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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Espen Lind( 挪威四大天王 )
Espen Lind( 挪威四大天王 )【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 66 首歌 】
Espen Lind(1971年5月13日出生)是挪威唱片製作人,詞曲作者,歌手和多樂器演奏家。 他是Espionage製作團隊的一半。 Espen還是挪威版The Voice的導師。

專輯: Hallelujah - Live, This Is Pop Music, Army of One, Mmm... Prepare to Be Swayed, Red, April
所屬樂團: Espionage
類型: 流行, 搖滾樂, 原音樂
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this is pop music 英文
1.Black Sunday
Red 英文
1.All I Want Is An Angel
2.American Love
3.Baby Your So Cool
4.It's Damn Shame About You
5.Lucky For You
6.Messing With Me
7.Missing Her Then
8.Niki's Theme
9.The Buffalo Tapes (My So-Called Friends)
10.When Susannah Cries
Mmm...Prepare to Be Swayed 英文
1.Driven By the Devil
4.Bisexual Teens
5.The Last Day of My Life
6.Blast Yer Brain
Hallelujah 英文
1.Sail Away
3.When Susannah Cries
4.Boys of Summer
5.I Got a Woman
6.I Can't Make You Love Me
7.I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
8.The River
9.Never Easy
10.Stay On These Roads
11.Kiss from a Rose (Copy)
12.Weddings Off
Army of One 英文
1.I Don't Let My Heart Be Troubled
2.The Music Takes You There
3.Hopelessly Happy
4.Army of One
5.Childhood Fields of Clover
6.Sweet Love
7.Clearly You Are Falling in Love
8.Sea of Love
April 英文
1.Driving In Your Car
2.Truth Hurts
4.Stay Away Tonight
6.Life Will Turn Around
7.Driving Your Car
8.Look Like Her
10.Million Miles Away
11.Movie Star
暫存 英文
1.It's A Damn Shame About You
2.When Susanna Cries
3.Everything's Falling Apart
4.Never Easy
5.Where the Lost Ones Go
6.When Susannah Cries (single version)
7.Baby You're So Cool
8.The Buffalo Tapes
9.By the Time I Get To Heaven
10.Where Heroes Go to Die
11.When Sussannah Cries
12.Where The Lost Ones Go (duet with Sissel)
13.Scared Of Heights
14.When Suzanna Cries
15.Lucky for You (radio edit)
16.Sure Know Something

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