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Ronan Keating( 羅南基廷 )【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 244 首歌 】
羅南·派屈克·約翰·基廷(Ronan Patrick John Keating,1977年3月3日-),愛爾蘭流行歌手,男孩特區(Boyzone)成員。

全名: Ronan Patrick John Keating
代表意義: 小海豹, “Ronan” 是出自於愛爾蘭文
綽號: Tin Tin, RO (卡通人物名,因為他的頭髮以前看起來像Tin Tin的頭髮)
生日: 1977.3.3
身高: 五呎九吋(175cm)
出生地: 都柏林(Dublin)
家庭成員: 父親 Gerry , 母親 Marie , 兄弟 Gary, Ciaran, Gerard , 姊姊 Linda, 妻子 Yvonne Connelly
嗜好: 跑步,游泳,賽車
想推薦的電影: 新娘百分百,ID4,教父系列電影
想推薦的專輯: New Edition(巴比布朗與新版本合唱團), 任何比吉斯合唱團的都喜歡
最喜愛的樂團,藝人: Bee Gees(比吉斯合唱團), George Michael(喬治麥可), Gary Barlow(蓋瑞巴洛)
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Time of My Life 英文
1.Let Me Love You
2.As Long as We're in Love
4.She Knows Me
5.Time of My Life
6.In Your Arms
8.Keep It Simple
9.Think I Don't Remember
10.Shine Like Gold
11.Grow Old with Me
12.Falling Slowly
Falling Slowly 英文
1.Falling Slowly
Fires 英文
2.I've Got You
3.Love You And Leave You
4.Nineteen Again
5.Wasted Light
7.Easy Now My Dear
8.NYC Girl
10.Close Your Eyes
11.Get Back To What Is Real
12.The One You Love
13.It's Alright
14.Will You Ever Be Mine?
美麗的邂逅(When Ronan Met Burt) 英文
1.The Look Of Love(愛情的樣子)
2.Walk On By(輕輕走過)
3.I'll Never Fall In Love Again(不想再愛)
4.Arthur's Theme(The Best That You Can Do)(亞瑟的歌)
5.My Little Red Book(我的小紅書)
6.What The World Needs Now(這個世界要什麼)
7.Something Big(活得精彩)
8.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself(一個人的生活怎麼過)
9.This House Is Empty Now(空蕩蕩的房子)
10.Make It Easy On Yourself(慢慢來)
Ronan 英文
3.Brighter Days
4.Heal me
5.If I Don't Tell You Now
6.If You Love Me
7.In This Life
8.Keep On Walking
9.Life Is A Rollercoaster
10.Once Upon A Lifetime
11.Only For You
12.The Way You Make Me Feel
13.When The World Was Mine
14.When You Say Nothing At All
Winter Songs 英文
1.Winter Song
4.Homeward Bound
6.It's Only Christmas
7.Little Drummer Boy
8.Ring Them Bells
10.Silent Night
11.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12.I Won't Last A Day Without You
Song For My Mother(思念自選輯) 英文
Sony BMG
1.Time After Time(愛無止盡)
2.Make You Feel My love(感受我的愛)
3.Both Sides Now(一體兩面)
6.I Believe I Can Fly(愛飛翔)
7.Mama's Arms(媽媽的懷抱)
8.The Wild Mountain Thyme(荒山的百里香)
9.Suspicious Minds(猜疑的心)
10.This Is Your Song(給妳的歌)
Bring You Home 英文
1.Friends In Time
2.This I Promise You
3.All Over Again
5.To Be Loved
7.It's So Easy Lovin' You
8.Back In The Backseat
9.Bring You Home
10.Hello Again
11.Just When I'd Given Up Dreaming
10 Years Of Hits 英文
1.When You Say Nothing At All
2.Life Is A Rollercoaster
3.The Way You Make Me Feel
4.Lovin' Each Day
5.If Tomorrow Never Comes
6.I Love It When We Do
7.We've Got Tonight
8.The Long Goodbye
9.Lost For Words
10.She Believes(In Me)
11.Last Thing On My Mind
12.Father And Son
14.Baby Can I Hold You
15.I Hope You Dance
16.Somebody Else
Turn On 英文
1.Turn It On Again
2.Lost For Words
3.She Gets Me Inside
4.First Time
5.Last Thing On My Mind
6.Let Her Down Easy
7.Back In The Day
8.She Believes In Me
9.On My Way
10.The Best Of Me
11.Hold You Now
12.This Is Your Song
Destination 英文
1.I Love It When We Do
2.Love Won't Work(If We Don't Try)
3.If Tomorrow Never Comes
4.Come Be My Baby
5.Lovin' Each Day
6.My One Thing That's Real
7.Time For Love
