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Robin Trower


Robin Trower

Messin' The Blues

作詞:Dewar, Lordan, Trower

Well I've been down so long that I can't get up
Drink my life from an empty cup
I ain't taking no messin' from the likes of you
There ain't no messin' now mess with the blues
Messin' the blues, messin' the blues
Mess up the blues, messin' the blues

Well lonely days and lonely nights
To tell your honey that it just ain't right
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Well baby, baby don't let me be blue
'Cause there ain't no messin' like messin' the blues
Messin' the blues

Fine little belly got a gleam in my eye
Ask no questions and I get no lies
I ain't no angel but I end up used
Down, down, down with the blues, down with the blues
Dealin' the blues, dealin' the blues


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