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Gavin Friday&The Man Seezer


Gavin Friday&The Man Seezer


Don't tell me you love me, I can feel your rage
Green eyes burning fatal, like a cat in a cage
You lie like a baby, licking your wound
The silence is deadly and our love is doomed

I wanna be able, to hold my own, to breathe without drowning, to find a home,
I want you to love me, don't want you to lie.

Its all up for the taking, it's the road to ruin
And there's no hearts breaking, no song out of tune
You look for attention, you sometimes cry
I even love when you hate me, Oh baby you're strange

I wanna be able, to tell you my name, to laugh without trying, to know no shame,
Touch without feeling, feeling your pain, feeling your pain, feeling…
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In my life / and my soul, my little life / deep inside, way inside / now I know
I know I know I know…

Don't stop, keep up, walk talk, fall down, break up, life and love
Hiding and cold waiting for the dawn…
A Godsend, love a landslide, something inside, I can't let go…

I wanna be able, to find my own, I want you to love me, if you don't you can lie.
Lie like a lover, don't wanna be alone, I wanna be able… I wanna be able…
…to find my own, …to find my own… to find my own… I wanna be Able…
…I wanna be able… Able