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Pavement【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 204 首歌 】
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The Secret History Vol. 1 英文
1.Sue Me Jack (提供)
2.So Stark (You're A Skyscraper) (提供)
3.Summer Baby (提供)
4.Mercy Snack The Laundomat (提供)
5.Baptist Blacktick (提供)
6.My First Mine
7.Nothing Ever Happens (提供)
8.Here (Alternate Mix) (提供)
9.Greenlander (提供)
10.Circa 1762 (提供)
11.Kentucky Cocktail (提供)
12.Secret Knowledge Of Backroads (提供)
13.Rain Ammunition (提供)
14.Drunks With Guns (提供)
15.Ed Ames (提供)
16.The List Of Dorms (提供)
17.Conduit For Sale (提供)
19.Summer Babe
20.Angel Carver BluesMellow Jazz Docent (提供)
21.So Stark (提供)
22.Box Elder
23.Baby Yeah (提供)
Live Europaturnen MCMXCVII (2) 英文
1.The Hexx
2.Kennel District
3.Grave Architecture
Terror Twilight 英文
1.Spit On A Stranger
2.Ann Don't Cry
3.Folk Jam
4.You Are a Light
5.Cream of Gold
6.Major Leagues
7.Platform Blues
9.Speak, See, Remember
10.Carrot Rope
Brighten The Corners 英文
2.Shady Lane
3.Transport Is Arranged
4.Date With Ikea
5.Old To Begin
6.Type Slowly
7.Embassy Row
8.Blue Hawaiian
9.We Are Underused
10.Passat Dream
11.Starlings Of The Slipstream
Wowee Zowee 英文
1.We Dance
2.Rattled By The Rush
3.Black Out
4.Brinx Job
5.Serpentine Pad
7.Motion Suggests
8.Father To A Sister Of Thought
10.Best Friend's Arm
11.Grave Architecture
14.Fight This Generation
15.Kennel District
17.Half A Canyon
18.Western Homes
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain 英文
1.Silence Kid
2.Elevate Me Later
3.Stop Breathin'
4.Cut Your Hair
5.Newark Wilder
7.Gold Soundz
8.5-4=Unity (提供)
9.Range Life
10.Heaven Is A Truck
11.Hit The Plane Down
12.Fillmore Jive
Westing[By Musket And Sextant] 英文
1.You're Killing Me
2.Box Elder
3.Maybe Maybe
4.She Believes
5.Price Yeah!
7.Spizzle Trunk
8.Recorder Grot
9.From Now On
10.Angel Carver Blues
11.Debris Slide
13.Baptiss Blacktick
14.My First Mine
15.My Radio
16.Summer Babe
Slanted And Enchanted 英文
1.Summer Babe
2.Trigger Cut
3.Fragment Of Wounded Kite (提供)
4.No Life Singed Her
5.In The Mouth Of A Desert
6.Zurich Is Stained
7.Chesley's Little Wrists (提供)
8.Loretta's Scars
10.Two States
12.Fame Throwa
13.Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era
14.Our Singer
Westing 英文
1.My Radio
Watery Domestic EP 英文
Slay Tracks EP 英文
1.Price Yeah!
Slanted And Enchanted At Minneapolis, June 11th, 1992 (Live) 英文
1.Mellow Jazz Docent - Live
2.Greenlander (Live)
3.Debris Slide (Live)
4.Trigger Cut (Live)
5.Texas Never Whispers (Live)
6.Here (Live)
7.She Believes - Live
Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement 英文
1.Gold Soundz (Remastered)
2.Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse) [Remastered]
3.Spit On A Stranger (Remastered)
4.Heaven Is A Truck (Remastered)
5.Box Elder (Remastered)
6.Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence (Remastered)
7.Fight This Generation (Remastered)
8.Shady Lane/J Vs. S (Remastered)
10.Cut Your Hair
11.Debris Slide (Remastered)
12.Date w/ IKEA (Remastered)
13.Range Life (Remastered)
14.Frontwards (Remastered)
15.Mellow Jazz Docent (Remastered)
16.In The Mouth A Desert (Remastered)
17.Two States (Remastered)
18.Cut Your Hair (Remastered)
19.Here (Remastered)
20.Unfair (Remastered)
21.Grounded (Remastered)
22.Summer Babe (Winter Version) [Remastered]
23.Spit On A Stranger
Demolition Plot J-7 (EP) 英文
Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. 英文
1.Stereo - remastered album track
2.Type Slowly (Remastered)
3.Embassy Row (Remastered)
4.Blue Hawaiian (Remastered)
5.We Are Underused (Remastered)
6.Passat Dream (Remastered)
7.Starlings of the Slipstream (Remastered)
8.Fin (Remastered)
9.Harness Your Hopes (B-side)
10.Roll With the Wind (B-side)
11.Cherry Area (B-side)
12.The Killing Moon (BBC Evening Session January 15, 1997)
13.Winner of The (BBC Evening Session January 15, 1997)
14.Old to Begin (Remastered)
15.Date With IKEA (Remastered)
16.Shady Lane/J Vs. S - remastered album track
17.Transport Is Arranged - remastered album track
18.Passat Dream - remastered album track
19.Stereo (Remastered)
20.Shady Lane / J vs. S (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.Infinite Spark
3.Mercy: The Laundromat
4.Hands Off the Bayou
5.Your Time To Change
7.Heaven Is a Truck (Egg Shell)
8.Nail Clinic
10.Shady Lane/J Vs. S
11.Same Way Of Saying
12.Strings Of Nashville
13.The Killing Moon
14.Soiled Little Filly
15.Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
16.Cherry Area
17.Stop Breathing
18.No Tan Lines
19.Painted Soldiers
20.Perfect Depth
21.Harness Your Hopes
22.Westie Can Drum
23.Birds In The Majic Industry
24.Gold Sounds
25.Mussle Rock (Is A Horse In Transition)
26.Summer Babe (Winter Version)
27.Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite at :17
28.In the Mouth a Desert
29.Zürich Is Stained
30.Destroy Mater Dei (live radio session) - Recorded live at KCRW
31.Grave architecture (Peel session) - BBC Radio One John Peel Live Session
32.Conduit For Sale! (Live Brixton Academy, London, December 14, 1992)
33.Fame Throwa (Live Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 14, 1992)
34.Perfume-V (Live Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 14, 1992)
35.Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent (Live Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 14, 1992)
36.No Life Singed Her (Live Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 14, 1992)
37.Conduit for Sale (Live Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 14, 1992)
38.Rain Ammunition (John Peel Session #2)
39.Half a Canyon (Live at Wireless)
40.Easily Fooled (Live at Wireless)
41.Best Friend's Arm (Live In Australia)
42.Spit on a Stranger (edit)

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