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DJ Drama feat. Lil Wayne


DJ Drama feat. Lil Wayne

Poppin Them Bottles

Straight up fuck ya'll
Now ever since I can remember I been poppin them bottles, pop, poppin them bottles
Pop, poppin them bottles bottles now ever since I can remember I've been smokin
That dro with my motherfucKin pistol in my hand
When it come to da bread I got the keys to the bakery
Them niggas out there trippin sellin keys to them agencies
My bitch keep sayin that the judge got a date for me
I tell the silly bitch and your honor that can wait for me
I'm gone in the coupe with the roof steady chasin
Shine so hard like the fuckin sun facein me basically
Take it how you take it, I be makin you be hatin me
Lovin me but hatein me hoe you got to pay for me
Ridein with them big boys sittin on them grown folks
Every time I park it's a motherfuckin car show
I guess I'm the number 1 lakers fan
Yellow bottle, yellow bottle, purple bag, purple bag