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Susan Wong


Susan Wong

Wind Of Change

Wind of change until the end
You will see that I will be your friend
If you believe I'm heaven-sent
Stay and I'll forever be your friend

You're my lover and my man
You can see the writing in the sand
Lover as it's in the air
I will hold you and we'll be a pair

Standing at heaven turn
You must be heaven-sent
Our dreams must be made of this
I just can't let go
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I just have to hold your hand

You will ever and forever be my man
and I will ever and forever be your friend
So this will be true my love for you
Time will then forever take a stand

You must ever and forever be a friend
I have this feeling that will never can pretend
Together we'll be strong, this can't be wrong
And dream like these were meant for us to hold
We'll always be so