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The Jam( 節奏樂團 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 261 首歌 】
The Jam是一支來自英格蘭薩里郡的搖滾朋克風格樂隊。The Jam在1972年組成,成員包括被認為最出色的主音及吉他手Paul Weller, 貝斯手Bruce Foxton, 鼓手Rick Buckler及樂隊成立早期時已離隊的吉他手Steve Brookes。

在樂隊組成的十年之後,由Paul Weller在1982年宣布The Jam正式解散。

The Jam在英格蘭70年代被認為是Mod摩斯族文化的像徵,更是Mod Revival的精神領袖,可見The Jam當時在英國樂壇擁有相當的地位。每一位隊員於演出時都經常穿上Mod文化時期十分流行,剪裁時尚的西裝, Paul Weller後來更被尊稱為Mod之父(Modfather),以表示其在The Jam時期為復興Mod(Mod Revival)所作出貢獻。樂隊當時於英格蘭本土的影響力不遜於同樣帶有Mod風格的The Who樂隊,可是在其他國家的社會上,就遠遠地比不上後者的成就。

The Jam在活躍的十年間推出了多首歌曲,包括出自Paul Weller手筆,充滿諷刺政治味道的The Eton Rifles及Going Underground,以及In The City, News Of The World,All Around The World, The Modern World和Art School等等。

The Jam的主要專輯作品包括:

