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Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal

Cakewalk Into Town

作詞:Henry St.clai Fredericks

I had the blues, so bad one time
It put my face in a permanent frown
Now I'm feeling so much better child
I could cakewalk into town

Honey, I woke up this mornin' feelin' so good
You know I laid back down again
Throw your big leg over me mama
I might not feel this good again

My baby, my baby
I do love the way she walks
And when my woman gets sleepy
I love the way she baby-talks

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My work is getting scarce
Oh baby, my work it done got hard
I spend my whole day stealin' chickens
Honey, from the rich folks yard

I would love to take a picnic in the country
Be with you and stay all day
Live like you love [Incomprehensible]
Time away

I had the blues so bad one time
It put my face in a permanent frown
Now I'm feelin' so much better child
I could cakewalk into town


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