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The Fall( Fall )【 共收藏 57 張專輯, 610 首歌 】
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Wise Ol' Man 英文
1.Wise 'Ol Man (提供)
2.All Leave Cancelled (提供)
3.Dedication Not Medication (提供)
4.Wise 'Ol Man (Instrumental) (提供)
5.Venice with the Girls (提供)
6.Face Book Troll/No Xmas For John Quay (提供)
Sub-Lingual Tablet 英文
1.Venice with the Girls (提供)
2.Fibre Book Troll (提供)
3.Snazzy (提供)
4.Pledge (提供)
5.Auto Chip 2014-2016 (提供)
6.Stout Man (提供)
7.Junger Cloth (提供)
8.First One Today (提供)
9.Dedication Not Medication (提供)
10.Black Door (提供)
11.Quit iPhone (提供)
Re-Mit 英文
1.No Respects (Intro) (提供)
2.Sir William Wray (提供)
3.Kinder Of Spine (提供)
4.Noise (提供)
5.Hittite Man (提供)
6.Pre-MDMA Years (提供)
7.No Respects Rev. (提供)
8.Victrola Time (提供)
9.Irish (提供)
10.Jetplane (提供)
11.Jam Song (提供)
12.Loadstones (提供)
The Remainderer 英文
1.Amorator! (提供)
2.Mister Rode (提供)
3.Rememberance R (提供)
4.Say Mama – Race With the Devil (提供)
5.Touchy Pad (提供)
6.The Remainderer (提供)
Ersatz GB 英文
1.Cosmos 7
2.Taking Off
3.Nate Will Not Return
4.Mask Search (提供)
6.Happi Song
8.Laptop Dog
9.Ive Seen Them Come
10.Age Of Chang
The Frenz Experiment 英文
2.Carry Bag Man
3.Get A Hotel
5.Athlete Cured
6.In These Times
7.The Steak Place
8.Bremen Nacht
9.Guest Informant(Excerpt) (提供)
10.Oswald Defense Lawyer
11.Tuff Life Boogie
12.Guest Informant
14.Hit The North, V1
I Am Kurious Oranj 英文
1.New Big Prinz
2.Overture From 'i Am Curious Orange'
3.Dog Is Life/jerusalem
4.Kurious Orange(Official Version)
5.Kurious Orange
6.Wrong Place, Right Time
7.Guide Me Soft
8.Win Fall Cd 2088 Ad
9.Yes O Yes
10.Van Plague?
11.Bad News Girl
12.Cab It Up
13.Last Nacht
14.Big New Priest (提供)
The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall 英文
Your Future Our Clutter 英文
1.O.F.Y.C. Showcase
2.Bury Pts. 1 + 3
3.Mexico Wax Solvent
4.Cowboy George
5.Hot Cake
6.Y.F.O.C. / Slippy Floor
8.Funnel Of Love
9.Weather Report 2
Hex Enduction Hour 英文
2.Jawbone And The Air-rifle
3.Hip Priest
5.Deer Park
6.Mere Pseud Mag Ed
7.Winter(Hostel Maxi)
8.Winter (hostel-maxi) [a Part Of America Therein Version](Hostel-Maxi)
9.Just Step S'ways
10.Who Makes The Nazis?
12.And This Day
Last Night At The Palais 英文
1.Pacifying Joint (提供)
2.Fall Sound
3.Over! Over!
4.Theme From Sparta F.C.
5.Hungry Freaks, Daddy (提供)
6.Wrong Place, Right Time
7.My Door Is Never
8.The Wright Stuff
9.White Lightning
The Unutterable Plus 英文
1.Cyber Insekt
2.Two Librans
4.Sons Of Temperance
5.Dr Buck's Letter
6.Way Round
7.Octo Realm/Ketamine Sun
10.Pumpkin Soup And Mashed Potatoes
11.Hands Up Billy
12.Midwatch 1953 (提供)
14.Das Katerer
15.Hot Runes
16.Instrum One (提供)
17.Instrum Two Aka Two (提供)
Imperial Wax Solvent 英文
1.Alton Towers
2.Wolf Kidult Man
3.50 Year Old Man
4.I've Been Duped
5.Strange Town (提供)
6.Taurig (提供)
7.Can Can Summer
8.Tommy Shooter
9.Latch Key Kid (提供)
10.Is This New
11.Senior Twilight Stock Replacer
12.Exploding Chimney
Code:Selfish 英文
1.Birmingham School Of Business School
2.Free Range
4.Time Enough At Last
5.Everything Hurtz
8.Just Waiting
9.So Called Dangerous
10.Gentlemen's Agreement
11.Married, 2 Kids
12.Crew Filth
Live From the Vaults: Los Angeles 1979 英文
1.Stepping Out
The Light User Syndrome 英文
1.D.i.y. Meat
2.Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-wain
3.He Pep!
