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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Sarah BrightmanSarah Brightman Classics[莎拉布萊曼金選]Serenade/How Fair This Place(俄文)

Sarah Brightman


Sarah Brightman

Serenade/How Fair This Place(俄文)

作曲:Sergei Rachmaninov


It's so nice here ...
It's so nice here ...
Look, over there in the distance
A river is sparkling with fire,
Meadows stretch out like a multicolored carpet,
And clouds are white.
There are no people here ...
There is silence ...
There is only God and I.
There are flowers and an old pine,
And you, the soul of my dream!


It is beautiful here
It is beautiful here ...
Look, in the distance
The river sparkles like fire,
The meadows strech out like a coloured carpet,
The clouds are growing white.

There are no people here ...
There is just silence here ...
Only God and I are here.
Flowers, and an old pine tree,
And you, my daydream!

And you, my daydream!


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