In the City(1977)
This Is the Modern World(1977)
All Mod Cons(1978)
Setting Sons(1979)
Sound Affects(1980)
The Gift(1982)
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Power Station 英文
1.Jam (提供)
2.The Other (提供)
3.Merely Vessels (提供)
4.Power Station (提供)
5.Time Is Speeding Up (提供)
6.DucksVer3 (提供)
7.When (提供)
8.MK (提供)
9.Hello (提供)
The Gift 英文
1.Happy Together
4.Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero?
5.Trans Global Express
6.Running On The Spot
8.The Planners Dream Goes Wrong
9.Town Called Malice
10.The Gift
Classic Album Selection 英文
1.Art School
2.I've Changed My Address
3.Slow Down
4.I Got By In Time
5.Away From The Numbers
6.Batman Theme
7.In The City
8.Sounds From The Street
9.Non - Stop Dancing
10.Time For Truth
11.Takin' My Love
12.Bricks And Mortar
13.The Modern World(Explicit Version)
14.London Traffic
16.Life From A Window
17.The Combine
18.Don't Tell Them You're Sane
19.In The Street Today
20.London Girl
21.I Need You(For Someone)
22.Here Comes The Weekend
23.Tonight At Noon
24.In The Midnight Hour
25.All Mod Cons
26.To Be Someone(Didn't We Have A Nice Time)
27.Mr. Clean
28.David Watts
29.English Rose
30.In The Crowd
31.Billy Hunt
32.It's Too Bad
34.The Place I Love
35.'A' Bomb In Wardour Street
36.Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
37.Girl On The Phone
38.Thick As Thieves
39.Private Hell
40.Little Boy Soldiers
42.Burning Sky
43.Smithers - Jones
44.Saturday's Kids
45.The Eton Rifles
47.Pretty Green
49.But I'm Different Now
50.Set The House Ablaze
51.Start !(Album Version)
52.That's Entertainment
53.Dream Time
54.Man In The Corner Shop
55.Music For The Last Couple (提供)
56.Boy About Town
57.Scrape Away
58.Happy Together
61.Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero ?
62.Trans - Global Express
63.Running On The Spot
64.Circus(Instrumental Version) (提供)
65.The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong
67.Town Called Malice
68.The Gift
This Is The Modern World 英文
1.The Modern World
2.London Traffic
4.Life From A Window
5.The Combine
6.Don't Tell Them You're Sane
7.In The Street, Today
8.London Girl
9.I Need You(For Someone)
10.Here Comes The Weekend
11.Tonight At Noon
12.In The Midnight Hour
Snap! 英文
1.Beat Surrender
2.Strange Town
3.The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)
The Jam At The Bbc 英文
1.Carnaby Street
Live Jam 英文
1.Funeral Pyre
2.The Butterfly Collector
3.When You're Young
4.Move On Up
Setting Sons 英文
1.Girl On The Phone
2.Thick As Thieves
3.Private Hell
4.Little Boy Soldiers
6.Burning Sky
8.Saturday's Kids
9.The Eton Rifles
Direction Reaction Creation 英文
1.The Night2.All Around The World
Extras 英文
1.And Your Bird Can Sing
2.A Solid Bond In Your Heart
3.Boy About Town
4.Burning Sky
5.But I'm Different Now
7.Dreams Of Children
8.Get Yourself Together
9.Hey Mister
10.I Got You(I Feel Good)
11.Liza Radley(Extras Version)
12.Move On Up
13.No One In The World
14.Pity Poor Alfie/fever
15.Pop Art Poem
16.Saturday's Kids
19.So Sad About Us
20.Stoned Out Of My Mind
21.Tales From The Riverbank
22.The Butterfly Collector
23.The Eton Rifles
24.The Great Depression
25.Thick As Thieves
26.We've Only Started
Dig The New Breed 英文
1.All Mod Cons
2.Big Bird
3.Dreams Of Children
5.Going Underground
6.In The City
7.In The Crowd
8.It's Too Bad
9.Private Hell
10.Set The House Ablaze
13.That's Entertainment
14.To Be Someone(Didn't We Have A Nice Time)
Sound Affects 英文
1.Pretty Green
3.But I'm Different Now
4.Set The House Ablaze
6.That's Entertainment
7.Dream Time
8.Man In The Corner Shop
9.Boy About Town
10.Scrape Away
All Mod Cons 英文
1.All Mod Cons
2.To Be Someone(Didn't We Have A Nice Time)
3.Mr. Clean
4.David Watts
5.English Rose
6.In The Crowd
7.Billy Hunt
8.It's Too Bad
10.The Place I Love
11.'a' Bomb In Wardour Street
12.Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
In The City 英文
1.Art School
2.I've Changed My Address
3.I Got By In Time
4.Away From The Numbers
5.In The City
6.Sounds From The Street
7.Non-Stop Dancing
8.Time For Truth
9.Takin' My Love
10.Bricks And Mortar
Collection 英文
1.The Great Depression
暫存 英文
1.Circus (提供)
2.A Town Called Malice
3.In The Street Todaydavid Waller
4.News Of The World Bruce Foxton
5.Place I Love
6.Smither Jones
7.The Bitterest Pill
8.Liza Radley
9.Don't Tell Them Your Sane
10.Get Yourself Together (Live)
11.Move On Up (Live)
12.Absolute Beginners
13.News Of The World
14.Just Who Is The Five O'Clock Hero
16.Innocent Man
17.But I'm Different Now (Live At Newcastle City Hall, UK / 1980)
18.Start! (Live At Newcastle City Hall, UK / 1980)
19.Scrape Away (Live At Newcastle City Hall, UK / 1980)
20.Thick As Thieves (Live At Newcastle City Hall, UK / 1980)
21.Little Boy Soldiers (Live At Newcastle City Hall, UK / 1980)
22.In the City (Live At The 100 Club, London / 1977)
23.Town Called Malice (Live At Hammersmith Palais, UK / 1981)
24.Funeral Pyre (Live At Hammersmith Palais, UK / 1981)
25.The Butterfly Collector (Live At Wembley Arena, UK / 1982)
26.Bricks and Mortar (Live At The 100 Club, London / 1977)
27.Burning Sky (Demo Version)
28.When You're Young - Peel Session / 1979
29.Strange Town - Live At The Brighton Centre
30.Little Boy Soldiers - Live At The Brighton Centre
31.It's Too Bad - Live At The Brighton Centre
32.The Eton Rifles - Band Demo Version
33.David Watts (Live At The Brighton Centre)
34.Saturday's Kids (Live At The Brighton Centre)
35.Eton Rifles (Live At The Brighton Centre)
36.When You're Young (Live At The Brighton Centre)
37.That's Entertainment - Remastered
38.Start! - Demo Version
39.Monday - Alternate Version
40.That's Entertainment - Demo Version
41.Waterloo Sunset (Demo Version)
42.Shopping (Demo ('Paul's Demo'))
43.Carnation - Instrumental Demo
44.Precious (12' Version / Extended Version)
45.Mr Clean - Live at Wembley (Dec 3rd 1982)
46.The Great Depression - Live at Wembley (Dec 3rd 1982)
47.In The Crowd - Live at Wembley (Dec 3rd 1982)
48.Move On Up (Live At Wembley On Dec 3rd 1982)
49.Tales From The Riverbank - Remixed Alternate Version
50.Tales From the Riverbank (fan club version)
51.Funeral Pyre (Original Mix)
52.Get Yourself Together (Remixed Demo Version)
53.A Town Called Malice (live: 1981-12-14: Hammersmith Palais, London, UK)
54.Bricks & Mortar
55.Back In My Arms Again
56.The Modern World (Censored Version)
57.David Watts (Single Mix)
58.'A' Bomb In Wardour Street (Single Verson)
59.Funeral Pyre (The remix)
60.That's Entertainment (The demo version)
61.Private Hell - BBC In Concert / Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London / 1979
62.Town Called Malice (from 'Billy Elliot')
63.Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)
64.In the City (John Peel Session)
65.Carnaby Street (Live)
66.Going Underground (Live)
67.Eaton Rifles
68.The Eton Rifles (single edit)
69.Butterfly Collector

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