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Eleanor McEvoy【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 104 首歌 】
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Naked Music 英文
1.Dreaming of Leaving
2.The DJ (提供)
3.Lubbock Woman (提供)
4.Half out of Habit (提供)
5.Isn't It a Little Late
6.Oft in the Stilly Night (提供)
Stuff 英文
1.Memphis Tennessee
2.Milord (提供)
3.Please Heart You're Killing Me
4.Don't Blame The Tune (提供)
5.Take A Little Look (with Banana Boat) (提供)
6.Whistle For The Choir (提供)
7.Deliver Me (提供)
8.The Night May Still Be Young, But I Am Not (提供)
9.Lovers Chapel (with Homespun) (提供)
If You Leave... 英文
1.Land in the Water (提供)
2.Don't Blame the Tune (提供)
3.God Only Knows
4.Listen to Me (提供)
5.Ache in My Heart (提供)
6.Heaven Help Us (提供)
7.If You Leave (提供)
8.Lift the Wings (提供)
9.Secret of Living (提供)
10.I Wish You the Best (提供)
11.True Colours (提供)
12.Dust My Broom (提供)
Alone 英文
1.What's Her Name? (提供)
2.You'll Hear Better Songs (提供)
3.For Avoidance Of Any Doubt (提供)
4.Eve Of Destruction (提供)
Singled Out 英文
1.Oh Uganda (提供)
2.Isn't It A Little Late
3.Did I Hurt You
4.I'll Be Willing
5.Make Mine A Small One
6.Days Roll By
7.You'll Hear Better Songs Than This
8.Non Smoking Single Female
9.Suffer So Well (提供)
10.Mercy Mercy Me
11.Wrong So Wrong (提供)
12.Love Must Be Tough (提供)
13.Old New Borrowed And Blue (提供)
14.Easy In Love
15.Shame On The Moon (提供)
Snapshots 英文
1.There's More To This Woman
2.All I Have
3.Did You Tell Him?
4.Please Heart, You're Killing Me
5.To One Who Didn't Know You
6.Now You Tell Me
7.Wrapping Me Up In Luxury
8.She Had It All
9.Territory Of Poets
11.Easy To Lose Hope
Eleanor Mcevoy 英文
1.Finding Myself Lost Again
2.Only A Womans Heart
4.Boundaries Of Your Mind
5.For You
6.Go Now
7.It's Mine
8.Not Quite Love
9.Promises We Keep
10.Music Of It All
11.Leave Her Now
12.Breathing Hope
13.Stray Thoughts
What's Following Me 英文
1.A Glass Unkissed
2.Where Is The Healing
3.Don't Ask Me Why
4.Precious Little
5.Whisper A Prayer To The Moon
6.Trapped Inside
8.My Own Sweet Bed Tonight
10.The Weatherman
11.The Fire Overhead
12.All That Surrounds Me
Yola 英文
1.I Got You To See Me Through
2.Seasoned Love
3.The Rain Falls
4.Last Seen october 9th
5.Leaves Me Wondering
6.Did I Hurt You ?
I'd Rather Go Blonde 英文
1.Take You Home (提供)
2.The Thought Of You (提供)
3.Harbour (提供)
4.For The Avoidance Of Any Doubt (提供)
5.Good Times (提供)
6.Look Like Me (提供)
7.Just For The Tourists (提供)
8.I'd Rather Go Blonde (提供)
9.Away From You (提供)
10.Deliver Me (From What You Do) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Wrapping Me Up In Luxury (Until The Morning Comes)
2.Where Is The Healing?
3.Little Look
4.A Woman's Heart

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