Birthing Of The Sick 歌詞 The Bridal Procession ※ 魔鏡歌詞網
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The Bridal Procession


The Bridal Procession

Birthing Of The Sick

This faction of survivors
Abandoned themselves to pure insanity
Procreating like rabid dogs
In a vast industrially organized orgy
An horrific factory of human procreation
A lucid nightmare with no way to wake up
Dehumanized, desocialized
Numbered and classified

The men, drugged and flogged
For every sign of laxity
Named and shamed

The women, hands and feet tied up
To archaic machineries
Lined up like cattle
Forced legs open in a catatonic state for days
Violated, abused and soiled
Methodically exiled from males

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To avoid sentimental bounding
The shattering symphonies of tired cries
Haunt the halls of this hell on earth

'We are birthing the future of the human race'
They say...
The progenies of an abomination
Disfigured and sick

Piles of dead corpses thrown in open common graves
Exhaustion, pain and depression sealed their destinies
Swarms of vultures circle the skies
Tearing the martyrs to pieces

Humanity is in a dire state
If this is our hope to soar once again
We need to escape