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Tech N9ne


Tech N9ne

Keep It One Hunit

[** feat. Big Scoob, Glasses Malone & Irv Da Phenom:]

[Intro:~Tech N9ne~]
If you at the rink put ya skates on*
Roll with the nina celebrate and that the day gone
Just because the DJ ain't diggin and pumpin they song
Mediocre rappers pick tecca nina to hate on
And they do it all night and day long but when they see me that frowned up hatin face gone
Ain't no rah uh reason ya fronted ya should've just kept it one hunit learn how to make ya face stay stone

Why you comin at me like that, is it cause I came up you mad, cause ya see me with all this cash (Keep it one hunit)
Homie it ain't no changin me, yeah I'm still the same OG and on my momma I'm always be (Keep it one hunit)

[Big Scoob:]
One hunit that's the reason vick dog was called representer of the five block villian nigga dog well respected in the crime don way back to pauls that's my liquer store my hood where I swang my balls for you young niggas that ain't know that really don't know the name check my history eventually you'll get told the same nigga vick dogs a damn fool a fixture in the game and I play it by my own rules damned if I'm a change I was raised in this gang bang lived through this gang bang homies that done died so I got pride in this gang bang fuck nigga bring it, if it's beef then I'm a eat it I'm a beast and I'm conseded I have yet to be defeated naw I'm indefeated that's a hard days work boy don't make me pull your skirt and show your pussy on the turf Nigga!

[Tech N9ne:]
It sounds like they wanna claim KC king
They can't advance in this game cause they weakling
When in the trap making penis that can't see things
Like me at marina grog and galey mane feasting
Party of 70 at (idk)
You niggas small time, me and travis mogul now
Holding us down almost everybody know what it sounds
Tecca nina despite the hate you be throwing around
From now on they will not talk nay talk
And they family won't have to walk cross grave moss
I'm the king it because I mob boss pay cost
I pro ball on em they rock chalk Jayhawk
So bow down cause the king gets hyphy
If you slight me ain't no stopping the nina the almighty
Don't you see the snake and bat shining brightly
Keep it one hunit if your rappers don't really like me, fight me!


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