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Parker Theory


Parker Theory

Letting You In

There was fire, There was rain,
There was life without pain,
And we all felt the same,
We all felt the same,
I look up and just stare,
At the snow in mid air,
I know you are here,
I can fell you are here,
And the stars in the sky,
Become one in our eyes,
And the sun comes alive,
And we come alive,
I'm lettin you in.
I saw you, I saw me,
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I saw us on one knee
Looking out at the sea,
Staring aout at the sea,
If this storm will stop,
You can see to the top,
Everyone will lok and stop,
We will look and stop.
I want this so badly I need you in my life,
I see your light shining through the darkest of nights
It's like seeing heaven open for the very first time,
And I feel alive, and I feel alive,
We come alive.