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Kool A.D.


Kool A.D.


[Verse 1:unidentified]
You gotta mastermind these things, man?
You feel me?
Perfection is perfect, man (I hear that)
Perfect's perfection, man (church)
Ain't that right, ain't that right
That's righteous
Young ones, trying to stack the young [?]

Lemonade gum drops
My sneakers hi-tops
My eye cyclops
From the cold side of the town
Icy-Hot patch
Tracks burn from the strike of a match
Catch your ears, yeah these sounds make a track
Man this sound way back, like pops with a 8-track
Or pops with a tape deck
Lemme overdub that
Main's green over there, that shit blood from the tec
Blood red is that? I'm touring the map
ASAP, I see my east coast niggas, they rocking
Hold my meds, we're working Miami with Metro Zoo
Seasick, and my flow got the flu
But I'm moving the clothes, handle business on floors too
Oooh, damn baby, you saying you a model?
Well lemme be your agent, but first I wanna taste it
I ticky-ticky in it, no copy-paste it
I'm sippy-sippy pimping, I won't waste it
Treat hoes like drink, I won't chase it

[Verse 2: unidentified]
Doing what I want 'til I motherfucking die
250 for that ounce, I'm so motherfucking high
Fresher than I ever been, represent the Heights
You see the tags on, pussy nigga read the price
Money woke me up, don't wanna leave town
Guess a young nigga's stuck on chasing what I love
Hip-hop, started out in the park, but we did it kinda different
Mama house was a start
Kicking raps in the lab
Straight believing we stars
Live a wild-ass life, then we spit it in bars
Switch clothes through the day, niggas look at me odd
I'm just standing B, ain't trying to start no problems
My own clothes line come and fucking with [?]
I'm my own club, you ain't got it, I got it
Copping wishes, spending money you miss
I don't really give a shit and I ain't been broke since
Fat stacks for the 5, half a 8 for the 10
Work the rap game forever cause my kid's gotta live
Have your heart beating, trying to jump out of your skin
See what we see [?]this as real as it gets

[Verse 3: Kool A.D.]
Kool A.D., peep the newcomer
Couple blocks from the sundial
Candlestick Park
South 1 mile
Alameda Walnut
Saint Anthony, tree canopy
Kool A.D., look, it's me actually
Cuban, 19th and Union, movin'
17 and Martin King, sparkin' things
Let's do this
My bad I slept through the session yesterday
But yo, you gotta admit though
That's hella Bay
Moved to New York, cause sometimes you gotta get away
Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Jordan shrug, fadeaway
Shout to Dopehead, I'm so dead
Nah, I'm so live
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Quick, we 'bout to go live
The magnificent, so significant
Dum Shiny just a little bit
Isn't it strange how the game change the face of the innocent
Plus the face of the guilty too
Dude, I'm in a Porsche shouting out 'Not guilty', dude
What's real to me might not be real to you
But yo, you should feel me, dude
You should feel me too, boo
On the real, me do things that you didn't even think you would see me do
Kool A.D. on your CD or MP3
True, so Sansa Clip? stacked up in magazines
Banana clip, said it before, you didn't hear
So I did that again
Smoke weed, no aspirin
It's me, Kool A.D., I'm back again