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Mr. Doctor


Mr. Doctor

Misty Blue Tribute

Baby please don't leave me no
Don't walk out that door
I need you by my side tonight
Love is dimming like a candle light

I'm sorry for the wrong things that I've done
Forgive me for the late nights I've been gone
I'm sorry when you tried to call my phone
And you didn't get me and I ain't home

Baby you're everything that I need
You don't even know you're like the air I breathe
Nothing in the sky well wanna leave
Is like you wanna see me in pain and grief
Baby please don't walk outside that door
Don't leave me anymore
Oh girl you just don't know
I don't wanna, I don't wanna let you go

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Baby a you have up the agony
Once upon a time mi sleep with every gyal mi see
Mi no Shabba Ranking but mi a the bedroom bully
A the bedroom bully, mi seh a the bedroom bully
Yuh friends dem tell yuh things
And then you come and pressure me
Seh mi have a bag a gyal inna the community
But don't worry yourself yuh a mi number one
Like the honey on the cone
Tell yuh friend dem fi let we be

She seh the loving weh mi give she
A that mek she no stray
I feel some type a way
Like I wanna change
So put a smile on your face
Let me be amaze