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Ghost Bomb


Ghost Bomb

Terminal Point

You can't give up before we start
Don't let it go as you
Sold your life and spread all your lies
Got your fix and wasted your time
Black circles dilated eyes
Everything else is gone
I know you're still there, I'm out here waiting
Come out face the truth, it's liberating
Wasted lifespan spent, oh time is ticking
All passing you by, just watch it slipping
Round and round we go
Today I tried to find a better way but my heart grows cold and you now just fade away
I can't give up before we start, can't let it go as I
Sold you out and said my goodbyes
Spilled your blood and severed my ties
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Cut you off then realized, everything else is gone
(I know you just say, 'I don't wanna talk about it')
(I can't imagine not seeing your face)
And everything that divides us and everything that's between
There's a space that grows between us, where our friendship used to be
And that space grows bigger as it goes up in flames
Can you hear us calling out for you? We're calling out your name
They're carving out your name.. carve it out
You just have one life to live, reach out and take it
This is your last second chance, please don't waste it.
Today, I tried to find a better way, I'll be right here
I won't fade.