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Michael Franks


Michael Franks

The Way We Celebrate New Year's

Out of all the ways there are
To spend the holidays
Only ones a cure for the blues
Just renew that perfect groove
With the one you love
At home by the fire
How can you lose?

On the year's last night
Who cares if Christmas was white
When we're in our igloo alone
I prefer your kiss to schnapps
While the popcorn pops
And Bird reinvents the saxophone

Comes the countdown
Soon the ball will drop
We climb love's mountain
Listening to bebop
Take me to the top
Please don't ever stop
The way we celebrate New Years
For excitement
We don't need champagne
Snow-bound, love-lucked
How can we complain?
People think we're strange
But lets never change

The way we celebrate New year's
what we first got hitched
When invited we never missed
The chance to hang socially
Now we quench our thirst
At home every thirty-first
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Reclusive as Salinger, J.D.

When the snowman sing
Last night deep in the snowfall
I thought I heard someone singing
Some happy tune very snowissimo
Staring out through the stormdoor
I saw no one but the snowman
We made a few days ago
Now I know

When it snows then the Snowman sings
Lights his pipe and he blows smoke rings
Plays his icicle vibraphone
Just to postpone the approach of Spring
When it snows then the Snowman Sings

And the song that he sings goes something
like this
As I recall, something like this:
'How I do treasure this low pressure
How euphorically hip is this frozen precip
There's no other manifestation of
crystal perfection
In all of creation like snow
That I know of
One thing I miss is a missus
So make me one, please
A Snowwoman my own with whom I
can happily freeze
When the wind blows sub-zero
We'd be nicely equipped
If you catch my drift'