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Cadence Weapon


Cadence Weapon

Limited Edition OJ Slammer

作詞:Roland Pemberton

And it goes like
But for real

Tabloid crutch or tabloid crush?
Famous players painted unanswered rush
Van Gogh'ing so the man takes May
Man with a schedule,'I can't be late'

I'm not an ambulance chaser unless I have to be
On a tough one is garnering apathy
The sharp mercantile system with some bitches
With a job that kills their brain out, played out

Talk to me and you'll find out
Who's cheating, who's with
Who's beating and who's sick
Who's speaking to Hugh's friends
And who's being a nuisance

To Ben and Jen or Jen and Brad and that Tomb Raider chick
And don't hate me baby 'cause you paid for it
I'm not a monster, no I'm not a monster
I just do what I have to get rich

Gold-plated razor shape

Brainwasher, mind-deleter
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was my idea
Arranged relationships based on the patronage
Of millions of movie-goers many aces and races
Big faces, places of the strange basis, stasis

Shut the fuck up and be complacent
And buy that rag like the maid in my house
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I watch Extra and wipe the fame off my mouth
And if they ask, 'What that it does?'
Tell' em 'He holds the camera'

There's no need to name the names that name names
We're aren't so different we play the same games
They set us both for pro-bono plus those
Black-face primetime crews like
It's makes no difference if we win or lose
Elegant rouse, who hops fix and who's?

Gold-plated razor shape

Denzel got robbed and I'll never forget the look
He took from the ceremony, phony franchise
He had next to heart, 'I am not a crook
But will take this statue if I win from one'

I'm looking for the real killers, Tyson had a glove too
But there ain't blood on those fingers
They talk about it, honest they run comments
About the freak that got away in the jeep

As always, had a pog-slammer as a young boy
With a gold razorblade with the juice on the front
Your a fake Robert Blake with that punk
Whoever did that shit you know it the chick he dumped

It run through my fingers like a dead blonde's blood
CNN will blame it on her husband's gun
Pretend it ain't real, appeal the big seal
And you'll still get that promo deal enjoy the fruit basket

Gold-plated razor shape