5.Stay Away(Old White Train)
8.Powder Keg
10.Cheetham Hill
11.The Coliseum
12.Last Chance To Turn Around
13.The Ballard Of J Drummer
15.Secession Man
Live At The Witch Trials 英文
2.Crap Rap 2/like To Blow
3.Rebellious Jukebox
4.No X-mas For John Quays
6.Industrial Estate
7.Various Times
8.Underground Medecin
9.Two Steps Back
10.Live At The Witchtrials
11.Futures And Pasts [l]
12.Music Scene
Grotesque[After The Gramme] 英文
1.Pay Your Rates
2.The English Scheme
3.New Face In Hell
4.C'n'c-s Mithering
5.Container Drivers
6.Impression Of J Temperance
7.In The Park
8.W.m.c. Blob 59
9.Gramme Friday
10.The Nwra
Dragnet 英文
1.Psykick Dance Hall[L]
2.A Figure Walks
4.Dice Man
5.Before The Moon Falls
6.Your Heart Out
7.Muzorewi's Daughter
8.Flat Of Angles
10.Spectre Vs.Rector
11.Put Away
Grotesque (After The Gramme) 英文
1.City Hobgoblins2.Impression Of J Temperance
Room To Live 英文
1.Joker Hysterical Face
2.Marquis Cha-Cha
3.Hard Life In The Country
4.Room To Live
5.Detective Instinct
6.Solicitor In Studio
7.Papal Visit
Levitate 英文
1.Ten Houses Of Eve
3.Hurricane Edward
4.I'm A Mummy
5.Quartet Of Doc Shanley
6.4 1/2 Inch
7.Spencer Must Die
8.Jungle Rock
9.Ol' Gang
10.I Come And Stand At Your Door
12.Everybody But Myself
Cerebral Caustic 英文
1.The Joke
2.Don't Call Me Darling
4.Feeling Numb
5.Pearl City
6.Life Just Bounces(Another Version)
7.I'm Not Satisfied
8.The Aphid
9.Bonkers In Phoenix
10.One Day
11.North West Fashion Show
12.Pine Leaves
Middle Class Revolt 英文
1.15 Ways
2.The Reckoning
3.Behind The Counter
5.Surmount All Obstacles
6.Middle Class Revolt
8.You're Not Up To Much
9.Symbol Of Mordgan
10.Hey! Student
11.Junk Man (提供)
12.The $500 Bottle Of Wine
13.City Dweller
14.Shut Up! (提供)
The Infotainment Scan 英文
1.Ladybird(Green Grass)
2.Lost In Music
3.Glam Racket
4.I'm Going To Spain
5.It's A Curse
6.Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room
8.The League Of Bald-headed Men
9.A Past Gone Mad
11.Why Are People Grudgeful?
Shift-Work 英文
1.A Lot Of Wind
2.Edinburgh Man
3.High Tension Line
4.Idiot Joy Showland
5.Pittsville Direkt
8.So What About It?
9.The Book Of Lies
10.The Mixer
11.The War Against Intelligence
12.White Lightning
13.You Haven't Found It Yet
Extricate 英文
1.Sing Harpy
2.I'm Frank
3.Bill Is Dead
4.Black Monk Theme Part I
5.Popcorn Double Feature
6.Arms Control Poseur
7.Telephone Thing
9.Chicago, Now!
10.The Littlest Rebel
11.British People In Hot Weather
12.And Therein...
