starr.
Waco Brothers
... their collective might upon the people and begin leading a revolution that leads to an equal respect for Johnny Cash and Johnny Thunders.
Petites fées de New York (Les)
Entre les embrouilles autour du violon légendaire des MacPherson, la quête de la guitare mythique de Johnny Thunders, les enjeux artistiques liés à une ...
Watch DIIV's Stripped-Down Cover of Elliott Smith's 'Ballad of Big
DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith cites Elliott Smith as one of his three major influences (alongside Kurt Cobain and Johnny Thunders) and a driving ...
... mis amigos Tiparrakers, y desde hace mucho aquel punk neoyorkino que encabezó Johnny Thunders y cia, son parte importante de mi vida, ...
Every Guns N' Roses Song, Ranked
It might have been written in tribute to Johnny Thunders, but musically 「So Fine」 is ripped straight from Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie. Starting ...
Iggy Pop complète l'affiche de Cognac Blues Passions
Le rock a perdu Johnny Cash, Sid Vicious ou Johnny Thunders. Alors, Iggy reste le dernier des flamboyants du rock, capable de tordre un ...
Iggy Pop : le Cognac Blues Passions frappe fort
Le rock a perdu Johnny Cash, Sid Vicious ou Johnny Thunders. Alors, Iggy reste le dernier des flamboyants du rock, capable de tordre un ...
'Punks, poets & provocateurs' at HOWL! Happening
... de force of what some call the counterculture's final climax, with portraits of rockers Johnny Thunders, Joey Ramone, James Brown, Iggy Pop, ...
Gypsy Son: Javier Escovedo zeros in on Austin once again
"I heard Johnny Thunders and I was just like, 'That's it!' I thought, 'Maybe I can form a band. Maybe I can write songs. If this guy can do it, maybe ...
Punk magazine all-stars rock 40th anniversary
Luigi Scorcia channeling late guitarist Johnny Thunders and Chuck Hancock a.k.a. Raven of Murphy's Law. While it may not have brought you ...
Recensione Nel Paese dei Coppoloni: Film di Vinicio Capossela
... la quale ho contattato Lech Kowalski, regista polacco che ha documentato la scena punk dai Sex Pistols ai Ramones a Johnny Thunders.
Un bríndis por el Wuatutsi
... 2012) o Yo fui Johnny Thunders (Carlos Zanón, 2014) la frase que abre este artículo será de una obviedad irritante; tanto, de hecho, que son ...
Ty Segall: Emotional Mugger
... The Hoople, Iggy and The Stooges,Johnny Thunders...and under the Mikal Cronin flag, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. Ty and company ...
Kevin Junior of the Chamber Strings Has Died
... Johnny Thunders, the Faces, and the Flamin' Groovies. They released two albums—1997's Gospel Morning and 2001's Month of Sundays.
El Festival Aragón Negro propone un fin de semana cargado de
A las 19.30 horas, en el Teatro Principal, se presenta 「Yo fui Johnny Thunders」 (Premio Dashiell Hammett de la Semana Negra de Gijón) y ...
Il Druso alza la cresta con Glen Matlock, leggenda punk e dei Sex
Con i Rich Kids, insieme a Midge Ure degli Ultravox, strizzò l'occhio al nascente movimento new wave per poi collaborare con i vari Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, ...
De fire store - et solid dypdykk
CIA høres ut som en låt Johnny Thunders ville smilt stolt av og den styrtmorsomme «Det drypper» er feiende flott punkrock. Også digger jeg ...
Cleveland dive bar Spitfire Saloon to close Saturday, will reopen
... to that – thanks to its steady dose of no-frills vibes, cheap drinks, punk rock on the stage, and GG Allin and Johnny Thunders on the jukebox.
Espectáculos Paula Maffía descolla como solista en 「Ojos que ladran」
La línea a mitad de camino de los Stones más irreverentes y garageros pasados por el tamiz de Johnny Thunders y David Johansen ganan la ...
New Yorker Künstler - Laurence Gartel - live in Hamburg / Start der
... Stiv Bators (Dead Boys), Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls), Ace Frehley (Kiss) und Wendy O. Williams (Plasmatics). Gartel hat Kunst kreiert ...
Gagnez des places pour le concert de Little Bob au Sonambule à
... un groupe, avec des types qui ne sont pas là pour faire semblant, comme Mickey Blow harmoniciste killer (ex Stunners, Johnny Thunders…) ...