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Jack You Off

作詞:Prince Rogers Nelson

If you're looking for somewhere to go
Thought I'd take you to a movie show
Sittin' in the back
And I'll jack you off

I can't give you everything you want
But I can take you to a restaurant
And if you're not hungry
I'll jack you off

If your man ain't no good
Come on over to my neighborhood
We can jump in the sack
And I'll jack you off

If you're tired of the masturbator
Little girl, we can go on a date
And if you like
I'll jack you off

I'll jack you off
Jack you off
I'll jack you off
Jack you off

I only do it for a worthy cause
Virginity or menopause
You'll have an instant heart attack
If I jack you off

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If you really wanna be a star
We gotta do it in your mama's car
Naked in the Cadillac
I'll jack you off

And if we can't find no place to go
Girl, I'll take you to a movie show
We can sit in the back
And I'll jack you off

I'll jack you off
Jack you off
I'll jack you off
Jack you off

If you're chicken, baby, come on here
Good, I'll even let you steer
As a matter of fact
You can jack me off, yeah, that's right

I'll jack you off
Jack you off
I'll jack you off
Jack you off

I'll jack you off
Jack you off
I'll jack you off
Jack you off


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