Hit The North 英文
1.Hit The North, V1
2.Hit The North, V2
3.Hit The North, V3
4.Hit The North, V4, 5
5.Hit The North, V6
6.Hit The North- V7
Bend Sinister 英文
2.Dr. Faustus
3.Shoulder Pads
4.Mr Pharmacist
5.Gross Chapel - Gb Grenadiers
6.Living Too Late
7.U.s. 80's 90's
8.Terry Waite Sez
9.Bournemouth Runner
11.Shoulder Pads #2
12.Auto Tech Pilot
This Nation's Saving Grace 英文
1.Mansion (提供)
4.What You Need
5.Spoilt Victorian Child
8.Couldn't Get Ahead
9.Gut Of The Quantifier
10.My New House
11.Paint Work
12.I Am Damo Suzuki
13.To Nkroachment: Yarbles
14.Petty (thief) Lout(Thief)
15.Rollin' Dany
16.Cruiser's Creek
Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall 英文
1.Lay Of The Land
2.2 By 4
3.Copped It
5.Oh! Brother
6.Draygo's Guilt
7.God Box
8.Clear Off!
10.Pat-trip Dispenser
11.Slang King
12.Bug Day
13.Stephen Song
15.Disney's Dream Debased
16.No Bulbs
Perverted By Language 英文
1.Eat Y'self Fitter
2.Neighbourhood Of Infinity
4.Hotel Bloedel
6.I Feel Voxish
7.Tempo House
8.Hexen Definitive/strife Knot
Slates 英文
1.Middle Mass
2.An Older Lover Etc.
3.Prole Art Threat [a]
4.Fit And Working Again
5.Slates, Slags Etc.
6.Leave The Capitol
Totale's Turns[It's Now Or Never] 英文
2.Fiery Jack
3.Rowche Rumble
4.Muzorewi's Daughter
5.In My Area
7.Spectre Vs. Rector 2
8.Cary Grant's Wedding
9.That Man
10.New Puritan
11.No Xmas For John Quays
The Post Nearly Man 英文
1.The Horror In Clay
2.The Caterer
3.I'm Bobby Pt 1
4.The Cd In Your Hand
5.Enigrammatic Dream
6.Visit Of An American Poet V 1
7.Visitation Of An American Poet
8.Visit Of An American Poet V 2
9.I'm Bobby Pt 2
11.Dissolute Singer
12.A Lot In A Name
Time Enough At Last 英文
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 英文
1.Mother-Sister! (Peel Session 15/6/78)
2.Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Peel Session 17/12/94
3.New Face In Hell (Peel Sessions 24/9/80) [Bonus Track]
4.Contraflow (Peel Session 13/3/03)
5.Shake Off (Peel Session 4/11/98)
6.Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones (Peel Session 18/8/96)
7.Chicago Now (Peel Session 1/1/90)
8.Winter (Peel Session 15/9/81)
9.Look, Know (Peel Session 15/9/81)
10.Deer Park (Peel Session 15/9/81)
11.Hip Priest (Peel Session 31/3/81)
12.Rebellious Jukebox (Peel Session 15/6/78)
The 27 Points 英文
1.Return (Live)
2.Bill Is Dead (Live)
3.Middle Class Revolt (Simon, Dave & John) (Live)
4.Passable (Live)
5.Paranoid Man In Cheap Shit Room (Live)
6.Lost In Music (Live)
7.The League Of Bald-Headed Men (Live)
8.Intro - Roadhouse (Live)
9.Big New Prinz (Live)
10.Ten Points (Live)
11.Ladybird (Green Grass) (Live)
12.War! (Live)
Room to Live: The Undilutable Slang Truth! (Bonus Version) 英文
1.Joker Hysterical Face (Live from Derby Hall, Bury, 27 April 1982)
2.Hard Life In Country (Live from Union Hall at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zeland, 19 August 1982)
3.Detective Instinct (Live from Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 22 December 1982)
4.Room to Live (Live from Arena, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 12 February 1983)
5.Words of Expectation (Live from Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Canada, 21 April 1983)
Room To Live (Undilutable Slang Truth!) 英文
1.Papal Visit
Nottingham '92 英文
1.Blood Outta Stone - Live
2.Immortality - Live
3.High Tension Line - Live
4.Married, 2 Kids - Live
5.New Big Prinz - Live
6.Pittsville Direkt - Live
7.Everything Hurtz - Live
8.Edinburgh Man - Live
9.The War Against Intelligence - Live
Mere Pseud Mag Ed 英文
1.Hex Enduction Hour
Live in Zagreb 英文
1.Zagreb (Partial) - Live
2.Carry Bag Man - Live
3.I'm Frank - Live
4.Black Monk Theme - Live
5.Tuff Life Boogie - Live
6.Popcorn Double Feature - Live
Live in Cambridge 1998 英文
1.Shoulder Pads - Live
2.Get a Hotel - Live
3.Bremen Nacht - Live
4.Frenz - Live
5.Hey! Luciani - Live
6.Oswald Defence Lawyer - Live
7.Victoria - Live
8.Lucifer over Lancashire - Live
9.Pay Your Rates - Live
Live at the Knitting Factory - New York - 2004 英文
1.Contraflow (Live)
2.Middle Mass (Live)
3.Mountain Energei (Live)
4.I Can Hear the Grass Grow (Live)
5.Telephone Thing (Live)
