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Rachel Ries


Rachel Ries

I See It Coming

when I was lonely
when I was nine
I had these dreams
where everybody died
some are too awful
for me to retell
but one burned a brand
in my skull
I saw it coming

out in the country
in the church parking lot
just a kid kicking gravel
while the others milled about
then I saw it coming -
burning the fields
a wall of lava smoking our heels
so I tried to tell them -
Look up to the western sky!
Don't you feel the heat rising?
Our world is on fire!
waving my little arms
and stamping the ground
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flailing the truth from out my mouth
but nobody listened
they all turned away
walked into the church
walked into their graves
walked into the church
and into their graves
while I watched it coming
I watched it coming

well each day I'd wake up
smelling the burn
scorched in my loneliness
feeling forever unheard
but now I'm never lonely
and you're listening, too
but still I've these dreams
I see are coming true
yeah I see it coming
I see it coming
I see it coming