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Hank Snow


Hank Snow


See the tree how big it's grown
But friends it hasn't been too long it wasn't big
I laughed at her and she got mad
The first day that she planted it was just a twig

Then the first snow came and she ran out
To brush the snow away so it wouldn't die
Came running in all excited slipped
And almost hurt herself and I laughed till I cried

She was always young at heart
Kinda dumb and kinda smart and I loved her so
I surprised her with a puppy
Kept me up all Christmas Eve two years ago

And it would sure embarrass her
When I came home from working late 'cause I would know
That she'd been sitting there and crying
Over some sad and silly late late show

And honey I miss you and I'm being good
And I'd love to be with you if only I could

She wrecked the car and she was sad
So afraid that I'd be mad but what the heck
Though I pretended hard to be, guess you could say
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She saw through me and hugged my neck

I came home unexpectedly
And found her crying needlessly in the middle of the day
And it was in the early spring
When flowers bloom and robins sing she went away

And honey I miss you and I'm being good
And I'd love to be with you if only I could

Yes, one day while I wasn't home
While she was there and all alone the angels came

Now all I have is memories of honey
And I wake up nights and call her name
Now my life's an empty stage
Where honey lived and honey played and love grew up

A small cloud passes overhead
And cries down on the flower bed where honey loved

And honey I miss you and I'm being good
And I'd love to be with you if only I could


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