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Speech Debelle

Buddy Love

Your tender touch is a must you got me paralysed
All I can do is curve my back and close my eyes
If our love had a soundtrack it be made from sighs
Produce written and arrange on a sweet vibe
Complete my sentence like a set of twins our love evoke a message like the new testament
My love medicine and I aint trippin its pure love I'm giving
You aint just my lover but you my bredrin
You, your such a vivrant thing so full of life your like a vivrant thing
You bring me to life you got me doing mad things
You cloud my mind like I been smoking
Your the very reason that I believe in love if I believe enough than I can learn to trust
And on the way there I let you beat it up
Not speaking literally it's just a matter of speech
You are my buddy, you my buddy
You are my buddy, you my buddy
And I think I'm falling for my buddy
I think I'm falling for my buddy
He is my buddy he my buddy
He is my buddy he my buddy
And I think I'm falling for my buddy
I think I'm falling for my buddy
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Our current affairs are matters for the mind
When I'm with you I have no concept of time
I can speak my mind my chakras realign
You ignite the spark in the hottest part of me
You touch the realms of speech I speak in tongues
And when we ready to come we come one
I laugh a lot you bring me so much fun you tell me that you lucky but I'm the lucky one
Cause I'm a different type of chick a shift brick chick
And I'm used to rolling with brothers who cock sticks
Love for me is such an armshouse ting cause the outside forces means it stays a fling
But its happening and I feel so alive for the very first time you make me wanna swear
Make me wanna jump from the front to the rear
Pull up the hand brake and we can do it right here
My buddy, my buddy buddy look what we started, started started
I get the call and I'm living on the phone
Cause we be on the phone till six in the mourning
Talking all day and loving all night pure argument I'm a give and them argument me like
Cause I'm an mc and I appreciate lyrics and he appreciate the way I give it .