8.Blown Away
9.As Much As I Can Give You Girl
10.You're Picking Me Up
11.Joy And Pain
12.We've Got Tonight
13.The Long Goodbye
14.I've Got My Heart On You
羅南 英文
Polydor Records
1.The Way You Make Me Feel
2.In This Life
3.Heal Me
4.Keep On Walking
5.Brighter Days
6.If You Love Me
7.When The World Was Mine
8.Only For You
11.Once Upon A Lifetime
12.If I Don't Tell You Now
13.When You Say Nothing At All
14.Lovin' Each Day
Life Is A Rollercoaster 英文
1.Life Is A Rollercoaster
2.Since 13
4.Thank God I Kissed You
turn it on 英文
1.First Time2.She Believes In Me
Hope 英文
1.In the ghetto
Baby Can I Hold You (German Maxi) 英文
1.Baby Can I Hold You - Live Acoustic Version
2.This Is Your Song - Live At Wembley
3.Life Is A Rollercoaster - Live Acoustic Version
All Over Again 英文
1.Life Is a Rollercoaster (Album Version)
2.When You Say Nothing At All (Live At Bush Hall)
3.All Over Again (Single Edit)
5.Back On Your Feet Again
6.Life Is A Rollercoaster
暫存 英文
1.Suspicious Minds
2.Wild Mountain Thyme
3.Mama's Arms
4.I Believe I Can Fly
6.At The End Of A Perfect Day
7.I Will Miss You
8.Even If I'm Gone
9.Fairy Tale In New York
11.I Got My Love On You
12.In Love There Is No Pride
14.My Heart Is Not My Own
16.Somewhere Over The Rainbow
17.Song To
20.Both Sides Now
21.The Town I Loved So Well
22.These Days
23.Whiskey In The Jar
24.Your Song
25.Fires (Single)
26.These Days'(feat. Brian Kennedy
27.She Believes
28.We Just Need Time
29.When You Say Noting At All
30.So Far Away
31.Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)
32.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
33.The Look Of Love
34.Walk On By
35.I'll Never Fall In Love Again
36.Make You Feel My Love
37.My Little Red Book
38.What The World Needs Now
39.Something Big
40.Time After Time
41.This House Is Empty Now
42.Make It Easy On Yourself
43.Give You What You Want
44.Lullaby (feat. KizMusic)
45.Iris (Acoustic)
46.So Easy Lovin' You
47.To Be Loved by You
48.I Wouldn't Change a Thing
49.This Is Your Song (New)
50.The Long Goodbye - Single Version
51.This Is It (Non-Album Track)
52.I Got My Heart On You (Bonus Track)
53.When You Say Nothing at All (feat. Paulina Rubio)
54.Pickin' Me Up
55.Don't Give Up
56.This Is Your Song (Radio Mix)
57.It's Only Christmas (With Kate Ceberano)
58.I Got My Heart On You
59.Love Me for a Reason
60.Loving Each Day
61.All I Have Is My Heart
62.In the Ghetto (live on re:coverd)
63.Solitary Song
64.Sea of Love
65.I Hope You Dance (Ray Hedges Mothership mix)
66.Father and Son (New Steve Mac with Strings) (feat. Yusuf)
67.Circle of Life
68.Life Is a Rollercoaser
69.Tomorrow Never Comes
70.10. When You Say Nothing At All
71.When You Say Nothing at Al
72.With You
73.Lovin' Each Day (Live At Bush Hall)
74.Fires (Live)
75.Friends In Time (Live)
76.I've Got You (Live)
77.I Love It When We Do (Live)
78.Right Here Waiting (Live)
79.It's Alright - Live
80.Easy Now My Dear (Live)
81.Wasted Light (Live)
82.Last Thing On My Mind (feat. LeAnn Rimes)
83.Last Thing On My Mind - Metro Mix
84.Last Thing On My Mind - Live at Bush Hall
85.Father And Son - New Steve Mac with Strings
86.Father And Son - New Steve Mac
87.Father & Son

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