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Love Me to the End

A beggar poor, at mercy's door,
Lies such a wretch as I;
Thou know'st my need is great indeed,
Lord hear me when I cry.
With guilt beset and deep in debt,
For pardon Lord I pray;
O let Thy love sufficient prove,
To take my sins away.
A wicked heart is no small part,
Of my distress and shame;
Let sovereign grace its crimes efface,
Through Jesus' blessed name.
My darkened mind I daily find,
Is prone to go astray;
Lord on it shine with light divine,
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And guide it in Thy way.
My stubborn will opposes still,
Thy wise and holy hand;
Thy Spirit send to make it bend
To Thy supreme command.
Affections wild by sin defiled,
Oft hurry me away;
Lord bring them home nor let them roam,
From Christ the Living Way.
Before Thy face I've told my case;
Lord help and mercy send;
Pity my soul and make me whole,
And love me to the end.