Live Uurop VIII-XII Places in Sun & Winter, Son 英文
1.Wings (with Bells) (Live)
2.Auto (2014) Chip Replace (Live)
3.Cowboy George (Live)
4.Chino (Live)
5.50 Year Old Man (Live)
6.Wolf Kidult Man (Live)
7.What About Us (Live)
Live In London 1980: The Legendary Chaos Tape 英文
1.Cary Grant's Wedding - Live in London November 1980
2.Impression Of J. Temperance - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
3.Pay Your Rates - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
4.In The Park - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
5.Jawbone + The Air-Rifle - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
6.Container Drivers - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
7.Prole Art Threat - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
8.Slates, Slags Etc. - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
9.That Man - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980 (提供)
10.New Face In Hell - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
11.English Scheme - Live at the Acklam Hall, London 11 December 1980
12.The NWRA - Live In London November 1980
13.Totally Wired - Live In London November 1980
Live At Deeply Vale 英文
1.Repetition - Live At Deeply Vale
2.Psycho Mafia - Live At Deeply Vale
3.Rebellious Jukebox - Live At Deeply Vale
4.Frightened - Live At Deeply Vale
5.Mess Of My - Live At Deeply Vale
6.Mother - Sister - Live At Deeply Vale
7.Industrial Estate - Live At Deeply Vale
8.Futures And Pasts - Live At Deeply Vale
9.Music Scene - Live At Deeply Vale
Live 77 英文
1.Last Orders - Live
2.Repetition - Live
3.Dresden Dolls - Live
4.Futures and Pasts - Live
5.Louie Louie - Live
Last Night At The Palais (Live At The Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007) 英文
1.Pacifying Joint - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
2.Fall Sound - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
3.Over! Over! - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
4.Theme from Sparta FC - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
5.Wrong Place, Right Time - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
6.My Door Is Never - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
7.The Wright Stuff - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
8.White Lightning - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
9.Blindness - Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1 2007
In A Hole 英文
1.The Container Drivers - Live
2.Who Makes the Nazis? (Live) [Bonus Tracks]
3.Look, Know (Live) [Bonus Tracks]
4.C'n'C - Black Night (Live) [Bonus Tracks]
5.Solicitor In Studio (Live)
6.English Scheme (Live)
7.Fantastic Life (Live)
8.Marquis Cha-Cha (Live)
9.The Classical (Live)
10.Prole Art Threat (Live)
11.Gramme Friday - Live
Fiend With a Violin 英文
1.I Feel Voxish (Live Version)
2.The Man Whose Head Expanded (Live Version)
3.Ed's Babe (Live Version)
4.What You Need (Live Version)
5.L.A. (Live Version)
6.Petty Thief Lout (Live Version)
7.Spoilt Victorian Child (Live Version)
8.Married, Two Kids (Live Version)
Austurbæjarbíó 英文
1.Eat Y'self Fitter - Live
2.Hexen Definitive - Live
3.Garden - Live
4.Kicker Conspiracy - Live
5.Look, Know - Live
A Part of America Therein, 1981 (Live) 英文
1.The NWRA (Live at Tut's Chicago)
2.Hip Priest (Live at Tut's Chicago)
3.Totally Wired (Live in New York)
4.Lie Dream of a Casino Soul (Live in New York)
5.Deer Park (Live in Houston)
6.Winter (Live in Memphis)
7.Middle Mass (Live at Spit, Boston, Massachusetts 11/6/81)
8.Container Drivers (Live at Spit, Boston, Massachusetts 11/6/81)
9.Your Heart Out (Live at Palo Alto, California 8/7/81)
27 Points 英文
1.Glam Racket / Star - Live
2.Cloud of Black - Live
3.Three Points - Live
暫存1 英文
1.Mr. Pharmacist
2.Jingle Bell Rock
3.Hit the North, Pt. 1
4.There's A Ghost In My House
5.Psycho Mafia
6.The Ballard Of J. Drummer
7.Ed's Babe
9.Blood Outta Stone
10.How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
11.Life Just Bounces
12.Totally Wired
13.Cloud Of Black
14.On My Own
15.Big New Prinz
16.Dead Beat Descendant
17.Noel's Chemical Effluence
18.Putta Block
19.Married, Two Kids
20.'Chicago, Now!'
