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Subsonic Fallout

Hanging Waters

Caught between dimensions, I'm falling into the abyss
The waves flow above me, as I loose sight of the surface!
The sea, like a million sapphires... the light fades as I descend!
(my lungs fill with the void)

Someone help, I'm drowning! (The waters flow above me)

I... relinquish myself to you, and breath in the ocean.
My lungs fill with destiny!

The surface becomes the abyss, and the abyss becomes the surface!
The world becomes inverted, and I manifest on the other side.

Rest assured, this isn't paradise
I awake in heaven... crucified!

I arise from the depths... welcoming a new reality!
Imagine my surprise, when I discover it's all been a lie!

(oh, oh-oh) This is a transformation.
(oh, oh-oh) I will rise... reborn!
(oh, oh-oh) This is a reformation!
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(drowning) Welcome to the new kingdom!

This is not paradise this is an illusion.
Everything you promised was a lie!
This is not paradise, this is a betrayal.
Everything you swore... was a lie!

Rest assure! This isn't paradise...
I awake, I awake...
I awake in heaven...

I breath in a new mentality, as my lungs fill with the void!

I transcend dimensions!
And fall into sapphires!
The waves crash above us!
And we are drowning in the tides...

of your callous embrace!