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Daryl Coley


Daryl Coley

Don't Give Up on Jesus

When your life is tossed and scorned
And the hope you have is gone
Don't give up on Jesus

When you've tried everything you know
And you're looking for a place to go
Don't give up on Jesus

When you've gone past your limit
And you can't take it another minute
Don't give up on Jesus

When this world spins round and round
And you can't tell your up from down
Don't give up on Jesus

For He's met all your needs before
And you dare not doubt He'll bring you out
And He'll do it over again
Just one wink of His eye
Put the shadows in the sky
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For all to see agin

He sits high and He looks low
He knows the way that I should go
And the Lord He has promised
To supply all your needs
His throne's in heaven
And His foot's on earth
And He controls my destiny
And He knows the way we should go

Don't give up, no
Don't you dare give up
Don't you lose faith
You just try...

(Daryl and Vanessa begin adlib)

Written by Thomas Whitfield