22.The Birmingham School Of Business School
23.An Older Lover Etc
24.2 X 4
26.Antidotes - Live
27.Cropdust - Live
28.Lay Of The Land (remastered)
29.Clear Off! (remastered)
30.Draygo's Guilt (remastered)
31.No Bulbs 3 (un-edited)(remastered)
32.c.r.e.e.p. (remastered)
33.God-Box (remastered)
34.Oh! Brother (remastered)
35.Disney's Dream Debased (remastered)
36.Craigness (remastered)
37.Bug Day (remastered)
38.Copped It (remastered)
39.2 By 4 (remastered)
40.No Bulbs (remastered)
41.Psykick Dancehall - Live
42.Flat of Angles - Live
43.Dice Man - Live
44.To Nkroachment: Yarbles - Live
45.Leave the Capitol (Incomplete) - Live
46.Printhead - Live
47.Fit and Working Again - Live
48.2nd Dark Age - Live
49.A Figure Walks - Live
50.Hard Life in the Country - Live
51.Janet, Johnny + James
52.Das Katerer (Live at Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 6th April 2001)
53.The Joke (Live at Concorde 2, Brighton, England, 17th April 2001)
54.And Therein... (Live at Concorde 2, Brighton, England, 17th April 2001)
55.Enigrammatic Dream (Live at The Knitting Factory, New York , USA, 23rd Nov 2001)
56.The City Never Sleeps
57.Race With the Devil
58.Glam Racket / Star
59.Plug Myself In
60.A Day in the Life
61.Neighbourhood of Infinity (Recorded Live at Alabamahalle, Munich, 4 April 1984)
62.Smile (Recorded Live in White Columns, New York, 4 May 1983)
63.Tempo House (Recorded Live in White Columns, New York, 4 May 1983)
64.Backdrop (Recorded Live at Concorde, Brighton 27 October 1983)
65.Intro (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
66.New Puritan (Live Version)
67.That Man (Live Version)
68.Spector vs. Rector 2 (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
69.Choc-Stock (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
70.Muzorewi's Daughter (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
71.Rowche Rumble (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
72.Fiery Jack (Recorded Live At Bircoats Leisure Centre, Doncaster, 27 October 1979)
73.Way Round (Live from Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7 April 2001)
74.Touch Sensitive (Live from Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7 April 2001)
75.Sons of Temperance (Live from Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7 April 2001)
76.Paintwork (Live from Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 6 April 2001)
77.Dr. Buck's Letter (Live from Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 6 April 2001)
78.Hot Runes (Live from Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 7 April 2001)
79.I Am Damo Suzuki (Live from Concorde 2, Brighton, England, 17 April 2001)
80.Bad News Girl (Live Version)
81.2X4 (Live Version)
82.I'm Into C.B.!
83.Bingo-Master's Break-Out!
84.Mark'll Sink Us
85.Bingo Master's Breakout - Live
86.Shake-Off (Peel session)
87.Before the Moon
88.Telephone Thing (extended)
89.Barmy (rough mix)
90.Stepping Out - Live from Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, 22 August 1978
91.Bingo-Master's Break-Out! - Live from Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, 22 August 1978
92.Various Times - Live from Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, 22 August 1978
93.Two Steps Back - Live from Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, 22 August 1978
94.Stepping Out (Live)
95.Music Scene (Live)
96.Mountain Energy
97.Shoulder Pads #1b
98.Hot Cake (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Enigrammatic Dream (live)
2.Elf Prefix / L.A.

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