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My Hope Is Jesus

Some hope in chariots
Some hope in wealth
My hope is Jesus and nothing else
Oh such love such love and grace
Lead me to seek my Saviour's face

Some hope in armies and the strength of men
My hope is Jesus who calls me friend
He bears me up if I should fall
My everything my all in all

What love is this that knows no bounds to faithfulness
What help will He not give
The Son of God through whom I live

Some hope in fortune
Some hope in fame
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My hope is Jesus salvation's name
For there He hung and bore my sin
That I might live and bear His name

What love is this the Saviour's blood my righteousness
His wound to make me whole
He sacrificed to save my soul
What love is this that knows no pride or selfishness
Poured out upon my need
Lord's work is done and I am free

My hope is Jesus
My hope is Jesus
My hope is Jesus.


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